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Citizens Against Harmful Technology
Actively Participate In Educating the Public            Newsletter          July 3, 2016

TALKSHOE: The conference call will still be on Sunday night at 8:30 pm. EDT. However the conference call will only be available to those who have registered. No guests are allowed.  We ask that anyone who is actively working for a government entity in any of the programs that adversely affect TI's, please announce you are on the call, as required by law. Talkshoe:  (724) 444-7444, Call ID: 139744 #, Pin 1#, Moderator: Neal Chevrier

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NEW BROCHURE: Order from the printer at $.32!

This brochure explains directed energy assaults, implants, body sensor networks and phone stalking. Brochures are $.32 each. If you purchase (400) over $125 worth from them, shipping is free. If you wish to purchase some at cost, write to for a donation invoice from CAHT to pay for the shipping.

Please share your stalking stories here.  Find friends and share your experiences. This harassment and electronic harassment is going on all over the world. Here is testimony that shows your story is not an isolated event. While each person is targeted differently, the similarities join our parallel experiences.
This week's phone stalkers: Color Coordinated

There is a phone in his hand.



"The first line of defense is to know this is happening and to be aware of your surroundings, the 2nd is to consider wearing frequency protection material, I personally use it as a scarf, it cost just 17.99 a Sq foot, and can be worn under clothes, as a TI I understand how deeply disturbing this is, my targeting is from Satellite based systems, I actually monitor the Satellites with an application from the Google app store, ISS detector, the Satellite based system Radium is mostly contracted by the Government for targeting individuals, my husband have been being targeted now for over a 1.1/2 years, and those first 5 months were pure torture I almost died from being hit with particle scalar DEW weapons, we are now living in a Faraday Cage, and using many different materials to protect ourselves, these includes Lead sheets, aluminum screen wire, north south pole magnets, Far-inferred, and Mirrors, frequency 80 DB materials, and we play 7.83 Hertz earth sound to keep our DNA safe, we are in a diabolical war with the CIA NSA FBI DOD, and can prove who and when their attacking us, we have special meters, and have registered these devices, we are also being attacked with drones, these are not your small type these are huge, couple thousand pounds, like small plane, we also are being attacked with low-elf frequency from a near by cell-tower. The attacks, can be horrific, I have found myself in my cast iron tub many days and nights dealing with the attacks on my nervous system. We take vitamins that includes Aurum Metallicum 12C and 30 these are great for relaxing the nervous system so the attacks aren't as bad, vitamin C fish oil. and vitamin E, Selenium, these all help to help the body to recover from this horrible pulsating radiation DEW attacks, I would encourage all people to understand what is happening here as the GOV is working on targeting every citizen in the USA and possibly Globally. We have to fight against this evil crime are our children won't have a future, they will be enslaved.
Hi, my name is ___________. I am from ________, -__. I work at the united states postal service and have for 10 years. I am a 36 year old devout Christian. I have no mental illness at all, no paranoia, no substance abuse at all, no alcohol, no medication at all.  I have no criminal record at all. I have 3 speeding tickets from 12 years ago. The FBI decided to set me up to avoid due process, to make me a mark, to implant 2 RFID micro chips into my cochlear inner ears that gives the FBI medical technicians(neural engineers), the ability to completely control my mind and body.  They invaded and violated my every civil right for almost 9 years. They implanted these micro chips 7 years ago.  I know this sounds crazy.  Because the FBI set me up, I cant talk to an attorney or doctor because the FBI is surveying me with cameras 24/7, even at the doctor and attorneys offices.  This is not mental illness. Now, I googled mark of the beast. Your name came up last month.  I realized by reading that this is exactly what you know about. The FBI did this to me for over 7 years and I read on a site that these microchips that MIT/Harvard/Brown University cause tumors?  I'm looking for someone that I can trust to talk to about this, and even better if they live/work in New England.  I have no problem traveling to meet them if they will be honest with me, and tell me if the FBI calls them and tells them that I'm a mark.  The truth is that the FBI set me up to avoid due process and violated everyone of my civil rights.  They had a hospital surgeon implant these into my cochleas, that the FBI medical technicians(neural engineers) can alter, control any/every part of my mind/body at anytime 24/7. Now after 9 years I know that the mark of the beast is this.  I know that they can control my mind and body in every single way that you can think of.  Everything from metabolism, headaches, digestion, heart rate, my eye sight, etc.  Here is my issue.  I'm not crazy.  I'm a normal Christian man from Massachusetts who the FBI set up and implanted this 7 years ago.  Its a long story but basically I need someone that I can trust, who will tell me that the FBI contacts them and says that I'm a mark.  They let someone enter incriminating statements into my old email address and used it against me to make me a mark.  I never wrote any emails, texts or said anything to anyone to incriminate myself. Now I need a MSCT scan(multi slice computer tomography) scan, xray that will show the microchips inside my cochleas.  This is real.  This is what the government will do to people to control them.  The mark in the head and in the hand.  Control over the mind, and body.  That's in addition to the mark in the hand to fully control everyone. People will want the hand/arm microchip for security/identity/financial reasons because its convenient and logical.  I cant talk to a doctor or an attorney because they wont help me.  I already tried.  I know that you know about this.  I just happen to google mark of the beast.  I believe that Jesus is leading me. I want you to know about this because they fully violated my every civil right.  I hesitate to tell you exactly what they did/are doing because it sounds crazy.
Testimony Three:
In California it is a felony to interfere with a person's voting rights. While I was voting, a man stood directly beside me holding a cellphone directed at my head and was watching was I doing while I voted. This may be considered voter fraud and intimidation. Those TI's who are gangstalked and tortured and had their right to voting privacy violated need to report this. You might want to query your list to find out if other TIs were harassed while voting in this matter.
Testimony Four:
Activist gets hit with Directed Energy Weapons
Testimony Five:
Peter Mooring Burn from Directed Energy
PHONE STALKING:  Targeted Individuals Directed Energy Weapons GPS 4G LTE
New Phone Stalking Video
Gangstalking is characterized as having a multitude of people knowing all about you but you don't know who they are.
Do people give you dirty looks like they would glady kill you?
This is a scenario that happens over and over for TI's.
March 4 2014
To: Neurologist and Neurosurgeons (DRAFT 2.4)
Dear Colleague:
I have only recently become aware of an enormous deficit in our neurology education. This is the massive amount of information on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on brain function.
During the last ten years of my practice I have seen a number of patients with symptoms they attributed to remote electronic attacks, and I have been perplexed. Frequently these patients are labeled “crazy” as there is no physical evidence to support their allegations. Now, after reviewing the information available on the sites listed below, it appears that we are dealing with a vast weapons program hidden in secrecy, and that U.S. Citizens have been used as nonconsensual experimental subjects.
I am a graduate of Stanford University, Yale Medical School, and Neurology Residency at The University of California, San Francisco, and practiced general neurology in Sonoma County until my retirement in 2010. Prior to my retirement I encountered several patients with symptoms consistent with electronic assault and frequently ordered imaging studies, some of which were positive for what appeared to be small implants.
Since retirement I have worked with the International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies ( and have found that many of the patients complaining of symptoms listed in: ( have radio frequency emitting chips in their bodies, and they do not know how they got there. In some cases these chips have been localized by imaging studies and surgically removed. Without having some knowledge of such technologies, the neurologist is clearly hobbled in effectively practicing neurology, the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric problems exceedingly difficult, and in some cases, almost impossible.
Of peculiar interest and critical importance is the study by John Mack, M.D., Harvard psychiatrist, of alleged alien abduction events, which began in 1960. The subjects of his studies reported similar experiences, such as: 1) Seeing “aliens” with large heads and completely black eyes; 2) Being forced into sexual experiences; 3) Feeling absolutely powerless; and 4) being warned about impending ecological catastrophe brought on by human activity. The human examination techniques reportedly employed by the aliens seem curiously primitive, as do their spacecraft. Interestingly, the abduction phenomena began in 1960, which correlates with the introduction of super computers.
Rather than actually being abducted, one must consider that these “abductees” may have been subjected to “EEG heterodyning and other psychotronic technology.” John Mack, M.D., did not know about this technology when he wrote his books.
The NSA and other alphabet agencies continue to build enormous facilities (i.e.: UT Data Center) ostensibly to mine data on all of us. In addition to data collection, I suspect these incredibly expensive facilities are for Mind Control operations.
With best wishes
Edward Spencer M.D.
Neurology, retired
VIDEO and WEBSITE: HopeGirlBlog
Gangstalking Electronic Harassment and Targeted Individuals
This is a very nice presentation, very thorough and done by nice folks.
Demonstrations of the various technologies. This is a must see.
What do you think?  If someone is controlling your mind, what would it matter what you think?
If you have a brain radio betrayed by the existence of a humming in your left ear, you already are hooked up to an artificial intelligence computer. It takes your brain signals, records them, computes them and uses them to reprogram and retrain your mind, making some of your thoughts someone elses.
Please note in the article below that the subject of Artificial Intelligence includes the subject "criminal justice".  Why? The Criminal Justice System and its on-the-street, in-the-community, COPS program is carrying out the war against fake terrorism to control and eliminate advocates of peace and truth.

The Criminal Justice Department of the United States of America has included fighting terrorism in the fight against crime. If you are a criminal (a "terrorist"), that is if you commit a misdemeanor or felony, you are a terrorist! Everyone commits misdemeanors from time to time without meaning to. Under the rules of the Constitution, you are entitled to a trial of your peers. Under the new Justice Department, you are not entitled to a trial, you are judged and sentenced by some unknown and secret processes and people you don't know and will never see. The Constitution is now a useless piece of dried up parchment.
In addition to this arrangement the misuse of this system includes the abuse of people indiscriminately chosen for abuse, harassment and torture for any other reason. Here is where the systematic and organized criminal abuse of Targeted Individuals comes into play.  While there are many three letter agencies involved in this abuse, the organized living machine of people and technologies is used to eliminate people judged behind the curtains of secrecy and never given a chance to defend themselves for their opinion, their political or religious belief, their bumper sticker or if they are related to a TI.
So if you are a TI, you have every reason, your very life itself, which has been stolen from you, to comment regarding this system of torture they call JUSTICE.
Have Thoughts About Artificial Intelligence? The White House Wants You to Chime In

The White House wants to hear what you think about the future of artificial intelligence.
Earlier this month, the Office of Science and Technology Policy announced it was hosting several public workshops on the technology, part of an effort to promote its use in government. Now, OSTP is asking the members of the public to send in their thoughts about the social and legal implications of artificial intelligence, among other topics.
While potentially useful in government, especially in fields such as criminal justice, artificial intelligence “carries risks and presents complex policy challenges,” OSTP’s call for information says. The public input will help OSTP recommend “directions for research.”
OSTP is specifically looking for information on:
  • Potential policy implications of AI
  • How it can be used for the public good
  • Current research gaps
  • Technical and scientific training for AI
  • How the federal government can help advance AI research
  • Data sets that could be used to train AI systems
Responses are due July 22, 2016.
Note: Did you know?

The Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are currently housed in the National Archives. All three are written on parchment, not hemp paper. Parchment is treated animal skin, typically sheepskin. The Declaration was inked with iron gall ink.
PROOF 1985 Directed Energy Weapons
An oldie but goodie, this is the basis of an argument that Directed Energy Weapons are certainly being used in military and civilian warfare.
A more modern explanation is recorded in the next videos done by Defcon. He is very easy to understand.
Defcon 8: Radio Energy Weapons

US Mind control weapons in Iraq - China CCTV7

MORGELLONS:  Finding answers
The picture at the right is a sore which is covered with genetically altered bacteria which produce colored fibers, depending on the alteration. If you knew the color code, you could say, this is Bacillus ____, or this E. Coli _____. This is not as mysterious as people would have you believe.
If you have Morgellons, you know it, you don't have to have a doctor tell you that you have it. If you do tell a doctor, they will more than likely react by telling you the problem is all in your head.  You must go into the doctor's office with the facts and your own research into what you have. Get a handheld microscope, take your own pictures.
People who have Morgellons have been attacked with an entomological warfare weapon.  It is characterised by (1) small animals too small for the eye to see that have been genetically altered, (2) genetically altered bacteria and (3) being of a non-typical disease for the area you are in.  If you live in the US, we aren't supposed to get worms in our bodies as a rule because we bathe regularly and we are supposed to have regular medical care.
However, if nonconventional warfare is being carried out on the people, of course, the government wouldn't want you getting better, so they contact all doctors and indoctrinate them to go along with the lies.
If you have Morgellons, you need to see a parasitologist.
The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene can refer you.
Clinical Consultants Directory

The following is a list of physicians who offer clinical consultative service in Tropical Medicine, Medical Parasitology and Travelers' Health.
However, getting them to actually diagnose and treat you is another thing. No one wants you to get better. Its like anything else you go through as a Targeted Individual. You are meant to suffer until you die. This is war.

DNA Technology: Tech Companies Mull Storing Data in DNA
Tech Companies Mull Storing Data in DNA
20 Jun 2016

It was the looming sense of crisis that brought them together. In late April, technologists from IBM, Intel, and Microsoft joined an intimate gathering of computer scientists and geneticists to discuss the big problem with big data: Our data storage requirements are rapidly exceeding the capacity of today’s best storage technologies: magnetic tape, disk drives, and flash memory.
The closed-door meeting in Arlington, Va., was convened to explore the potential of a new storage technology that is actually as old as life itself. The experts came together to weigh the merits of DNA data storage, which makes use of the marvelously compact and durable DNA molecules that encode genetic information inside living things. By converting digital files into biological material, warehouse-size storage facilities could theoretically be replaced by diminutive test tubes.

Here’s how DNA data storage works. First you take any digital data that would normally be stored in a binary code of 0s and 1s and translate it into the genetic code of As, Cs, Gs, and Ts that represent the chemical building blocks of DNA. Then you give that DNA code (for example, GATTACA) to a synthetic biology company, which manufactures strings of DNA to your specifications. Next you stash the test tube in cold storage and walk away. When you want to retrieve the information, you take out the test tube and use a standard DNA sequencing machine to decode the material inside. That gives you once again the DNA sequence GATTACA, which you can translate back into binary to read your original file.
STALKING: Using Technology to Stalk
The Use of Technology to Stalk
Stalkers often use technology to assist them in stalking their victims. The City has vehicles like this with Directed Energy Weapons that can knock out cameras on your property with an EMP directed at your home. The criminals don't want their pictures taken while they are stalking or when they are carrying on drug activities. If your camera takes their picture and that's the last picture taken for the day, its very clear who damaged your camera.

This section provides information about how different technologies can be used to stalk, measures victims can take to keep safe, and additional information and resources.
For more information, sign up for The Use of Technology to Stalk online courseThis  self-paced, interactive online training, produced by the Stalking Resource Center of the National Center for Victims of Crime with funding from the Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice, will increase the ability of criminal justice professionals and victim service providers to recognize how stalkers use technology.
Book: Lab 257 Germ Laboratory

Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Germ Laboratory

Aug 9, 2005
by Michael C. Carroll
Strictly off limits to the public, Plum Island is home to virginal beaches, cliffs, forests, ponds -- and the deadliest germs that have ever roamed the planet. Lab 257 blows the lid off the stunning true nature and checkered history of Plum Island. It shows that the seemingly bucolic island in the shadow of New York City is a ticking biological time bomb that none of us can safely ignore.
Based on declassified government documents, in-depth interviews, and access to Plum Island itself, this is an eye-opening, suspenseful account of a federal government germ laboratory gone terribly wrong. For the first time, Lab 257 takes you deep inside this secret world and presents startling revelations on virus outbreaks, biological meltdowns, infected workers, the periodic flushing of contaminated raw sewage into area waters, and the insidious connections between Plum Island, Lyme disease, and the deadly West Nile virus. The book also probes what's in store for Plum Island's new owner, the Department of Homeland Security, in this age of bioterrorism.
WEATHER WARFARE IS ILLEGAL: The Manipulation of Climate
If anyone says that weather is not being controlled or is not being used as a weapon, they need to inform themselves a little better. How better to create homelessness, redistribute society, take land and property? There were comments on the CAHT call of June 26 that it was the opinion of the speaker that weather was not being geoengineered. That is an erroneous opinion. The following article shows the facts:  Climate engineering is weather warfare, nothing less. 
Engineering “1000 Year” Weather Catastrophes, The Reality Of Weather Warfare
Dane Wigington
Does this precipitation map look “natural” to you? The combination of factors required to create such a concentrated flow of moisture over such a distance was completely unprecedented. This image and the scenario it records is nothing short of shocking.

A “1000 year” flood occurred on the East Coast in 2015 and a “1200 year” drought continues to worsen rapidly on the West Coast. In fact record shattering floods and droughts are rapidly accelerating all around the globe.
“Official sources”, of course, tell the American public that unprecedented weather events are just “natural” and the vast majority unfortunately accept this lie without so much as a second thought. 
Though countless anthropogenic (human) activities have done immense damage to the climate system, the ongoing global climate engineering (weather warfare) insanity is the greatest single disrupting factor of all. 
“100 year” disasters are now occurring every 100 days or less. The flow of moisture from hurricane Joaquin was manipulated between a clockwise spinning high pressure zone to the north of Joaquin and a counterclockwise spinning low pressure zone to the west of Joaquin. There were at least 8 meteorological factors that all had to come together in order to create the fire hose effect that devastated South Carolina. Even more astounding consideration is that these factors generally remained in place for three consecutive days. 
The spinning vortex from Joaquin helped the climate engineers cover the Northeast with heavily aerosolized SRM cloud canopy. Hurricane Joaquin was essentially a water pump for the geoengineers and the immense moisture from this source was profoundly focused on a specific region, South Carolina.
In a rapidly warming world deluge events would be expected to increase. But it is the intentional manipulation of the climate system that is making some events so concentrated and deadly.

Record breaking rains inundated South Carolina
Hurricane Joaquin was initially forecasted to make US landfall, in fact, it initially showed many similarities to the initial stages of hurricane “Sandy”.  Then, literally overnight, all the “forecasts” changed. Meteorologists stated on the record that hurricane Joaquin was very hard to predict
How can the weather be predicted when the climate is being completely manipulated by multiple global powers? Meteorologists are paid to explain away the completely engineered weather as “natural”, they are covering the tracks for the geoengineers
As of October 5, 2015, the path of “Joaquin” was being heavily sprayed with aerosols by jet aircraft as the satellite photos below clearly show.

Massive aerosol spraying is clearly visible across the North Atlantic (top center of above image) directly in the path of Joaquin.
Joaquin is heading toward (being steered) the extremely anomalous cold “blob” in the North Atlantic which has scientists “puzzled”. Excessive atmospheric moisture is a necessary component of the chemically nucleated short term cool-downs being carried out around the globe. Could the geoengineers have an agenda to direct this major moisture producing storm to this region? 
Many scientists are already concerned about the effect the “cold blob” is having on the thermohaline circulation (Gulf Stream), could the climate engineers be attempting to actually manipulate this critical ocean current
On the opposite side of the US theforecasts” (scheduled weather) for continued record heat, drought, and fires, are still worsening.  
The map above is a NOAA “departure from normal high temperature graphic. Each color coded band represents 2-3 degrees above “normal” temperatures. If this “forecast” map does not look alarming to you, it should. For the record, private defense industry contractor “Raytheon” does the weather “modeling” for NOAA and NWS (The National Weather Service). Raytheon is involved in the climate engineering industry.
The engineered Western US meltdown continues as the geoengineers attempt to keep the Eastern US cooled down. Though weather “whiplash” of up and down hot and cold events is occurring in the US East, overall cooler temps in the eastern half of the US lower 48 are so anomalous that scientists (who refuse to acknowledge climate engineering) can’t figure it out
Even Major University scientists have questioned how the Eastern US can be anomalously cool in a record warm world
How is it possible that the Eastern US has remained cooler overall during the last 3 years? This is in spite of the fact that high temperature records continue to be shattered all over the globe
The graphic above is an NOAA “departure from normal precipitation” map. Along with the record heat, far below normal rainfall is also forecasted (scheduled) for the already drought devastated California. The contradictions of precipitation reflected in this “forecast” map are a further reflection of the ongoing total manipulation of the climate system.
As 2014 ended the California drought was considered the worse in at least 1200 years and it has gotten much worse since. If all available data is taken into account, the particular case of the California drought must be considered a direct consequence of the ongoing geoengineering/solar radiation management programs
Record shattering rainfall and record shattering drought are rapidly increasing around the globe. The highly toxic fallout from the ongoing jet aircraft aerosol spraying means that climate engineering must also be considered biological warfare
I receive many communications from people around the world asking “where can I move to in order to escape these programs”? Answer, there is no place to hide. We have only one choice, to unite in our efforts to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity.  
Make your voice heard in this most critical battle while there is yet any part of Earth’s life support systems left to salvage. 
Keep Your Spiritual Thoughts
Ephesians 4:29-30 (GWT)
"Don't say anything that would hurt another person. Instead, speak only what is good so that you can give help wherever it is needed.  That way, what you say will help those who hear you.  Don't give God's Holy Spirit any reason to be upset with you. He has put His seal on you for the day you will be set free from the world of sin." 
Comment:  These verses remind us that our words have the power to harm or the power to bring comfort and healing.  It is important to remember that God loves people and He cares about how we treat others.  We should always try to speak words that show encouragement and love. 

Media Contact
Contact Person: David Voigts
Email: Send Email
Phone: 864-710-3335
Country: United States
Website: ___________________________________________________

Next Portland, Oregon meeting happens on:
Saturday July 9, 2016

*Optional restaurant dinner after the library meeting

Hollywood Branch Library
4040 NE Tillamook
Portland, Oregon
We meet in the large meeting room in the back of the library
Please contact Amy
Meeting: Saturday, July 16
1:00pm - 2:30 pm 
 12755 Greenwood Ave North,
Seattle, WA 98133
Wednesdays @ 6:00pm PST, 7:00pm MST, 8:00pm CST, 9:00pm EST
CALL IN NUMBER: 724-444-7444. CALLER ID: 139381# PIN: 1#
Please contact:
Laura Solway
Phone:  206-365-6139 or
Curtis Kimble
Covert Harassment UK
Ana B. Fernandez Alvarez
Covert Harassment UK Founder
Mob.: +44 7801292648
Company No.:10232076
LINQSTAT: Microwave (RF) Protection for You
We are sending in an order, so please let Neal know you will be needing to order Linqstat. Please do not send money yet, just email Neal about how much you need.
If you have a tent, you can just tape some pieces of Linqstat together and drape them over the tent. You could make it the exact shape as the rain cover. You can ground it to an outlet, to a ground with a banana clip or attach a TENS electrode to it to create an energy field across the surface. Using a tent structure that's already got places to attach the Linqstat make it a lot easier. You can even get a simple one and put it on your bed to drape the Lingstat over. LINK TO GROUNDING CLIPS
This is a very high quality RF shielding material. It should be grounded so that any radio frequency will dead end at the ground. It doesn't out gas, does not break down & is completely nontoxic! Linqstat is a very stable carbon loaded product. It is the carbon which blocks microwaves.
Make payment through PayPal or debit/credit cards at our donate button on our website, or by mail upon request. Be sure to state whether the payment is a donation, membership or Linqstat.
LINQSTAT (≤50,000 ohms/sq) Electrically Conductive Film.
Product Part Number:  LINQSTAT MVCF S-Series 
We have 3 packages available:
Package 1:  6' (ft) x 3' for $ 30.00 (To make an 8 layer hat ).
Package 2: 12' (ft) x 3' for $ 50.00 (To make an 8 layer hat & 2 layer vest)
Package 3:  24' (ft) x 3' for $ 80.00 (To make a hat, vest & over under blanket for where you sleep ).
(Shipping, tracking & insurance is included in the price).

If you have not received requested booklets, newsletters, information or have any questions or problems, write to and we will see what needs to be done. Thank you for your patience.
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