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Busy Bee Bijouterie
Three Bracelets
Time in the summer really, literally flies ... like a bee. You want to do so many things and catch up with people you don't often see during the year. You want to read and knit and .... be busy :-)
In knitting, planning ahead unfortunately does not often work for me - I prefer to knit in season. This way, time for big projects is never enough :-( So what?! I knit small things - like this Busy Bee Bijouterie set.
Click on image to go to Sisters Knit Bijouterie Collection on Artisaknity
Sunny Color
It's one of my favourite colours - very close to 'busy bee' shade on the colour palette. 
Yarn is my summer favourite
silk and cotton.
Some knitted brooches - flowers - are here
(click on image)
Summer Gifts
Such small knits make nice small gifts.
All pieces are crocheted with the
3,50mm hook.
Click on image to see other summer gifts.
Simple Circle
It didn't take me long to knit this set -
just one Amelia's sleep (2 hours :-)))
Pattern: basic stitch - single crochet.  

Some summer accessories are here (click on image)
Knitted Bracelet
This bracelet was made some years ago. The technique is the same - you knit around the metal base bracelet. Cable looks nice and creates volume.

Click on image to go to Knitting in August newsletter
Perfect Fit
This bracelet also works well as a wrist warmer.

My new little model Amelia loves it!
Last August small knits are here
(click on image) 
Wrist Warmer
I have a 'line' of wrist warmers in different colours.
Click on image to see some of them in the Art of Knitting newsletter
SSS Collection
SSS stands for September
Shells and Stones.
It's the name of my last year summer accessories collection.

Click on image to check it out
Under the August 
Summer, you were gorgeous!! 

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