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We Love Pets, Just Like You..
Happy April!
First off let me apologize for the lapse in newsletters over the past couple of months. As some of you know I had been traveling back and forth from Georgia to Ohio to visit with my ailing father who sadly passed away in February.  With his passing came the necessity to help my mother with all the things that go along with this unfortunate situation. Funeral arrangements, selling of their home etc… I needed some time to regroup as you can imagine.
Thank you to all for the outpouring of love and condolences that was showered upon me and my family. From the cards, to emails, facebook posts, food & flowers it was so very touching.  
Luckily I had my dog Cole with me most of the time. She was a great lifter of spirits for both me and my family members alike. She even visited with my dad while he was in hospice. He was a great animal lover and inspired me to be the same from childhood.
With all of that behind me I am ready to spring forth in an energized way. Life is precious and we never know for sure how much time we have here. I encourage you to tell those around you (two legged and four legged, winged, scaled or otherwise) that you love them. Spend time with them and really be in the moment. No one is going to be on their death bed thinking “I should have worked longer, watched more tv, looked at my phone-tablet-computer more.” They will be thinking that they should have spent more time with the ones they loved and told them they love them and anything else that needs to be said. So just do it now. Live a life with no regrets. I’m sure going to try!!
Hugs and Happy Tails,
Terie Hansen
Owner-Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care
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5 Summer Pet Safety Tips
by Terie Hansen
Spring is in the air but summer is fast approaching. With that in mind here are 5 simple tips to keep your pets safer this summer.
  1. Leave your dog at home when you run errands this summer. Even when it feels cool outside the temperature inside your car can quickly rise and cause your dog to have heat stroke. Within minutes your car can turn into an oven and then a coffin. Couple that with the fact that a dog’s body temperature is naturally higher at 102.5 F than a human’s at 98.6 F it doesn’t take long for your dog to overheat.
  2. During the summer months we spend more time outside so naturally pets are more likely to get lost during this time of year. If you have a fenced in back yard, make sure all gates are secure and check the fence line for any damage or erosion that may have occurred during spring rains. This is a good time to replace batteries on invisible fence remote collars to ensure they are working properly. Also get your pet spayed or neutered! Unaltered pets are more likely to go looking for a mate and as such many end up dead on the road, hit by a car! Don’t let this be your pet!  Read more here..
Terie Hansen, Professional Dog Trainer, Pet Sitter & Owner at Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care-may be reached at 404-422-9832
Pets of the Month
Meet Ginger and Duke! Ginger and Duke are both wonderful pups that love to chase the volley ball around the backyard. They also love their food, especially Duke! Ginger gives the sweetest kisses and loves belly rubs. Duke hasn't gotten the hang of laying down for a good belly rub yet but he will learn soon. These two are some of the friendliest dogs you will meet and once you do, they will steal your heart!
Recipe of the Month
With summer just around the corner, try this recipe for Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade.  So refreshing and yummy!
Check it out here.
Spring is in the Air!
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