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Sea-to-Sky Scarf
The Name
Sea-to-Sky is the name of the famous route 99 from Vancouver to Whistler. The beauty of it is in the name - you drive along the magnificent ocean to the sky-punching mountains.
We did this route from 'sky' (Whistler) to 'sea' (Vancouver). And that's how the scarf I made during the trip got its name.
To me, 'Sea-to-Sky' was not only Highway 99 route. This water-mountain blueness started in Banff with its heaven-touching peaks and continued to Okanagan Valley with its stunning Okanagan Lake and amazing wineries and then to the BC Coast.
Art of Yarn 
Yarn for the scarf was bought in Kelowna (Okanagan Valley) in a beautiful shop 
called Art of Yarn.
Click on image to go to the shop website. 
Yarn Shop
I try to visit local yarn shops in all places I go.
This one impressed me by how organized the yarn and the accessories and other things for knitters were.

Click on image to see other yarn shops from my previous trips
Be Sweet
The yarn is from Be Sweet boucle baby mohair collection:
Made in South Africa.
50 g (200yards) - one ball is enough
for a pretty long scarf.
Click on image to see Be Sweet yarn
The scarf was crocheted on Route 99.
It's just the basic crochet stitch - double crochet. Hook 6.0.

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Since the yarn - baby mohair - is soft, the scarf is soft too. It's light and airy, and it feels warm.
More mohair knits here 

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Summer Knitting
I was blown away by the beauty of the West of Canada, but was also happy to come back to the Great Lakes. Knitting by the Lake
Ontario is so inspiring.
Happy Summer Knitting!!

Artisaknity  •  33 Harbour Sq.  •  Toronto, ON M5J2G2

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