July 2016 * Calm Is A Super Power * Mary Yoga ENews #127
Sacred Simplicity
A T-shirt that I have seen and want in a tank says "Calm Is A Super Power". I've felt both the presence and absence of calm and I agree that it sure does feel that way. One reason is how elusive it can be some days for us mere mortals. 
These days are tough ones for calm, as there have been many in history and will be many more before we're done.  It almost seems passive or wrong to feel calm. But we know that we choose more effective action when we have paused, stilled, breathed, and listened.
A sermon I heard on a Sunday recently urged us to seek 4 sacred practices for spiritual peace:
Sacred Space
Sacred Study
Sacred Simplicity
Sacred Service

We do that in nature. We do that in sitting meditation. We do that in our physical practice ~ sometimes. We do that in our daily life ~ sometimes.  
I am calmed, quieted, and enriched when I serve on prayer team at my beautiful church.  It is a time I sit quietly amidst sweet silence, soaring music, sacred rituals, and prayers for peace.  Whatever ways we can find to dip into sacred practice, know that they give back in sacred simplicity, in a calming superpower, that the world so badly needs.
Restorative Teacher Training: 25/100 Hours
Restorative Yoga sounds like an oxymoron. Isn't all Yoga restorative?Yes! But ~ when you need the magic bullet of restoration ~ when you need that super dose of Ooooh and Aaaah ~ Who you gonna call? 
Modern living exerts more pressure than ever before on every man, woman, and child. Sometimes you just wanna cry. Or go to therapy, get a massage. Maybe go to temple. Or take a long, restful nap. But then you think, "I should do Yoga" or "I should meditate".
In Mother Mary Restorative Trance Yoga, you do it all. Yoga. Meditation. Naptime. Spiritual reconnection. You may well cry or smile inside. You reach deep and connect with your own guidance, physical and spiritual. You give yourself a mammoth dose of stress reduction serum. A recent National Institute of Health study even showed Restorative Yoga leading to weight loss, by lowering stress hormones, including cortisol.
Would you like to offer it to the world?  Do you or any people in your life need this stress busting elixir? Come and learn to share it, with me. Open to practitioners and teachers.
Taught over 4 weekends as 4 levels. Level I is Aug 26-28, and is open to all. Levels II-IV in September and November require prior levels or the equivalent, or my permission. The 4 levels equal a 100-Hour Advanced Teacher Training per Yoga Alliance for eligible RYTs. Questions? Email me, I'd be delighted ...
Trainings, Festivals, Workshops, Retreats
Aug 6 Standing AcroYoga WorkshopEarth To Sky 
   w/Lex Peters, Om Factory NYC
Aug 12-14 5th Annual NY AcroFest:
   Sat 8/13 w/Lex Peters “Wash, Spin, Dry”
100-Hour Mother Mary Restorative Training
  Aug 26-28 Level 1: Restorative Basics
  Sept 9-11 Level 2: Restorative Intermediate
  Nov 4-6 Level 3: Restorative + Thai Touch
  Nov 18-20 Level 4: Restorative + Thai + Trance
Sept 23-25 Fall Retreat:
   Wagging Tail Yoga Studio, Bethel, NY, Catskills
Oct 7-9 Divine Play AcroYoga Festival
   w/Yael Ben-Reuven “Mitey Mamas” Portland, OR
Weekly Classes in New York City:
Pure Yoga New York Weekly Yoga Classes:
Pure Yoga East - 203 E.86th St. (3rd Ave)
  Monday: 10:30-12:00 Slow Flow Meditation
  Tuesday: 12:30-1:30 Restorative
  Thursday: 12:30-1:30 Restorative
  Thursday: 5:30-6:30 Vinyasa 1/2
Pure Yoga West - 204 W.77th St. (Amsterdam Ave)
  Friday: 11:30-12:30 Restorative
Om Factory Weekly AcroYoga Classes:
 Fri 7:30PM AcroYoga Flow Open Level, Fashion District
*1st Fri/Month 9:30PM AcroYoga JAM, Fashion District
Private Sessions by Appointment:
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Photo Credits
Thanks for photos this issue to: Derek Goodwin Photography, Michael St. Cole, Wari Om Photography, Pure Yoga, Wagging Tail Yoga.
Thanks to my lovely photo models: Brian Davis, Sam Prestidge, Sandy Ames, Ora Ramat, Chris Martucci.

In this issue:
Sacred Simplicity
Restorative Teacher Training: 25/100 Hours
Photo Credits
Standing AcroYoga: Earth To Sky Aug 6th
NY AcroFest 
Fall Foliage Retreat
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Standing AcroYoga: Earth To Sky Aug 6th
August 6th, Lex Peters comes in from Philadelphia to join me in offering you this standing AcroYoga flow that is at once strengthening, graceful, and variegated.
Earth to Sky ~ Om Factory Union Square, Aug. 6th, 1:45-3:45. Early Bird ends July 30th.
Pre-req: Comfort kicking up to a handstand with spotter or wall.
NY AcroFest 
Aug 12-14 marks the 5th Annual NY AcroFest! A gathering of New York AcroYogi practitioners, teachers, and invited presenters from out of town. All levels, all tracks, therapeutic and acrobatic. Join community! Code MARY gets you $10 off.
Fall Foliage Retreat
Nature, Yoga, Community. On our Power In Balance yoga retreats, we balance Restorative, Vinyasa, AcroYoga, Thai yoga, and Meditation, with delicious food and drink, gorgeous peaceful scenery, and fabulous company. 

No wonder our Sept 23-25 retreat, our #8 Wagging Tail retreat, has only 1-2 spaces left at our offsite house. Inquire now about spaces! ~ Early Bird ends Aug 15th.

Website; Privacy
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