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We are very pleased to announce that Lori Rice is joining our staff! Mrs. Lori has been an integral part of our school since its inceptions, as a board member and as a frequent volunteer at the school. Now she will officially be teaching with Mr. D. If you live in Elkin, you probably already know Mrs. Lori. In case you don’t, let me introduce you…
Lori earned her Bachelors of Science Degree in Education from Presbyterian College and her Masters Degree in Gifted Education from Converse College. She also has her International Montessori Teaching Diploma (Preschool/ Kindergarten) and Montessori Teaching Certification (Elementary I).

Because Lori has devoted her life to education and has a heart for helping all students reach their fullest potential, we knew she would be the perfect fit. Her teaching experience includes training future Montessori teachers, serving as Director of the Elkin Presbyterian Church Preschool, tutoring students in Shanghai, teaching in the 6-9 year old classroom at Statesville Montessori School, and being a teacher for the Gifted and Talented program in 4th and 5th grades for Greenville County Schools.

As our students return to school, they will enjoy having Mrs. Lori in the classroom even more this year. She loves to sing, be silly and really build relationships with each child because those relationships and mutual respect are the basis for a successful learning environment.

In addition to Mrs. Lori, we will also be joined by Janet Adams one day per week. She will be working with our older students on math, language arts and history. 

Mrs. Janet graduated Summa Cum Laude from the East Coast Bible College campus of Lee University with a Bachelor of Elementary Education degree. She holds her North Carolina license to teach grades K-6. Since 1989, she has taught using the Montessori method at both Stasville Montessori and here at Elkin Presbyterian Preschool. While at Statesville Montessori, she also taught art for grades 1-3 and French for grades K-8. Before that time, she taught behaviorally and emotionally challenged children in Iredell County. 

Mrs. Janet also obtained dual Montesorri credentials for both Elementary 1 and Elementary 2, which include children ages 6-12. In addition to teaching at our school, she instructs Montessori teacher candidates and is the curriculum typist for teh Center for Montessori Education of North Carolina in Huntersville. 

Her hobbies include, but are certainly not limited to, greeting card making, crocheting and making materials for the classroom. Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her family. She and her husband, Jeff, moved to our area 7 years ago and reside in State Road. Their son, Josh, and his family also live in State Road. She has three grandchildren. 
This year, the students will enjoy new math and language materials thanks to a donation from Prism Medical Products. Their team came to school to deliver $700 worth of Montessori materials that they ordered for us. These materials will help students with lessons on geometry, algebra, fractions, decimals, sentence analysis and grammar. Mrs. Janet and Mrs. Lori couldn't wait to start putting the works on the shelves. We are so grateful for the support of one of our local businesses, Prism Medical Products!

So, how does it work? Here are some of the lessons explained:
  • Binomial Cube: The Binomial Cube introduces abstract math concepts to young children without them even knowing it! The early sensory experience with the cube inspires them again at age 8 or 9 when they use the cube for algebra. The material provides the all important bridge between concrete and abstract thinking. Because it’s logical, the child develops a much deeper understanding of the math.This video demonstrates how the cube would be introduced. 
  • Algebraic Pegboard: This material is used for demonstrating the mechanism of finding the square root. See it in action. 
  • Fraction Metal Squares and Triangles: This material is used for geometry, specifically exercises of equivalent, identical and similar figures.
  • Banker's Game: This is a really fun way to develop math skills in our younger students. The Banker's Game that uses the Montessori Golden Bead set to show children the mechanics of long addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Watch this video to see a lesson on this work.
  • Negative Snake Game: The purpose of this material is to teach the concept of zero, negative and positive numbers. It teaches concrete concept of subtraction as well as the higher levels of algebra- equations of equal quantity and making the computation functions the same.
  • Advanced Grammar Symbols: Once the students have learned the basics of grammar and parts of speech, they are introduced to the advanced grammar symbols. These symbols are used to modify the basic grammar symbols, such as for auxiliary verb, intransitive verb, participle, gerund, infinitive and so on.
Field trips are a very important part of our curriculum. Just like last year, we will be out and about a lot. Not only will we be hiking on nearby trails and walking through downtown Elkin to get to our partner locations, we will also be taking lots of field trips. These outings will go along with our study of NC history, language arts, social studies, music, science and Spanish. Planned field trips for 2016/2017 include: 
These trips are made possible by a very generous donation from Riverview Holdings Hotels /  Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott in Elkin, NC.
We are so grateful to our 2016/2017 donors!
We are also very excited to collaborate with our generous partners:

Yadkin Valley Community School  •  240 Standard Street  •  Elkin, NC 28621

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