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Inquire Within: Meditation
Mother's Day Restorative May 7th
This Mother's Day weekend, treat yourself to a little bit of extra special and tender loving care, on Saturday afternoon, 1:30-3:30.
Come let my Mother Mary team pamper you, with nurturing touch, and my guided chakra meditations, as you recline deeply in fully supported, profoundly beneficial restorative yoga poses on bolsters and blankets.
In my Mother Mary Trance Meditation Restorative Yoga, we use postures, aromatherapy, sound, imagery, and assists, to balance all 7 chakras, the wheels of energy along your spine that govern your daily living. All levels are welcome, non Pure members very welcome. $50 spring special, or $90 if you register in pairs, to encourage community and friendship. An aromatherapy gift from Mary for every guest. Pre-registration recommended to ensure a space.
1% for Peace: Meditation
I recently watched an interview with Howard Stern and Jerry Seinfeld discussing the topic of Transcendental Meditation. The Howard Stern who speaks in that interview is a markedly more grounded soul than in his colorful radio voice. He tells howTM transformed his mother from her suicidal depression into an active, engaged, inspired life. The interview reminded me of the many studies on the 1% factor linking meditation, all styles, to peace. Hence, this issue.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi founded TM in the 1970s and made the claim that when 1% of a population practices TMbeneficial lifestyle changes occur in the entire population. This was dubbed the "Maharishi Effect" or the "1% Effect."
Of multiple meditation studies done over the years, I am fascinated by John Davies' work since 1981 that showed repeatedly: 1% of a population, meditating in any style, including direly war-torn areas, measurably lowered the violence in both human interactions and natural phenomena, including climate events. I find this hugely provocative and exciting. Read the science behind it in this article.
Quantum physics, string theory, or sociological theories ~ whatever you like, or don't like, you can test the real life changes in your world when even 1% of your day is invested in connecting to self. 
1% of 24 hours is 14.4 minutes a day, if my grade school math serves. If you already meditate daily, whether for 5 or 60 minutes, you already know what it feels like to miss a day. 
In today's global community, the implications are profound. Meditation sites and apps proliferate daily. I like Insight Timer, a free, easy way to time your meditation, and it has guided meditations and music too, if you like them. 
Why not vote your 1% for peace, starting inside.
Join the quiet revolution. Inquire within.
Upcoming Events: At A Glance
Mother’s Day 2-Hour Restorative:
Saturday, May 7th, 1:30-3:30PM,
Pure Yoga East, NY
Spring Weekend Retreat 2016:
June 3-5 Spring Retreat ~
Wagging Tail Yoga ~ SOLD OUT
5th Annual NY AcroFest 2016: 
August 12-14, NYC
Mother Mary 100-Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (4 Modules):
Aug 26-28 ~ Level 1: Restorative Basics ~ Pure East
Sept 9-11 ~ Level 2: Restorative Intermediate ~ Pure East
Nov 4-6 ~ Level 3: Restorative + Thai Touch ~ Pure West
Nov 18-20 ~ Level 4: Restorative + Thai + Trance ~ Pure West
Fall Weekend Retreat 2016:
Sept 23-25 Fall Retreat ~ 
Wagging Tail Yoga Studio ~
Booking soon
7th Annual Divine Play AcroYoga Festival 2016:
Oct 7-9 ~ Divine Play Festival,
Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR 
Weekly Class Schedule
Pure Yoga New York Weekly Yoga Classes:
Pure East 203 E.86 St.
M~10:30 SlowFlow Meditation 1
T~12:30 Restorative
Th~12:30 Restorative
Th~5:30 Vinyasa 1/2
Pure West 204 W.77 St.
F~11:30 Restorative

Om Factory Weekly AcroYoga Classes:
F~7:30-9:15 PM AcroYoga Flow, Open Level, Fashion District
*1st Fri/Month ~ 9:30-11:30PM AcroYoga JAM, Open Level, Fashion District
Private Sessions by Appointment:
Thai * ISHTA Yoga * Restorative * Meditation * AcroYoga 
Photo Thanks
Thanks for photos to: Wari Om Photography, Michael St. Cole, Aranka Israni, Pure Yoga, Om Factory, Greg Franklin, Raul Aranas, Karen Lee, Deborah Dunn. Thanks to Janel DuRoss for my M logo.
And to my peeps: Kristina Cubrilo in Flatiron double scoop, Chris Loebsack in Bethesda lotus, Megan Kelly in restorative side stretch, Matt Giordano in studio lotus. And this meditator.
Thanks to the original bud meditator in all of us, and to all who grace us by their presence, and remind us of Who we really are. 
In this issue:
Mother's Day Restorative May 7th
1% for Peace: Meditation
Upcoming Events: At A Glance
Weekly Class Schedule
Photo Thanks
"Pure Mind"
A "Life" Meditation
"Possibility" Meditation
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"Pure Mind"
Yes, Pure Yoga NYC has hot power and barre, but it also has an increasing number of Meditation and Yoga Nidra offerings as well! Recently I have begun to sub these Yoga Nidra classes; one April 23, and one April 30. Sheer, pure joy to share this powerful practice.
Check it out:  Click "Book A Class" then "All Locations" for both studios, then under Class Type, choose "Pure Mind" for the full array of teachers and classes in Meditation, Yin, and Yoga Nidra at both Pure East and West!
Non-members: ask about day passes, and varying levels of membership. Or ask a teacher to guest you! Teachers may have one guest in each class.
Could a shift be happening? In studios? In the city? In the collective consciousness? Be part of the shift. Join us.
A "Life" Meditation
Dr. Gerald Epstein, kabbalah teacher, author,  and hypno- therapist, leads monthly salons on NYC's upper east side. Here is a recent meditation from his newsletter, for Easter, for Passover, for Spring ~ for the renewal of life.
"From Death to Life:
"An important message of Easter, the return of the dead soul to life, bears the message that death can be overcome. This event is called “resurrection.” This was not a unique phenomenon of the Abrahamic tradition, but found in many ancient cultures. In modern life, we see this possibility nearing through technological-biological means. Here is an exercise to live the depth of this Death to Life possibility."
· Sit up and close your eyes.
· Breathe out and in three times slowly; long, slow exhalations through the mouth, normal inhalations through the nose.
· Then, know and live the following: “I am walking with the true living One.”
· Breathe out one time.
· Now, feel and live the reverse of the “inevitability” of death to the “inevitability” of life.
· Breathe out one time.
· Sense and feel how your faith brings you back to life.
· Breathe out and open your eyes. 
"Possibility" Meditation
"God’s Hidden Hand: Making the Impossible, Possible"
· Sit up and close your eyes.
· Breathe out and in three times; long out-breaths through the mouth, normal in-breaths through the nose. 
· Imagine what appears impossible for you now.
· Breathe out one time, and call upon God or the Absolute One Mind to show you what steps you may take to make the impossible, possible.
· Thank this Divine presence, promising to follow through with whatever you have been given.
· What are you feeling?
· What are you knowing?
· Breathe out and open your eyes."
- from Dr. Gerald Epstein
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See my updated schedule any time at my website MaryAranas.com
Happy spring ~ Happy renewal!

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