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Citizens Against Harmful Technology            Newsletter          May 7, 2016

Help yourself by helping others. Become a volunteer activist.
Join CAHT today. The safe place for Targeted Individuals.

Please share this brochure with everyone you can. Do your share of activism.
NEW BROCHURE: Print on legal size paper, fold and be an activist!
This brochure explains frequencies and stalking. Please feel free to have it printed and distribute freely. The document is left in Word format so it will print properly.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY A WORD, JUST HAND A STRANGER THE BROCHURE. IT WILL MAKE ACTIVISM VERY EASY. GO OUT FOR A DAY AND HAND OUT A COUPLE OF HUNDRED AND SEE WHAT A DIFFERENCE YOU CAN MAKE. DON'T BE CHICKEN, GET OUT THERE AND REPRESENT YOURSELF AND ALL TARGETED INDIVIDUALS.

SHIELDING:  Wear a hat with magnets!
Another variation on a hat that works to block or interfere with frequencies is a baseball cap or leather cap with magnets on it.    This project requires a leather baseball cap
or a leather hat $35-45 (good sturdy leather.

Small magnets on the inside keep the magnets on the outside on the hat. You need to stiffen the hat if its just fabric. You can use Y-shield paint, carbon paint or just acrylic. Let it dry thoroughly.  Putting the magnets on requires a lot of patience because the magnets are very lively. Turn all magnets the same way. This will disrupt any frequencies or magnetic pulses. I'm not sure about wearing it long term, start with just 30 minutes in the morning and see how you feel. Use good sense when dealing with magnets, they have a lot of energy in them and can hurt you. These are 15 mm with a 3 mm hole in the middle.

You can try using a small magnet but I found a 405 lb magnet from CMS on Amazon stops just about everything.
It has a shield on it so it won't break. Don't buy magnets from magnets4less. They aren't shielded and you don't get your money back for any reason.  DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM MAGNET4LESS!
SHIELDING:  Laser Injuries to the eyes

Have you been hit in the eye with Directed Energy?
Laser hits to the eye can cause irreversible retinal or corneal damage. If you are being hit in the eye with lasers, you probably need to get a pair of glasses from a medical company that supplies the glasses which block the wavelengths mentioned below. There are some on Amazon and American Medical also has a good price. With Amazon, they can be returned easily whereas others don't cooperate with returns and exchanges. Your eye might be able to choose a pair for you. Don't buy the cheapest.  They will probably range from $50-$120 for something that you can actually depend on.
This is an except from the document:  BIOEFFECTS OF SELECTED NON-LETHAL WEAPONS
Laser-Induced Biological Effects

There are three basic damage mechanisms associated with exposure to laser radiation: chemical, thermal and mechanical or acoustic-mechanical.
The laser-induced, chemical alterations in irradiated tissue are referred to as photochemical damage. The likelihood of laser radiation in the blue-light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (.380 to .550 microns) inducing photochemical reactions progressively decreases with increasing wavelength. Photochemical effects are not observed upon exposure to radiation with wavelengths exceeding .550 to .650 microns because the kinetic energy associated with these photons is insufficient to initiate a photochemical change.
On the other hand, the thermal effect is a primary mechanism for laser-induced injury. The extent of the injuries induced depends upon the wavelength and energy of the incident radiation, duration of exposure, and the nature of the exposed tissue and its absorption characteristics. [NOTE THAT THIS IS WHERE THE DAMAGE OCCURS] Generally, this mechanism predominates in the visible and the near-infrared (.760 to 1.4 microns) portions of the electromagnetic spectrum and for almost all CW and pulsed exposures between 0.1 milliseconds and 1 to 5 seconds.
The third injury mechanism associated with exposure to laser radiation is the mechanical or acoustical-mechanical effect. The radiant energy is absorbed into the tissue and, as a result of rapid thermal expansion following a short (1 nanosecond to 0.1 millisecond) laser radiation pulse, a pressure wave is generated that may result in explosive tissue injury.
Generally, all three mechanisms operate concurrently in an irradiated animal. Thermal effect currently predominate for continuous wave (CW lasers, while mechanical effects are of increased significance for pulsed-mode lasers. With even higher power, one must also consider nonlinear phenomena such as multiphoton absorption and electromagnetic field effects.
The organs most susceptible to external laser radiation are the skin and eyes. The severity of injury is affected by the nature of the target, the energy density delivered to the target, the frequency and power of the laser, atmospheric attenuation of the beam, and the use of filtering or amplifying optics by the target, etc.
The primary effect on the skin is thermal damage (burns). The severity varies from slight erythema or reddening to severe blistering or charring, depending on such factors as total energy depositions, skin pigmentation, and the tissue’s ability to dissipate heat.
The eye is particularly susceptible to intense pulse of laser radiation because of its unique sensitivity to light. The focusing effect is similar to that of a magnifying lens, which focuses the energy on a particular spot. Since the cornea and lens of the eye amplify the intensity of the light incident upon the retina, the retina is extremely sensitive to visible and near-infrared light, and damage to the retina may result in temporary or permanent loss of visual acuity. Laser eye injuries vary according to incident power,, spot size, beam angle, temporal mode (CW or pulsed), and pulse repetition frequency. Reported effects include corneal lesions, burns, cataracts, and retinal lesions.
Some high-power lasers can cause antipersonnel effects by the deposition of thermal energy. These lasers must operate at a wavelength that is readily absorbed by the skin or the cornea. [DAMAGE OCCURS HERE] These generally include the far-and mid-IR regions (10 to 12 microns and 3 to 5 microns) as well as the ultraviolet region (<0.4 microns). However, ultraviolet wavelengths to be considered are between 3 and 12 microns. Although relatively modest amounts of far-IR laser power are required to produce superficial burns on the skin at short ranges, and efforts to design rheostatically lethal laser weapons are ongoing.
Nonlethal blinding laser weapons generally use colimated beams with very low beam divergence, and the energy contained in the beam diminishes relatively slowly over great distances. Imaging systems such as eyes and EO vision systems have focusing optics that bring the incident plane wave of light to focus at the sensor plane. This results in a high optical gain (greater than 100,000 for eyes), which makes the associated sensor vulnerable to relatively low fluences of laser energy.
The effects of lasers on eyes are threefold:

• Dazzling or induced glare
• Flashblinding or loss of night adaptation
• Permanent or semipermanent blinding

The severity of laser eye injuries varies according to the incident power, spot size, beam angle, pupil diameter (ambient light conditions), temporal mode (DW or pulsed), and PRF of the laser. Reported effects include corneal burns, cataracts (a permanent cloudiness of the lens) and retinal burns and perforations. Low-energy laser weapons are capable of causing the latter.
Exposure to relatively low laser energies can produce temporary changes in the ability to see without producing permanent injury. Exposure to laser light can produce an effect called glare or dazzle, which is similar to the temporary loss of vision experience when viewing the headlights of an oncoming car. The visual effects last only as long as the light is present in the field of view (FOV). At slightly higher higher energy exposures, the same laser radiation can saturate or flashblind the photoreceptor cells, resulting in after images that fade with time after exposure. Only visible radiation will induce veiling glare or after images, near-IR radiation will not produce these effects even though the radiant energy reaches the photoreceptor cells.
Flashblindness and dazzle, while not permanent injuries, can cause discomfort and temporary loss of vision. Some studies have shown that dazzle and flashblindness can seriously impact mission performance, especially in highly visual tasks such as piloting an aircraft or aiming.

Blinding is the permanent or semipermanent loss of visual acuity. The effect can last from several hours onward and generally is evidenced by a dark spot in the field of vision. This spot is called a scotoma. The impact of the scotoma on visual acuity will vary with the size and position on the injury.
Human vision is greatly affected when the laser damage is to the central vision area of the retina called the fovea. Nonfoveal laser damage may be less severe or even go unnoticed because it affects only the peripheral vision. The most serious retinal injuries occur when the incident light is so intense that a perforation in the retina is formed, resulting in a hemorrhage into either the subretinal layer or, in the most severe cases, the vitreous humor of the eye. Less severe exposures result in lesions on the retina. See:
Writer's Suicide?:  Sarah Kershaw a target?

NY Times Reporter Found Dead After Exposing MKUltra

Posted on February 24, 2016 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai
A former New York Times reporter has been found murdered in the Dominican Republic following her exposure of MKUltra. 
Sarah Kershaw was found asphyxiated due to strangulation on Monday at her apartment in Sosua.
Project MKUltra, often referred to as the CIA’s mind control program, was the code name given to an illegal program of experiments on human subjects, designed and undertaken by the the CIA. Ms Kershaw published an article with the New York Times exploring this subject in 2008 with her article Sharing their Demons on the Web:
““For people who regularly visit and write on message boards on the mind-control sites, the idea that others would describe the sites as promoting delusional and psychotic thinking is simply evidence of a cover-up of the truth.”
When Ms. Kershaw wrote her article, psychotronic warfare was not legal against US citizens, but that all changed with the National Defense Authorization Act 2013.:
““Psychotronic weapons are those that act to take away a part of the information which is stored in a man’s brain. It is sent to a computer, which reworks it to the level needed for those who need to control the man, and the modified information is then reinserted into the brain. These weapons are used against the mind to induce hallucinations, sickness, mutations in human cells, ‘zombification,’ or even death. Included in the arsenal are VHF generators, X-rays, ultrasound, and radio waves.”
When Ms. Kershaw wrote her article, psychotronic warfare was not legal against US citizens, but that all changed with the National Defense Authorization Act 2013. In response to the legalization of psychotronic warfare, Abreu Report published an article, writing:
“Psychotronic weapons are those that act to take away a part of the information which is stored in a man’s brain. It is sent to a computer, which reworks it to the level needed for those who need to control the man, and the modified information is then reinserted into the brain. These weapons are used against the mind to induce hallucinations, sickness, mutations in human cells, ‘zombification,’ or even death. Included in the arsenal are VHF generators, X-rays, ultrasound, and radio waves.”
There will now be a follow-up meeting about the proposed changes to the Common Rule on May 18th-19th sponsored by SACHRP.

SUMMARY: Pursuant to Section 10(a) of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, U.S.C. Appendix 2, notice is hereby given that the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Human Research Protections (SACHRP) will hold a meeting that will be open to the public. Information about SACHRP and the full meeting agenda will be posted on the SACHRP Web site at: (nothing at this link yet)

DATES: May 18, 2016, from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and Thursday, May 19, 2016, from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Address: Fishers Lane Conference Center, Terrace Level, 5635 Fishers Lane, Rockville, Maryland 20852.

INFORMATION: On Wednesday - OHRP staff will begin the meeting by presenting a summary of public comment received on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects. The Subpart A Subcommittee (SAS) will then present their draft work products, including considerations for single IRB review and minimal risk informed consent models.

On Thursday, May 19, the Subcommittee on Harmonization (SOH) will present revisions to their recommendations on clustered randomized trials, the return of individual research results, and benchmarking.

Comments: Time for public comment sessions will be allotted both days.
Public attendance at the meeting is limited to space available. Registration is required for participation in the on-site public comment session; individuals may register on the day of the meeting. Individuals who would like to submit written statements as public comment should email or fax their comments to SACHRP at at least five business days prior to the meeting [by May 10th]. Note that public comment should be relevant to agenda topics.
REQUEST: Submit and Share your Harassment or Stalking Story
This spot in our newsletter relates testimony of Targeted Individuals regarding their experiences. Please submit your story to be published here or on CAHT's website to The subjective nature of one person's experience results in deductions based on personal knowledge and experience alone so there may be inaccuracies in subjective experiences. This person may have knowledge you don't have and you may have knowledge they don't have, so be aware you are reading a subjective account.
"This is a stalker episode involving Winn Dixie. It is usually about 10 minutes before they can get a stalker to you if they don't know where you are going.  I had time to get all the way to the back of the store to the meat counter. 
(1) I looked to my right and a young man had placed himself beside me and was prominently displaying his phone. This is the way my stalkers identify themselves. They are just using their phone right?  No big deal, who can object to that? Only the stalker and the stalked know what is going on. I turned on my camera, and after a while, I walked my usual route around the store around the outside. I left him there.
(2) At the milk/cheese isle, I looked up and there he was again. He had sprinted over there to get ahead of me. He placed himself in front of me but did not pick up or buy anything on that isle.
(3) I walked away again and went back to the meat counter because I had forgotten to get any, I was too involved in watching my stalker. Their activity is an INTERRUPTION and DISTRACTION from your business and puts the focus on them.  I was selecting the meat again, and he appeared by my side AGAIN!  Note that he has the phone now in his left hand so it can take my picture. He pretends to be talking to someone, but at that point, I felt the implants in my feet start pulsing. So he had to follow me until the connection was made and the directed energy was activating the implants. I left him there.
(4) I retraced my route to the milk/cheese isle and he can be seen sprinting at the other end of the isle ahead of me again. I turned to the left. 
(5) He appeared in front of me one more time with only meat in his hand and then checked out.  Someone who didn't know what was happening would never think of this. But a Targeted Individual who has been sensitized will know exactly what is going on. The same "plays" are acted out over and over to sensitize you to certain behaviors. 
(6) There was one more thing that happened. When you leave the store is usually when they do things, between the time you approach the cash register to pay and when you get to your car. This next kind of stalker is sitting over to my right as I exit the store but I don't think he can be seen on the camera, though I saw him at that time.  When I left the parking lot, I went by and took his picture and got him to look my way. The parking lot loiter purposely is sitting on a curb in an unexplained manner, sometimes against a post or column.
Here's the video:
EVENTS:  Eduardo Colon meets Jeremy Scahill at The Bell House in Brooklyn for the launch of his new book The Assasination Complex.
May, 4 2016
I met a few hours ago with Jeremy Scahill in Brooklyn for the launch of his new book The Assasination Complex. I would like more Targeted Individuals to learn more about Edward Snowden and The Intercept. Surveillance and invasion of privacy are two in one when it involves monitoring of online communications as well as remote neural monitoring. The Intercept staff recognizes the TI issue, and you can say I am a liason between The Intercept and raising awareness of our issue to a larger and specific audience who believes this is truly happening. I am personal friends with Glenn Greenwald's cousin, at the moment we are looking into evidence gathering. Please tell everyone I will update them soon on my FOIA evidence gathering.
Major revelations about the U.S. government’s drone program — bestselling author Jeremy Scahill and his colleagues at The Intercept expose stunning new details about America’s secret assassination policy.
When the U.S. government discusses drone strikes publicly, it offers assurances that such operations are a more precise alternative to troops on the ground and are authorized only when an “imminent” threat is present and there is “near certainty” that the intended target will be killed. The implicit message on drone strikes from the Obama administration has been trust, but don’t verify.
The Intercept exploded this secrecy when it obtained a cache of secret slides that provide a window into the inner workings of the US military’s kill/capture operations in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. Whether through the use of drones, night raids, or new platforms yet to be employed, these documents show assassination to be central to U.S. counterterrorism policy.
Fri - Sun, May 20 - 22, 2016
New York City, NY
For more information:
Saturday, May 28, 2016
Rotterdam, Netherlands: documentary film
(See 'Community Forum' section for details)
Beata Zalewska - or
Peter Mooring -

Every year, human rights organizations like Amnesty International, Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition, National Religious Campaign Against Torture and the Center for Victims of Torture mark June as Torture Awareness Month. Why?
The short answer is because it’s when a very important treaty against torture took effect and there are still people who flout it—people like Jose Rodriguez, the former CIA official who went on 60 Minutes recently to promote waterboarding and other forms of torture and ill-treatment.
Let’s start with the law. It’s called the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT for short) and it entered into force on June 26, 1987.
President Ronald Reagan who urged the United States Senate to ratify the CAT, which it did. President Reagan said:

“Ratification of the Convention by the United States will clearly express United States opposition to torture, an abhorrent practice unfortunately still prevalent in the world today.”
CAT is recognized internationally as preemptory norm of international law, which means it is binding on the United States and all other governments in all circumstances. It requires states to end and ensure accountability for torture and other ill treatment, no exceptions, no excuses. The law is so categorical because the practice of torture is so abhorrent, immoral and destructive to individuals (including the torturer), organizations, societies and humanity at large.
Unfortunately, the US government has tried to limit the CAT by attaching reservations to its adoption of the treaty, including by claiming the right to define torture as it sees fit instead of using CAT’s definition, and by rejecting the Optional Protocol to CAT, which set up a monitoring body.
Of course, the bigger problem is that governments don’t like to follow laws, even the ones they help bring in to being. And without a robust International Criminal Court (which the US government has refused to participate in – at least when it might affect US citizens), enforcement of CAT depends on other states (through the principle of universal jurisdiction) and civil society (pressure from you and I).
It’s an important time to take a public stand against torture and torture supporters. It’s sad but true that, 22 years after CAT entered into force, our country is torturing people like never before.
And that’s why we need to help educate our friends, neighbors and elected officials on the truth about torture: that it is illegal, immoral and—according to professional interrogators—ineffective and counterproductive.
Amnesty International
Teleportation is Real!

5 Teleportations Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life!
How to spot a stalker being teleported.  If you see someone pop into position on the street and they wobble to get their balance.  At an intersection, you quickly for people on the sidewalks in all directions, then look at the spot where you began and there is a stalker on his phone. They vanish between cars or buildings. It may be a person walking or a person on a bike. It could even be a vehicle. 
Do you have things mysteriously disappear from your hands? If you sleep in an enclosure, and you know no one could have gotten in while you are sleeping, yet things are mysteriously moved or arranged in odd positions, such as everything is upside down?  Anything with cords is knotted up.  Things are taken from other rooms in the house and placed in the enclosure?  Does this happen every day?  You know you aren't senile yet, so something is happening with advanced technology.  Items can be removed and returned to you. Can yourself can be transported somewhere (abducted), raped or implanted and returned to your enclosure? Be aware that this technology exists.  Don't ignore this possibility.
Editorial:  One MUST understand the Community Oriented Policing System in order to understand blacklisting, stalking, electronic harassment. It is just the opposite of what it claims:  transparent.
Hopefully everyone who has read this newsletter understands that the tortuous system of harassment and violence we are enduring is an organized one. The whole system coordinates information on every citizen, their family, their work or professional, their ownership of property, their friends, their communication devices, their religion and one thing we always thought was of paramount privacy, our relationship with our healthcare provider and our medical records. This is Joint Targeting!
Any Targeted Individual who has been assaulted with harassment, stalking, implants and radiation, has experienced the cataclysmic and overwhelming magnitude of the systematic takedown of our lives. Although there are varying circumstances, the similarity of persistent degradation of our personal existence is the same across the board. It is not hard to see that all the information is used in this concerted strategy in Joint Targeting.
A plan involving military strategy in the hands of people in the community to attack other citizens is found published as early as 1994.  This plan was called, "Bureau of Justice Assistance, Understanding Community Policing, A Framework for Action."  This is under the Department of Justice and is a new way of policing America. This program takes the place of the former justice system where a person is accused of a crime but retains the constitutional right to defend themselves. Community Policing has taken justice and put it in the hands of SECRECY. "Justice" is carried out by people who stalk their fellow citizens, burn their eyes with lasers, cook their internal organs, remove their memories, disable their thinking abilities, degrade their health, kill their bodies cell by cell, torturing them and stealing the lives that God gave them. If this is "justice", it meets the criteria of cruel and unusual punishment. It is an unjust plan, run by unjust people in an unjust system. Nowhere in any of the COPS documents will you find these activities described.

This document claims that Community Policing is democratic. It claims that it is advertised in the media. It claims to be transparent. It is certainly not democratic and it cloaks its diabolic activities in veiled language and secrecy.
It is truthful about is who is doing the stalking and harassment. The same people TI's say follow them, shoot them with directed energy while they are driving -- the police.  The stalkers, people in your community are described in veiled language so the truth is hidden:
"The police organization, from the chief executive down, must stress that the success of community policing depends on sustained [they harass you every day without reprieve] joint efforts [they work together] of the police, local government [harassment, fines and lawsuits from the city and state], public and private agencies [hospitals, doctors and nurses, lawyers], and members of the community [neighbors with magnetrons and stalkers with phones who turn on your implants, etc.]."
Read these COPS documents for the non-transparent messages and you will see this is their covert plan for removing people from the communities they have decided to "remove from society.  The document which introduces this program in 1994 is here.
"Understanding Community Policing provides a conceptual framework that will be useful to practitioners interested in implementing or expanding community policing initiatives. Chapter 2 describes the reasons why police professionals throughout the United States have been searching for an alternative policing strategy and traces the roots of community policing. The two defining elements of community policingcommunity partnership and problem solving [you being the problem]—are examined in Chapter 3. Chapter 4 presents the basic organizational and operational elements associated with the implementation of a community policing strategy. Chapter 5 presents the criteria for assessing the progress of a community policing initiative."
Human Performance Training and Biosystems Directorate
Bioeffects of Selected NonLethal Weapons US Army.
Mind Control Archive Documents
Index To Entire FOIA Archive of CIA Mind Control Documents
As a Targeted Individual, you are attacked by many forces from all sides. You are an enemy of the state. This is called Joint Targeting. This military strategy is described in these two document.  These will give you a bigger picture of the total attack you are experiencing. You are a MILITARY TARGET.
JP 3-60 Joint Targeting - Updated - 2013

This document described how and why you are chosen as a Target. It even describes why your immediate and extended family is attacked as well.  Why do they attack your husband, wife, children, mother, father and friend? Read this:

"Target development always approaches adversary capabilities from a systems
perspective. While a single target may be significant because of its own characteristics, the target’s real importance lies in its relationship to other targets within an operational system. A target system is most often considered as a collection of assets directed to perform a specific function or series of functions. While target systems are intra-dependent to perform a specific function, they are also interdependent in support of adversary capabilities (e.g., the electric power system may provide energy to run the adversary’s railroads that are a key component of their military logistic system). Target development links these multiple target systems and their components (targets) to reflect both their intra- and interdependency that, in aggregate, contribute to the adversary capabilities."
February 28, 2014
Poster for the GI Coffeehouse Tour
 “Modern policing has always been integrated in some way with the military,” says Rachel Herzing of Critical Resistance. Today’s integrations involve new technologies, new relationships, and new funding streams, but the military-police connection has existed since the invention of professional police forces in the 19th century. In this country, federal law prohibits the military from engaging in law enforcement on U.S. soil.
NANOPARTICLES: Are you being heated up? What are they injecting in us to heat up? Misused therapy using nano-scale particles
Nanoparticles in modern medicine: State of the art and future challenges
Nanoparticles are materials with overall dimensions in the nanoscale, ie, under 100 nm. In recent years, these materials have emerged as important players in modern medicine, with applications ranging from contrast agents in medical imaging to carriers for gene delivery into individual cells. Nanoparticles have a number of properties by virtue of their size, such as chemical reactivity, energy absorption, and biological mobility.
Nanoparticles are also referred to as “zero-dimensional” nanomaterials. This definition arises from the fact that all of their dimensions are in the nanoscale, as opposed to one-dimensional nanomaterials (such as nanowires and nanotubes), which have one dimension larger than the nanoscale, and two-dimensional nanomaterials(such as self-assembled monolayer films), which have two dimensions larger than the nanoscale.
Nanoparticles in medical imaging Nanoparticles can provide significant improvements in traditional biological imaging of cells and tissues using fluorescence microscopy as well as in modern magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of various regions of the body. Chemical composition distinguishes the nanoparticles used in these two techniques. Control/Enter to see a summary of the applications of nanoparticles in imaging.
Table 1Optical imaging
Conventional imaging of cells and tissue sections is performed by loading organic dyes into the sample. Dyes such as fluorescein isocyanate (FITC) and rhodamine are often tethered to biomolecules that selectively bind to cells or cell components through ligand/receptor interactions.
Quantum dots (QDs) are nanoparticles composed of inorganic semiconductor molecules. These nanoparticles emit strong fluorescent light under ultraviolet (UV) illumination, and the wavelength (color) of the fluorescent light emitted depends sensitively on particle size. Figure 1

Magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a technique used to perform 3-D, noninvasive scans of the body. This technique is widely used in modern medicine, particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of most diseases of the brain, spine, and musculoskeletal system.

Nanoparticles in drug and gene delivery

Among the different application areas of nanoparticles, drug delivery is one of the most advanced. This is large part due to the success of polymer- and liposome-based drug delivery systems, many of which are in clinical use today. Control/Enter to see schematic representations of (A) a polymeric matrix and (B) a liposome, both of which can enclose a drug.
Figure 3
Liposomes are vesicles formed by the entrapment of fluid by phospholipid molecules which have hydrophobic and hydrophilic components and can form bilayers. A bilayer is formed when two layers of oriented lipid molecules come together such that their hydrophobic sides are in contact with one another. Under certain conditions, lipid molecules form vesicles, in which a volume of fluid is enclosed by lipid bilayers. Vesicles can range in size from tens of nanometers to thousands of nanometers (Torchilin and Weissig 2003). Drug molecules can be incorporated along with the fluid enclosed by vesicles or within lipid bilayers. The structure of these synthetic bilayers, which are biocompatible and biodegradable, is similar to that of biological membranes in the body. Targeting can be achieved by chemical modification of the vesicle surface using ligands or polymers.
Toxicity of quantum dots
As described in the section on medical imaging, QDs are inorganic nanoparticles that typically have an organic coating them makes them biocompatible or bioactive. The main toxicological risk associated with the use of QDs in vivo is the exposure of the inorganic core by deterioration of the organic layer. QDs can be made from a large variety of inorganic-metal complexes, such as CdSe, ZnS, CdTe, InP, InAs, GaAs.
Table 2
Toxicity of metallic nanoparticles
Muldoon and colleagues (2005) investigated the toxicity of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles used as MRI contrast agents in rats. The nanoparticles were administered to the brain by either intracerebral inoculation or intraarterially. Although the MRI signal intensity dropped over time (weeks to months), no pathological changes were observed in brain tissue in normal rats.
Hainfeld and colleagues (2006) examined the toxicity of gold nanoparticles within the context of their use as X-ray contrast agents. When injected intravenously into mice, accumulation was observed in kidneys and within tumors (retention was low in the liver and spleen). Organ histology and blood analysis did not show any indication of toxicity up to 30 days following injection. These observations are consistent with the findings from an in vitro study of gold nanoparticle toxicity performed by Connor and colleagues (2005) with a human leukemia cell line.
The nanoparticles were taken up by the cells but did not cause cytotoxicity. The chemical surface modification of gold nanoparticles can, however, impact toxicity. Goodman and colleagues (2004) recently demonstrated that attachment of a cationic polymer monolayer (alkyl thiol with a quaternary ammonium group) onto gold nanoparticles can render them cytotoxic. Attachment of an anionic monolayer (alkyl chain with carboxylate end group), however did not result in cytotoxic behavior.

Toxicity of polymeric and liposomal nanoparticles

This category of nanoparticles is probably the least problematic with respect to toxicity because the particles are very often typically either made from or covered with natural or highly biocompatible polymers (such as PEG). In drug delivery applications, these particles often carry drugs that are cytotoxic by design (to kill cancer cells) but they are prevented from attacking other regions of the body by the selective targeting described earlier in this review.
The incorporation of natural polymers such as chitosan or natural lipids in the assembly of polymer- or liposome-based nanoparticles is beneficial because these polymers are not recognized as being foreign by the body and are readily metabolized (Alonso 2004; de Campos et al 2004). Nanoparticles made from synthetic polymers can vary widely in the rate of clearance from the blood stream and accumulation in mononuclear phagocytic system (MPS) organs (MPS) organs (such as the liver and spleen) depending on polymer type and composition (Moghimi et al 2001; Owens and Peppas 2006). The incorporation of PEG in the nanoparticle structure can delay the removal of nanoparticles from the blood stream, as discussed earlier. PEG-coated particles are therefore considered to be less toxic than uncoated particles because they are less likely to saturate the MPS (Peracchia et al 1999; Plard and Bazile 1999).
SCIENCE: Lasers Reharge Drones, Satellites and Sensors
Future Force Staff,August 12, 2015
Twin-propeller aerial vehicle with a laser converter mounted in the middle. The photovoltaic cells convert laser power to electrical power at high efficiency to power the two propellers. The laser converter is cooled by the downdraft created by the propellers.
By Dr. R.P. Fischer, Dr. A. Ting, and Dr. P. Sprangle
Advances in laser and photovoltaic converter technologies may allow high-power wireless recharging of platforms and sensors at extended ranges. These remote platforms may include flying, land-based, or submerged vehicles, satellites, and sensors at hazardous locations. Commercially available fiber lasers have proven to be an enabling technology in a variety of industrial applications such as cutting, welding, and annealing. These lasers also are having a positive effect in many defense programs—for instance, the Navy’s laser weapon system has recently deployed aboard USS Ponce (AFSB[I] 15) for at-sea testing. In addition, commercially available photovoltaic converters have advanced to a point where high conversion efficiency from laser energy to electrical energy is now possible.
High-Power Laser Wireless Recharging
Wireless recharging using high-power lasers has been realized because of the improved output power, efficiency, and reliability of commercially available high-power lasers, power-conversion efficiencies as high as 60 percent in photovoltaic converters, and multikilometer propagation of lasers in the atmosphere. Laser recharging can be used to power UAVs, resulting in increased flight duration, reduced battery weight and manpower requirements, and increased power capabilities of vehicles and payloads. Wireless recharging also can be used to provide electrical power to small UAVs for missions such as persistent surveillance and security, communications relay, off-board decoys, electronic warfare, target acquisition, and reconnaissance of remote or hazardous areas such as forward operating bases.
Naval Research Laboratory scientists hold the first patent on the laser-beam-combining architecture used by the Navy (“Apparatus for Incoherent Combining of High-Power Lasers for Long-Range Directed Energy Applications,” U.S. Patent No. US 7,970,040 [2011]) and were the first to demonstrate high-power continuous wave (greater than four kilowatts), single-mode, fiber laser beam propagation in the atmosphere over extended distances (greater than three kilometers). These high-power fiber lasers are particularly well suited for remote wireless recharging.
For extended ranges, application of adaptive optics is necessary to control spreading and wandering of the transmitted laser beam as it propagates through atmospheric turbulence. Adapted optics can be implemented by employing a beacon laser beam (low power) on the receiving platform to determine the phase variations placed on the beam because of atmospheric turbulence. Introducing the conjugated phase variation on the high-power outgoing beam will minimize the effects of atmospheric turbulence. Development of efficient, high-power, eye-safer lasers and photovoltaic converters at wavelengths greater than 1.4 Wireless recharging of low flying satellites also could be viable to maintain their orbits. Atmospheric turbulence and scattering fall off extremely rapidly as a function of altitude. Hundreds of kilowatts of laser power can be delivered to the satellite at the perigee point (the lowest height position, about 100 kilometers) of the elliptical orbit. The laser intensity on the satellite’s photovoltaic cells can be several hundreds of kilowatts per square meter, which is hundreds of times the sun’s intensity.
BOOK REVIEW: Tuning the Human Biofield

Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound

by Eileen Day McKusick (Author)
A guide to the practice of Sound Balancing, using tuning forks to clear trauma stored in the human energy field

• Provides a precise map of the energetic biofield that surrounds the body, showing where specific emotions, memories, traumas, and pain are stored.
This is a video under the microscope of Morgellons parasite in a victim's blood. Anyone who says there are no bugs in Morgellons is either lying or is too ignorant of the subject to know where to look. Parasites take many forms in their lives, depending on their environment. If bacteria run out of food, they procreate using fibers.  If animals run out of food, they collectively create a mat of eggs. They can exist independently or in a colony of animals and they colony is more likely to survive.
Keep Your Spiritual Thoughts
If we are still in God's presence and focus on Him, He gives us strength to endure and is a refuge from all of this evil for us. There is no greater power than God.

Psalms 46:1,10

1 God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.

Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!

LINQSTAT: Microwave (RF) Protection for You
We are out of Linqstat at the moment. If we get enough orders for it, we will order some more. It is very expensive to import this product.
If you have a tent, you can just tape some pieces of Linqstat together and drape them over the tent. You can ground it to an outlet with a banana clip or attach a TENS electrode to it to create a field across the surface to confuse any frequencies coming at you. Using a tent structure that's already got places to attach the Linqstat make it a lot easier. You can even get a simple one and put it on your bed to drape the Lingstat over.  You could also drape the fiberglass blanket over a tent.  LINK TO GROUNDING CLIPS
This is a very high quality RF shielding material. It should be grounded so that the radio frequencie pass across the surface and go to the sink (it stops!)  It doesn't out gas, does not break down & is completely nontoxic! Linqstat is a very stable carbon loaded product. It is the carbon which blocks microwaves.
Make payment through PayPal or debit/credit cards at our donate button on our website, or by mail upon request. Be sure to state whether the payment is a donation, membership or Linqstat.
LINQSTAT (≤50,000 ohms/sq) Electrically Conductive Film.
Product Part Number:  LINQSTAT MVCF S-Series 
We have 3 packages available:
Package 1:  6' (ft) x 3' for $ 30.00 (To make an 8 layer hat ).
Package 2: 12' (ft) x 3' for $ 50.00 (To make an 8 layer hat & 2 layer vest)
Package 3:  24' (ft) x 3' for $ 80.00 (To make a hat, vest & over under blanket for where you sleep ).
(Shipping, tracking & insurance is included in the price).
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