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New York AcroFest
August 12-14: The 5th summer New York AcroFest is an exuberant weekend of friendship, fun, frolic, and festivities for all levels from beginner to expert, all lineages and styles of AcroYoga, including therapeutics, and featuring local and international teachers. 
I am teaching "Wash, Spin, Dry," a transitions flow class Saturday morning with Lex Peters of Acrobatic Yoga Motion Design, Philadelphia.
MAY 31 is the Early Bird Deadline for the first round of tickets at $180/$160 (with/without Acrofest T-shirt), then $220/$200 from June 1st.
Buy your AcroFest tickets online with code MARY and your name and email at checkout for $10 off your ticket price.
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training: 100-Hour Restorative Trance Meditation In 4 Modules
I am pleased to offer a 100-hour Advanced Teacher Training in my Mother Mary Restorative style of Restorative Trance Meditation Yoga through Pure Yoga this late summer and fall.
Students and teachers are both welcome. Each level requires the prior level (or its equivalent). Deepen your practice, apply healing skills to restore yourself, your family and friends, and your clients.
Yoga Alliance RYTs may be eligible to apply the 100-hour teacher training toward their 300-hour advanced teacher training, when applicable.
100-Hour Mother Mary Restorative Teacher Training:

Aug 26-28 Level 1: Restorative Basics Pure East

Sept 9-11 Level 2: Restorative Intermediate Pure East

Nov 4-6 Level 3: Restorative + Thai Touch Pure West

Nov 18-20 Level 4: Restorative + Thai + Trance Pure West
Divine Play AcroYoga Festival
Oct 7-9: 7th Annual Divine Play AcroYoga Festival 2016
at the Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR is the largest annual gathering of AcroYogis in the world.
There are 60,000 sq. feet, a world of teachers, and an amazing assortment of styles and levels of all things Acro. There are 12 classes at a time for all levels and styles; performances, vendors, & bodywork stations! Yours truly will present a workshop appropriately named "Mitey Mamas" with NYC AcroYoga mama Yael Ben-ReuvenFirst 200 tickets $295; then $350. 
June 3-5;  Sept 23-25 Retreats
Next weekend, June 3-5, we embark on our #7 Wagging Tail Yoga weekend retreat at the 100-acre farm and gorgeous yoga studio of my retreat partner Ora Ramat in Bethel, New York, town of the historic 1969 Woodstock Festival.
Our spring/summer weekend is full up at the main house, with 2 spaces just opened up at the second house at lakeside. Email or Reply if you want to join us last minute! All meals, classes, and pickup from bus are included in tuition; email now if you want in.
We have set the dates for our #8 Sept. 23-25 Fall Foliage Retreat! Email me to be on the advance alert list for when Registration opens for Fall Foliage Sept. 23-25.
Schedule At A Glance
Weekend Retreats:
6/3-6/5 Spring Retreat, Wagging Tail Yoga Studio, Bethel, NY
9/23-9/25 Fall Retreat, Wagging Tail Yoga Studio, Bethel NY
AcroYoga Workshop ~ Standup Acrobatics:
8/6 Earth To Sky Summer Flow with Lex Peters at Om Factory
NY AcroFest 2016:
8/12-8/14 ~ Teaching 8/13 “Wash, Spin, & Dry” w/Lex Peters 
100-Hour Mother Mary Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
8/26-8/28 Level 1: Restorative Basics, Pure East, NYC
9/9-9/11 Level 2: Restorative Intermediate, Pure East
11/4-11/6 Level 3: Restorative + Thai Touch, Pure West, NYC
11/18-11/20 Level 4: Restorative + Thai + Trance, Pure West
Divine Play AcroYoga Festival 2016, Portland, OR:
10/7-10/9 Divine Play, “Mitey Mamas” w/Yael Ben-Reuven
Weekly Classes in New York City
Yoga At Pure Yoga NY (Email for a guest pass):
Pure Yoga Eastside - 203 E.86th St. (3rd Ave)
  Mon: 10:30-12:00 Slow Flow Meditation
  Tues: 12:30-1:30 Restorative
  Thur: 12:30-1:30 Restorative
  Thur: 5:30-6:30 Vinyasa 1/2
Pure Yoga Westside - 204 W.77th St. (Amsterdam Ave)
  Fri: 11:30-12:30 Restorative
AcroYoga At Om Factory NYC:
 Fri: 7:30-9:15PM AcroYoga Flow Open Level, Fashion District
*1st Fri./Month 9:30-11:30PM JAM - Fashion District
Private Sessions by Appointment:
Thai Yoga * Restorative * Meditation * AcroYoga * ISHTA
My Updated schedule is always on my website:
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Thanks for photos to: Raul Aranas, Monica Alethea Lee, Lily C. Lee, Tim Laurel, Pure Yoga, Wagging Tail Yoga, Linda Mittel, Justin Bench, Arielle Caruso, Aranka Israni Photography.

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Happy Summer!
In loving peace ~ OMMMMary
In this issue:
New York AcroFest
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training: 100-Hour Restorative Trance Meditation In 4 Modules
Divine Play AcroYoga Festival
June 3-5;  Sept 23-25 Retreats
Schedule At A Glance
Photo thanks; Privacy; Forward; Reply
Make It Count
"Thy Will Be Done"
Yoga For Diabetes
Make It Count

Connection, Freedom, Movement. My Non-Violent Communication svadhyaya (self-study) teaches me these are three important needs for me.
Thus Yoga, dance, cycling, teaching, travel, are all fulfilling strategies. And so too is Family.

Yes, Family from 
NVC's perspective is a valuable strategy to meet needs like care, belonging, mutuality.
This month it met many more needs, including celebration, joy, growth, participation, purpose.
Find time to meet your needs through your Yoga this summer ~ on and off the mat!

"Thy Will Be Done"
A recent Kabbalah reading my husband shared with me on the power of prayer describes faster recovery of patients for whom it was prayed that God's will be done than those patients whose ailments were specifically prayed for. Both groups healed faster than groups not prayed for.
How encouraging is that, when we do not know how to pray or meditate for a situation?

The 8 limbs of Yoga also teach aparigraha "non-grasping" and isvara pranidana "surrender to God". Dare we to unleash vast power in surrender, in softness? In the courage and mystical trust of "Thy Will Be Done"?
Yoga For Diabetes
My ISHTA Yoga mentor Rachel Zinman is based in Byron Bay, Australia and leads trainings and retreats worldwide.
Rachel recently published a book called Yoga for Diabetes based on her own experience with diabetes and the way Yoga has been healing for it.
I'm honored to be a supporter of the book and looking forward to my copy!
Check out Rachel's invigorating 4-minute asana flow for Yoga for Diabetes.

Mary Aranas Yoga  •  310 Lexington Avenue  •  NY, NY 10016

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