WE SURE HAVE BEEN BUSY IN RESCUE THE PAST FEW MONTHS.. Here's what's been happening in the southeast.
Fiona Bowen
OES Rescue Network of the Southeast 
Adoption Coordinator
Hey Everyone,
Back in 2011 we had an OES Specialty in the southeast in Hickory and I went as well as a few of our rescue adoptions and parents.  They don't come to the southeast that often, but this is the year they will be back in Hickory, NC.   ON THURSDAY, Sept 29, there will be a RESCUE PARADE that you can walk your rescue in.   I will tell you when I walked my Sunshine back in 2011, it was an overwhelming feeling of pride and joy that overcame me.  There were about 20 of us from various southeastern rescues with our rescue sheepdogs. Each dog was given a ribbon and fun gift bag..  
I invite anyone who is interested to come walk with us if you got your dog from a shelter or a rescue.  Email me at and I will send you a form.    I will be there this year with Skippy.   We are staying at the LaQuinta in Hickory.  Would love to catch up and see some folks represent our rescue!
Maizy was featured in our last newsletter.  She was an owner turn in from Mississippi.  Her family was ready for her to move on after the 2 small dogs that lived in the house decided they didn't like her, so they tormented her until she grew up and she could challenge them.  
I think she kind of became the Cinderella in the household and basically stayed outside alot, little time with the family and thankfully the owner ended up contacting us, for her own good and their family.  These decisions are never easy.  
At first we tried her out with a medium sized and small dog and basically she didn't work out well in that foster situation.  We were lucky that Susan Story, who had rescued a sheepie in the past was finally ready for a baby to be in her life again.   She had a home with no other dogs and no little people.  
We moved Maizy to the Nashville area to test the waters.  Maizy very quickly started acting like a normal dog again. She didn't need to watch over her back anymore, she was able to enjoy all the love that was coming her way.  She started playing with toys and becoming a normal dog.  
We are thrilled that Susan and Bob finally opened up their home to sweet Maizy.  But really we are just so happy that Maizy can live calmly and just be a dog.  
Transport: Julie Minter
Foster: Julie Minter/Susan Story

Obi came to us after being contacted by a family in Alabama. This cutie was rescued from a shelter,  by a very loving couple. They tried and tried to make it work, but he made the cats lives miserable. It was again a very difficult decision to let this guy go, as they had only had him a few months.  He got along with their dogs just fine, but those darn cats!  
I was very lucky that Alex Waxman had been wanting a second sheepie.  He had gotten his first sheepie from us (he comes from a family of sheepie friendly parents who have fostered for us many times over).  I knew Alex could handle this.  Alex met the owners and brought Obi to his home to foster and see if Wilson, his adopted sheepie,  would get along.   Thankfully it worked out beautifully.  These 2 sheepies have taken over the house and have a blast every day playing and hanging out and bonding.   We are happy that Alex has his second pup, and that Obi now has a permanent home.
Obi now lives in Atlanta.
Foster:  Alex Waxman
Transporter Alex Waxman
When it rains it pours.  And when I go on vacation, my phone starts ringing to pick up dogs!
I am originally from south Mississippi and had gone home for Mother's day and to take my mom on a little beach trip.  As luck would have it.. I got a call to pick up a puppy.  YUP A PUPPY!  5 months old!  And of all things, the dog was 1 hour from my mom's house.  What are the odds. A sweet lady who helped rescue smaller dogs had found our website and reached out to me.  Morgan's owners had given her up because she was getting too big (they decided an English Bulldog would be better). The sweet lady's father somehow knew the owners of Morgan and they gave Morgan to him to have his duaghter handle her rescue needs.  She called us.
I went to pick up Morgan,and I had asked our friend Julie in south Alabama to help foster and meet me and keep the dog while I went on a little beach vacation with mom.  The handoff went well.  Morgan is a cute little giggly type sheepie in appearance, but when you get to know her she is a handful. 
So after vacation, I met up to get Morgan and bring her back to my home in Atlanta.  There, I would evaluate her and take her to my vet and just find out how much a dog she really was. First off, the vet evaluation was basically bad news.. Morgan has an inverted vulva.  This poses a problem.  We can't spay her.  For now on 3rd vet opinion, the best case scenario is to let her have her first heat cycle to see if it pushes her vulva back to a normal position, if that doesn't happen then we need to have surgery not only for the spay, but also the vulva surgery.  If the vulva is not fixed, she will have a lifetime of UTI's.  So we don't want that. In addition, we had to complete puppy shots since she didn't come with proper documentation. And Morgan had an ear infection.  She proved extremely difficult at the vet's office for work on that, but we managed to get some meds in her ears.
Morgan is spunky.  She is very cat curious.  She sat on Skippy. Skippy was really her best buddy. She loved to chase balls and play tug.  She really had the time of her life.  That being said, she is a dog that is VERY stubborn.  She can show definite signs of dominance if she isn't handled properly and provided boundaries by a dominant human alpha.  By the end of her month with me, she had finally had 4 days with no potty accidents which was a huge accomplishment.  
Morgan moved to her new home in Tampa to be with former foster (of Oyster/Khloe) Debbie Melendez.  Debbie has agility training with her terrier, Charlie, and we really think Morgan will be a great dog to put into agility.   We know Debbie will do the work needed to set Morgan up for a great future.  Morgan, Charlie and Debbie are having fun enjoying the puppy years, but also looking forward to the not so puppy years!  
Rescue will cover her spay and vulva surgery expenses when the time comes.  It is not our normal habit to adopt a dog that has not been spayed, but this was a rare situation. 
Transport:    Fiona Bowen/ Julie Minter/ Rick Routh/ Carolyn Vaisin
Foster:   Julie Minter/ Fiona Bowen
Morgan (female) is on the LEFT with the pink leash


Murphy's parents were very upset when they finally called us.  They had contacted us back in November when they were dealing with Murphy's anxiety with the new twins in the house.  They loved her very much, but she was clearly unhappy.   In June, they called again with baby #3 just a month from delivery and finally decided it was time to give her up to rescue.  This was clearly the most difficult decision for them as they called me daily during her transition into fostering.  
Murphy had been put on prozac because of her anxiety with the kids.  When the kids went to bed and were taken upstairs, she was beside herself.   Being smart parents with an anxious dog they realized at any time an escalation could  occur that would be bad for the dog, the kids and the family.  
Murphy came to my house so I could evaluate her and my first goal was to get her off her prozac. Prozac is not something you can just take a dog off of.  It has to be a gradual process.  In addition to the prozac, under evaluation, she was happy, but quite overwhelmed with the 2 dogs she was hanging out with (Sunshine and Skippy).  She just wasn't interested in playing and had never been socialized with other dogs therefore, this was not her comfort zone.  
I looked through my applications and found a wonderful local home who had no cats, no kids and no other dogs, but had previous OES experience.  They had a pool and some acreage, and would walk her.  
I took her to the Woods home and opened up her bag of toys, it was like she was a new dog. She was so happy to be away from those silly other dogs.  She went into her bag and pulled out each and every toy, pushing them around and running after her balls.   She walked around her new backyard checking everything out.  You could tell this was the best environment she could thrive in.   I could see the Woods were so happy with her.  I had asked them to start off by fostering her and just let me know when it felt right.  I think I got word a day later.. "We love her, consider it an adoption".   They will continue to ween her off the medications.  We are so happy Murphy will be able to be calm and happy and enjoy life again without constantly being in herding mode.  Down the road the previous owners and the new owners may make arrangements for visitation, they live in close proximity of each other.
Fosters:  Fiona Bowen
Transporters:  Fiona Bowen

Please remember this weekend that dogs mostly don't like fireworks. With the louder firecrackers that are available now, its even more important to keep your dogs inside.  More dogs go missing because of being outside and exposed to fireworks.  Dogs that don't normally dig, will dig out of a fence to get as far away from the noise as possible.  Shelters get filled up during this time.  Please make sure you check to see that your microchip company has your current information and a current picture of your dog.  If your dog is not microchipped, I highly recommend it.  
 SHEEPIE DAY IN THE PARK-  April 23, 2016
Here we are.. we all had fun.  See you in FALL!!!!  Date to be announced later.

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