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The Anti-Fur Society
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A Cry For Help; 1400 cats rescued under drains from skin/meat market and
Urgent Action Needed for doomsday bills in America supporting trophy hunting
Take Action for Wildlife in National Parks
Dear friends of animals,
I'm hoping that US residents will realize how harmful the two bills, currently in the Senate, will be to our wildlife, national parks, ourselves and our domestic animals. As if trophy hunters didn't have enough freedom already, these two bills *HR. 2406 (already in the Senate), and **Bill S. 659 give additional rights to hunting by allowing less restrictions to trophy hunting, trapping and baiting, especially in national parks. If these bills become law, the killings of our wildlife will go out of control, placing species onto the endangered list, and also allowing the importation of trophy hunting. People who live near national parks will face constant stress by hearing gunshots, barks of hunting dogs, trash and remains of animals plus fear their pets may end up in traps or mistakenly shot. These two bills combined are the doomsday for our wildlife as well as the end of peace of mind for people who live near national parks, and those who enjoy walking in the wilderness together with their dogs. Please take action for the wildlife, for you, for your pets!  Below is a letter sample, feel free to use and edit as you please to message your senators:
"I, and many others, are outraged with the introduced Bills S. 659* and HR. 2406** that intend to continue destroying our wildlife and ecosystems that are already suffering.  Enough of the pandering to the 6% of the population that support trophy hunting when 94% of the public would disapprove of these bills.  These bills are simply to satisfy hunters by giving extra room to kill more animals anywhere they choose, disregarding the rest of the population who are against it.  Both bills give additional rights to recreational hunting by allowing less killing restrictions as well as trapping and baiting in national parks.  Giving up our established national land will hurt communities of animals and people alike. The public will not be safe to walk in our parks, even with pets, due to risky hunting accidents and shameful trapping and killing of wildlife indiscriminately, including pets and other unintended victims.  The loss of many wild animals will devastate our efforts to conserve our ecosystems of which are already on thin ice.  Both of these bills combined are the doomsday for our wildlife in America.  Please vote against these unethical bills.
by Rep. Robert Wittman
by Sen. Dan Sullivan

Check out our petitions:
News from China: 1400 cats rescued in Nanjing
You may not know that in addition to anti-fur activism, I've  been helping animal groups in China for several years. Over the years, millions of Chinese became animal lovers and consequently started fighting against the cruelty against animals condemned worldwide. In a country that has NO law to protect animals, these citizens have to work a lot harder to protect animals.  So, many dedicate themselves to rescuing animals, including spaying/neutering (TNR) them and returning them to the streets. Large cities such as Beijing and Nanjing are dumping grounds for cats and dogs, and they reproduce themselves.  I work with such groups and their work is lonely and arduous to save or protect stray animals. The animals live miserable lives in the streets where they are victims of the meat/skin trade; are abused by passersby, and their short lives are plagued by diseases and starvation. My help consists of sending them trapping cages, special gloves, and donations towards food and medication. The rescuers in Nanjing have just saved 1400 cats from the meat/skin trade. The poor cats were in terrible shape, too many were already dead when removed from the truck due to stress, thirst and hunger, and diseases after days packed in cages. A great percentage of them has perished since the rescue as they were too week to even eat, and they continue dying. It's not known yet how many were taken by activists but about a huge number of those victims are stuck in an old warehouse as you see on the photo, and badly in need of medical treatment and food. I've already sent them a good donation, but there is a desperate need for food, medication, and to improve their living conditions. They will also need to be spayed/neutered to hopefully be re-homed in the future.
We are collecting donations (about US$2000) to help improve their improvised shelter which does not have the bare minimum comfort for any living being. Local caregivers will help with insofar as  possible. My budget is rather small, so I greatly depend on donations to help them. If the photos you see here touch your heart, please donate (no donation is too small) so I can continue being of service to these poor animals:
 See the message/cry for help  May 2nd, 2016, on this page:
The desensitization of our children continues...
They are taught to hunt, trap & kill wildlife at ages when they can hardly carry their killing devices. Not to mention how fur fashion has become part of children's life - See video:  CHILDREN FUR FASHION  --  Also as we've reported before, countries such as Denmark has a couple of "state of the art" fur farms where families take their children to see the animals, and get demos on how to skin them.  Let's not forget that animals in circuses and zoos are greatly exploited to entertain children who have no idea about the suffering the animals endure for their entertainment.  Below are just two examples to show how the desensitization of children has become accepted as normal in our society:
1) Goodie bags handed out to kids at a recent outdoors show contained a spring-loaded, steel trap, known as a Conibear trap. The devices are used by trappers in-season & also underwater, and they were given out by Custom Skull Cleaning, a taxidermy outfit in New Alexandria, Penn.  Perfectly legal!   The story on this link:
2) For decades, St. Jude’s hospital for children has ignored protests against  their raccoon hunt fundraising that includes the participation of their patients.  Now they threaten to dissociate themselves from the hunt unless the name is changed from “Coon hunt” (which denotes racism) to “Raccoon hunt.”  NOT a word about the immense cruelty inflicted on the raccoons & desensitization of the children involved in this shop of horrors.  If they  want to support this barbarity WHY include the children?  See what St.Jude’s hospital sees as OK:
Teachers can help by forming a front to protect children from those working to desensitize them by promoting the lust for blood and preserve the firearms trade. See the above mentioned bills HR. 2406 & S659.

We have reached 759,000 followers on Facebook!
We are thrilled as this represents an amazing progress in reaching out to the world to expose the bloody fur trade. Our posts reach an average of 3 million people monthly, but often a lot more than that as our posts go viral.  We make a point to post only informative materials to help people understand what the fur trade is doing to brainwash the world by using all sorts of psychological tricks, specially for the young so they can secure new consumers for decades to come. One strong reason the public is so unaware about the horrors of fur farms is because fur bearing animals, unlike animals used for food, are not shipped to slaughterhouses which can be accessed by the public. Fur farms are hidden from the public's eye at undisclosed addresses. By not having the opportunity to see trucks full of fur bearing animals piled up such as cats and dogs in China, people simply do not make the connection on how fur is obtained. It's the "out of sight, out of mind" story which greatly benefits the fur industry. 
Is there a fur farm near you?  If in the US, you can search on this link:   How about if you visit them as you would a "petting farm"?  If fur farmers have nothing to hide, why not to show off their "happy" animals?
On a positive note, according to China's fur and leather committee director,
fur production, export and consumption are languishing this year. The sector has grown at its slowest pace in the last three years, despite China being the world's largest fur exporter, producer and buyer. Let's hope, this is not just a temporary trend, but a long lasting one!  Surely, anti-fur activism has had a hand on it. Click here to read
Join us!
PS: We also have over a dozen FB pages in various languages run by native admins.  Perhaps you will find one here that interest you:

We'll be exhibiting at TAFA in Washington DC
Taking Actions for Animals Click here will be held from June 17 - 20.  Come visit us!  In addition to informative materials, we'll be selling our new tee shirts and my children's book at author price which is about half of what costs by ordering online. It's bilingual in English + six other languages.  BTW:  The English/ Chinese version is now at a local library in Nanjing/China, and I'm donating it on PDF format to be printed by the groups there to raise money for the animal cause in China. More on this link:
 Thank you for reading our newsletter!
Rosa Close

The Anti-Fur Society  •  722 Dulaney Valley Road, Suite 172  •  Towson, MD 21204

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