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September Spirit
Get hooked by wine glass holder
You never know where the new ideas for your new crafts come from. With the wine glass holder, it was in a small hotel in the beautiful town of Penticton, B.C. where we stopped by on the way from Vancouver to Calgary. 

Nice Idea
The hotel owner's mother was making these holders for some charity auction. 

Project on the Road
The next day I crocheted mine from leftover yarn.

Now, at the end of September, it looks like the last 'drop' of sun ... 
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September Grapes
Grapes are great! That's why I put them on my wine bottle cozy. And since it's a 'summer wrap' for a wine, I knitted it in cotton. 

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September Grapes newsletter
spir·it 1. 
the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul. e.g. "we seek a harmony between body and spirit"
September spirit .... 
It's not that we need wine for it, but .... Cheers!
a suffix occurring in adjectives borrowed from Latin, with the meaning“inclined to do, habitually engaging in” the action specified by the initial element:
Septemb-ulous-ly yours,
                 Tanya Preobrazhenski  
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