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Monthly News for August 2016
The New Church Year 
The new church year is upon us and I hope you all have had a wonderful summer and have found some time to rest and rejuvenate. I look forward to what this new church year will bring to our congregation and the joys and concerns that will accompany it as well. Our annual board retreat will occur this year on August 27, 2016. We have new board members as well as new congregational members who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Yet we are very much aware that we do not live in a bubble and there will be many joys and challenges that we will face on a collective level as well as individually. The first night of the Republican Convention is over I write this and who knows what lies ahead. Whatever it is, it will no doubt be interesting. These are times of change and at times heart wrenching events have made this a summer to remember for quite awhile, if not forever for us as citizens of this country.

We have witnessed the anger, grief, horror, sadness, and despair at the level of violence in this country between its citizens of color and law enforcement, not to mention the violence occurring in other parts of the world. As we struggle to digest, process, and come to terms with what is occurring, the most natural question that arises is---What can we do? What can I do? How do we address the broken places in our culture and institutions. At times it appears that the center simply cannot hold. How can we collectively and individually contribute in a healing and beneficial way to the deeper and more authentic actions and conversations that are needed to begin to bridge the agonizing divides in our communities, our nation, and our world? 
Sunday Services 

Sunday, 7 August 2016, 11 am
Dr. Ken Lennington
"The Expansiveness of Compassion"

In this experiential service, Dr. Lenington will explore the topic through some periods of guided meditation, in addition to readings and music.  A meditator in various traditions over the past 40 years, Ken Lenington, MD has been practicing in the Buddhist tradition over the past 15 years, and was ordained in Thich Nhat Hanh's Order of Interbeing in 2007. He has led classes and workshops in meditation and mindfulness for mental health professionals and the general public over the past few years, and currently leads an open weekly meditation and mindfulness group.  He is an active member of Mountain Mindfulness sangha in Asheville.  Prior to retiring in 2015, he had a psychiatric practice, specializing in addiction medicine and health care administration. 

Sunday, 14 August 2016, 11am
Michael J.S. Carter
“Bending Towards Justice: Theodore Parker & MLK, Jr."

What does a 19th white Unitarian Christian Minister and abolitionist have in common with a 20th century African American Baptist Preacher and social activist? You guessed it---plenty! In fact many people do not know that the quote that King used in many of his speeches was first coined by Theodore Parker. That quote is that, “... the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.” Rev. Parker was not without his own patriarchal racism but he walked his talk. This man kept a gun in the pulpit with his bible just in case any slave catchers attempted to take members of his congregation back to slavery! Talk about putting your faith in the “Good Book.” Let’s talk about these two champions of social change and justice.
Sunday, 21 August 2016, 11 am
Rev. Chris Andrews
“Celtic Gifts”
Guest speaker Chris Andrews writes, "I want to use the wonderful tradition of Celtic spirituality as a spring board for thinking big and bold about religion. It occurs to me that the Celts may have been the first UUs in that they adapted, accepted, and embraced lots of different ideas and practices when it came to religion. The result? Tolerance--something we desperately need in today's world situation"

The Rev. Chris Andrews has lived in Louisiana for most of his life. Formerly a minister in the United Methodist Church for 42 years, he served at 1st UMC in Baton Rouge for many of those years. Chris now leads Jubilee Pioneers, an eclectic group of folks in Baton Rouge seeking ways to practice “good religion.” He is not a Christian, but instead calls himself a “follower of Jesus.”

 Sunday, 28 Agust 2016 11am 
 Rev. Michael J.S. Carter

What is it about human life that motivates us to greater and greater heights and accomplishments? Can this inner desire or longing be a blessing as well as a curse? Is it the search for authenticity within ourselves and others, and with the entire planet? Is this really the desire for inner peace?  My desire to find the real me, “the pearl of great price” as it were, stubbornly persisted, in spite of all of my best efforts to ignore it. I believe it is a universal human longing, yet I could be wrong. As usual, there may be more questions than answers. Let’s talk about “Desire. 
Religious Education
The final days of Summer fun is upon us. The children's Religious Education classes have been so much fun! We still have a few Summer Sundays left so don't worry. The RE Committee is gearing up for the upcoming curriculum year (September-May). We would love to have voices on our committee from parents and non-parents. People who are interested in making sure our Religious Education department is delivering a solid, quality UU program. Let me know. Teachers are also needed for all levels.
Speaking of the upcoming curriculum year, parents, please keep an eye on your email inbox for the registration for for the 2016-2017 curriculum year. I need these filled out and returned to me by August 28.
And finally, I am thrilled to announce that there will be a community financial literacy workshop coming up this fall! The RE Dept. is sponsoring this 9-week course for mid-teens through adults. More details will be coming soon.
As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns don't hesitate to contact me.  Beata Ball
Gratitude Workshop
"Gratitude,  the Gateway to Happiness"  
Cathy Holt, certified HeartMath coach
Aug. 14, 1:00 - 4:00 pm
This workshop is offered as a follow-up to the service on "Gratitude" that Cathy presented on Sunday, July 31st.  Delve deeper into this important study! 
Through partner exercises and inspiring examples, you'll learn:
- the neuroscience of happiness
- how gratitude affects the heart
- daily practices to squeeze the most juice from life experience
- why expressing appreciation is the key to healthy relationships
- transforming mistakes into blessings

Love Offering requested.  Please email to indicate your interest, so we'll have some idea of how many to expect. 
Social Action Film: Ali
The Social Action Committee's next film showing is Thursday, August 25 at 7 pm. "No conventional sports documentary, The Trials of Muhammad Ali investigates its extraordinary and often complex subject's life outside the boxing ring. From joining the controversial Nation of Islam and changing his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali, to his refusal to serve in the Vietnam War in the name of protesting racial inequality, to his global humanitarian work, Muhammad Ali remains an inspiring and controversial figure. Outspoken and passionate in his beliefs, Ali found himself in the center of America's controversies over race, religion, and war." (from the movie trailer)  The discussion after the movie will be led by Maria Santelli, Executive Director, Center on Conscience and War.
Questions? Call Suzanne Ziglar at 581-0564.
Habitat Interfaith House
On September 6, construction begins on the 2016 Interfaith House, the sixth house in which UUCSV has participated.  
CP-Torres-family2The Social Action Committee is spearheading the effort to build a home for Elizabeth Torres, her young daughter and her expected child.  We, along with about 12 other area congregations will help build the home. Our first work day is Saturday September 24th. Click here for the full schedule of work days and other details, If you haven't volunteered before, consider this fun way to participate by working as a part of construction crew or providing lunch for the crew. NO experience necessary!  Contact Susan Culler at or call 828-779-2120
Minister's Column continued
Our 7 Principles guide us and encourage us to to discover and embrace the truth within ourselves—to look honestly at our own shadow side as well as to embrace the light of love that resides within each and every one of us. In this way we seek to raise our frequencies if you will, and to encourage others to do the same. We seek to create a chain reaction of compassion, empathy, safe spaces, and genuine, authentic community. Violence, hatred, racism, demonizing and blaming the other, and the fear that motivates all of these things, have no place in the world we envision and work towards on a daily basis. It is non-violence or non-existence for all of us on this planet. The threat is so very real now. We need to keep focusing on the world we want to create and realize that a new world is being born and the birth pangs that accompany this new world must occur. Growth at times means pain. We also need to have the courage to recognize, name, and to stand against these forces that are afraid of the future, both within ourselves and in the institutions and systems of our public life. We need to do this together.
Here are just a few suggestions of what we can commit to: 

* Educate ourselves about the structures and dynamics of privilege; about the ways in which both overt and implicit racism and bias continue to permeate our society, and about the ways we consciously or unconsciously participate in maintaining these structures and dynamics. 

*Become more vigilant about our own tendencies to turn those with whom we disagree into the “other,” or to make sweeping negative generalizations about entire groups of people, and interrupting those tendencies every time we do notice them. 

* Engage in a deeper conversation, especially with people we may see as different from ourselves---having the humility and the courage to inquire about, listen to, and care about their experiences and to share our own---seeking to discover and to lift up our shared humanity rather than to debate and to justify the “rightness” of our position.

 * Maintaining a spiritual practice to reinforce and strengthen our resilience, and our connection to each other and ourselves and to keep this connection grounded in love. 

* Be committed to serving and blessing others through our prayers and meditations, through our contemplations and inner compassion practices as well as through our engaging in outer actions in support of justice and peace. 

May all of us treat others and ourselves with loving kindness. Let us be gentle with ourselves during this time. May we be as aware of our own prejudices and judgments as much as we are aware of those of others. May we provide and be a safe space for others and may we acknowledge and understand our humanity, our fear, and use this knowledge of ourselves to create a better world---together.
May we always honor the inherent worth and dignity that resides within all of us. 

In Metta ( loving kindness) 

In this issue:
The New Church Year 
Sunday Services 
Religious Education
Gratitude Workshop
Social Action Film: Ali
Habitat Interfaith House

Super Yard Sale!
Luunch Bunch
Women's Group
UUCSV Choir News
August Friday Fling
Social Action News
Super Yard Sale!
The Women’s Group of UUCSV will be conducting a big yard sale to raise funds for our congregation on Saturday September 10th from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm in the church parking lot.  We need your donations of gently used household goods, clothes, furniture, books, tools, and more. (See lists below).
What Sells Well!
What NOT to Bring!
We will receive donated items starting Sunday, September 4 after the service and on Monday - Thursday, September 5 - 8th, from 9 am to 7 pm. On Friday, the 9th we will be preparing for the sale and will not be able to handle new donations on that day.
There will also be a plant sale and possibly a bake sale.  (Watch the Current for further details.)
We hope our congregation will help us raise funds we can contribute to UUCSV. If you have questions or need help moving furniture, please call us. If you have a truck and can help us move furniture, please call us. For anyone with questions, please call Co-chairs Dr. Jane Carroll at 828-357-8008 or Susan Hurley at 828-303-1195. Thank You! 
What Sells Well!
Children’s clothing
All types of tools
Pots for plants 
What NOT to Bring!
Food - Human or Pet
Household chemicals
Paint or Stains (unless never opened) 
and ANYTHING that is
Broken or Damaged
Stained or Soiled
Frayed or Torn 
Potentially Hazardous  
Luunch Bunch
The Luunch Bunch will meet on Tuesday, August 2nd at noon.  The topic will be "What Is Doable?" In a culture and world where the challenges and problems can appear so overwhelming, what is doable to change it? Many of us feel that we are not enough or cannot do enough to bring our vision of peace and justice to the world. We may find ourselves depressed, feeling inadequate or guilty, or exhibiting any number of lower vibration symptoms. Perhaps if we took our lives, our days and activities in “small bites” as it were, we would be able to manage the day to day flow of our everyday lives, thereby being the change we want to see in the world. After all, we are not human doings, but human beings. In order to have peace, we must be peace.
Women's Group
The women's group meets Friday, August 12th at 1:00 pm, at the clubhouse, the Lynx Condominiums. After a brief check-in, final preparations for the yard sale will be discussed. 
Please remember to save items,including clothes, for our September 10th yard sale. All funds raised support UUCSV.
UUCSV Choir News
In August, the UUCSV Choir will perform on the 28th. We are always open to new members! Come to our first rehearsal, which is August 21st at 12:15 after the service. We will meet again on Wednesday the 24th at 7 PM, and then on Sunday the 28th at 10 AM. Come and help make some beautiful, heart-felt music with us. Linda Metzner, choir director
August Friday Fling
August’s Friday Fling, a fun party for grown-ups, usually every third Friday of the month, will be held on 19 August at the UUCSV church. Red and white refreshments will be provided; please bring a potluck dish to share.
First movie choice: Youth (2015; Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weisz, Jane Fonda; two longtime friends vacation at a serene Swiss Alps resort when their serenity is cut short by family crises and sudden career demands; a lush film about life, love, death, and art).
Second movie choice: The Painted Veil (2006; Naomi Watts, Edward Norton; based on Somerset Maugham’s novel; filmed in China; “a moving portrait of the volcanic emotions that can erupt between a man and a woman). Potluck begins at 6:30. For further information call Norm Kowal (458-4537).
Social Action News
Our Social Action team is active and engaged!  Chair Diane Hutchins recently compiled a list of projects pursued in FY 2015-2016 as well as a list of the charitable and non-profit organizations to which we have made contributions. Here are the details...
Next Newsletter 
The deadline for the September  issue is August 25th please submit items to newsletter.uucsv@ The best format is simply in the body of an email. 
Ginny and Jackie 
UUCSV Leadership
Board of Trustees:
Diane Graham
Sarah Kirkpatrick
Frank Pizzardi
David Reid, President
Tina Rosato
Carol Sheeler
Dave Wells, Vice-Pres.
Minister, ex-officio,
non-voting Board Member:
Rev. Michael Carter
Lee Reading

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