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Citizens Against Harmful Technology
Actively Participate In Educating the Public
CAHT Newsletter     
September 18, 2016

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TALKSHOE: No Conference call this week. If there is anyone who wants to guest moderate this call we could move it to Saturday night. Please write  Thank you. Talkshoe:  (724) 444-7444, Call ID: 139744 #, Pin 1#, Moderator: TBA.

Neal will moderate his own call at on Sundays at 8:30 p.m. EST/7:30 Central/6:30 Mountain/5:30 Pacific.  Talkshoe:  (724) 444-7444, Call ID: 739744#, Pin 1#.

You can log into: to join the chat room & listen through your computer speakers. Use *8 on your phone to request to be unmuted to share or ask a question on the call. Use *6 to mute yourself (& unmute yourself).
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If you send a donation in the form of a check or money order, please send an email ( to announce your mailing so we can tell if any mail is missing. Or maybe put a tracking number on the envelope. Post Office and FEDEX employees are already gangstalking at the new PO Box.
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Membership DOES NOT include mailing of hard copies of the newsletter.  The newsletter is an online publication and takes at least 16 hours to prepare each week. Membership dues are used for payment of expenses of online resources and research of shielding materials and devices. Hard copies are available at an extra $15 per month covering paper, envelope, printing and postage (that's 4 mailings). Thank you all for supporting CAHT in its effort to educate and support the TI community.
DONATIONS:  Donations can be in any amount and can be sent to the PO Box or through PayPal. 100% of your donations go to helping TI's.

INFORMATION PACKETS: What should be in them?
Targeted Individuals have asked a number of times for an information package they can give to friends, relatives, doctors or politicians. We are designing a package for your use as an educational tool.  There are a number of documents and articles to inform anyone about the government programs TI's are suffering. 
We are asking for suggestions as to what that packet might contain.  Please discuss during the conference call or email to contribute your ideas.  Thank you for participating.
NEW BROCHURE: Free to Members and for Events!
There are 1600 of these brochures available to distribute.  Anyone who wants to help is welcome.  This brochure explains directed energy assaults, implants, body sensor networks and phone stalking. Free to members and free for events. Free download on
ACTIVISM: SACHRP final meeting
October 26th is the final meeting of the SACHRP (Secretary's Advisory Committee for Human Research Protection)
All correspondence can be addressed to Julia Gorey, Exec Director of
Shielding: Stetchy 100% Silver Fabric
This fabric is about $58.00 per yard and worth the purchase. We tested it using 2 yards which stretches to 4 yards.
It DOES NOT shield from direct implant hits. We doubled it over quite a few times and it still did not shield an implant.  Implants may be stimulated by ultrasound, infrared light, but most likely is radio/microwave. Implants may be stimulated by the movement of your own muscles or other implants. They must be removed.
However, it does shield you from an EMF field.

COMPUTER: Keep Trackers Off Your Computer 
Ghostery is an easy to use browser extension you can download. It places an icon in your browser bar and you can see how many agencies are following your movements on the internet.

Please share your electronic harassment and stalking stories here.  Find friends and share your experiences. This radiation and electronic harassment is going on all over the world. Here is testimony that shows your story is not an isolated event. While each person is targeted differently, the similarities join our parallel experiences.
I wanted to share with you what took place about an hour ago at sunset. A man with a cell phone was rapidly texting. I continued to relocate within the Starbuck's patio not noticing that he had done the same, then he got up to leave. I thought to get up and see where he was headed.
I noticed he got into a small white car and noted the plate. What I did not expect was a younger bearded man who entered the blue sedan next to him. These men appeared to silently, knowingly acknowledge each other, but neither expected to see me. The texting perp was waiting for me to walk away, but instead I waited and noted the sign on the side of his car; BlueCompass LLC based in Arlington VA and hiring a Senior Enterprise Architect. What was he doing in California? I called the number on the side of the vehicle and it was disconnected.

You are familiar with the many hats that "first responders" wear, given your research and videos concerning the role of these "professionals" and Body Area Networks. Interestingly, Blue Compass has the primary contract for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency's (NGA) Hackathon-as-a-Service (HKaaS) contract. Hackaton-as-a-Service...think about that. [See article below]

"The purpose surrounding HKaaS is to provide the NGA focus with discovering, capturing, analyzing, and disseminating innovative perspective solutions (i.e. surveillance) and providing feedback (i.e. NGA: DOD)." Remember the NGA is under the Department of Defense. Take a look at Blue Compass' consulting, technology and training at and their GeoHuntsville Hackathon event at
The "NGA delivers the strategic intelligence that allows the president and national policymakers to make crucial decisions on counterterrorism, weapons of mass destruction, global political crises..." (NGA website)  

Perhaps "gaming" and "benign" hacking is the new human "bio-cyber1" assessment-control protocol. I created this word to refer to the marriage of biology and a computer-based virtual reality.
--Anonymous TI
Every time or almost every time I check out at the Publix grocery store, I get a person on the phone behind me.  This happens at the post office, at restaurants, the library, events, or just any time I go out in public, even on the beach, these people appear that seem to be posing with their phones in a prominent position so they have to be seen.


This one has already been checked out once and hurried to get behind me in line.-Anonymous

To the left is a 3D map of Alaska for the White House Arctic Initiative. The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) delivers world-class geospatial intelligence that provides a decisive advantage to policymakers, warfighters, intelligence professionals and first responders.

Anyone who sails a U.S. ship, flies a U.S. aircraft, makes national policy decisions, fights wars, locates targets, responds to natural disasters, or even navigates with a cellphone relies on NGA.

NGA enables all of these critical actions and shapes decisions that impact our world through the indispensable discipline of geospatial intelligence (GEOINT).

NGA is a unique combination of intelligence agency and combat support agency. It is the world leader in timely, relevant, accurate and actionable GEOINT. NGA enables the U.S. intelligence community and the Department of Defense (DOD) to fulfill the president’s national security priorities to protect the nation. NGA also anticipates its partners’ future needs and advances the GEOINT discipline to meet them.

NGA is the lead federal agency for GEOINT and manages a global consortium of more than 400 commercial and government relationships. The director of NGA serves as the functional manager for GEOINT, the head of the National System for Geospatial Intelligence (NSG) and the coordinator of the global Allied System for Geospatial Intelligence (ASG). In its multiple roles, NGA receives guidance and oversight from DOD, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and Congress.

NGA is headquartered in Springfield, Va. and has two major locations in St. Louis and Arnold, Mo. Hundreds of NGA employees serve on support teams at U.S. military, diplomatic and allied locations around the world.

Does NGA spy on Americans?

By statutory and presidential direction, NGA is limited in the collection of foreign intelligence concerning the domestic activities of US citizens. NGA's mission is to provide timely, relevant, and accurate geospatial intelligence in support of national security. Under Executive Order 12333, and in accordance with procedures approved by the Attorney General of the United States, however, NGA is restricted in the collection of intelligence information directed against US citizens. Collection is allowed only for an authorized intelligence purpose; for example, if there is a reason to believe that an individual is involved in international terrorist or international narcotics activities. NGA also provides intelligence support to domestic disaster relief and special security events in the United States. All of NGA's activities are to be conducted in a manner that protects fully the legal rights of all United States persons, including the freedoms, civil liberties, and privacy rights guaranteed by the Constitution and Federal law.

[We know this is complete BS, because they use satellites and GPS to surveil our physical location and orientation in space. All this intelligence is used against Targeted Individuals because they are blacklisted categorized as terrorists.]
ARTICLE: My Smartphone Gave me Headaches
Shortened here, read entire article at
A few months ago I started getting headaches. I’d describe these headaches as searing, as if someone had hit me over the head with a red hot rod of steel sending electric bolts of pain across my skull.
Neurologist Dr. Myrna Cardiel gave a diagnosis after she shined lights in my eyes, tested my coordination skills, watched me walk, and asked a laundry list of questions: “occipital neuralgia.”
Dr. Cardiel explained how the occipital nerves emerge from the spinal column at the back of your neck and branch out along your entire scalp. Occipital neuralgia is a condition that occurs when the base of the nerves become compressed or damaged. This results in chronic, often burning headaches that may be localized to the back or side of the head or, as in my case, spread to the top of the scalp.
Dr. Cardiel said, “I’ve been a practicing neurologist for 10 years, and I’ve seen cases of this condition skyrocket since smartphones became popular. I should write an article.
A cursory search for “occipital neuralgia smartphones” will bring up a recent report from the Sioux City Journal that warns of the strain our handheld devices put on our necks. One journal article cited in the article explains how tilting your head forward 60 degrees puts an extra 60 pounds of pressure on the top of your spine and surrounding muscles. This, unsurprisingly, can lead to pain.

Interactive full-body motion capture using infrared sensor network

You can read this interesting article online or print it. The Infrared capture may be used to track you in your environment, probably your home since its been described as "radar-like".

Some people think you can't see infrared but you can with your smart phone camera.
VIDEO: Infrared Goggles for Under $10

See the world in a whole new light with this Infrared Goggle hack! Easy and cheap to make. 

Get the gels at:

Revolution for Health Care
[Comment:  People have no clue their future healthcare involves telemetry technology with implants which will be and already are being misused. The public telemetry system is already in place and TI's are its victims.]
Telemedicine is one of the obvious results of wireless technologies in healthcare. For example, Remon Medical Technologies Inc. (Waltham, MA) has developed a telemetry technology that enables a device implanted deep inside the body to communicate wirelessly with an external system, providing physicians with tools to monitor and treat several potentially life-threatening conditions in a non-invasive manner. Remon's core technology utilizes acoustic waves, which both energize and communicate with the implanted device [radio waves carry sound].
Healthcare is undergoing a digital revolution and is being transformed by wireless communications, computing, sensors, robotics, visualization, navigation and electromagnetic therapy. And as healthcare products and services begin to look more like consumer electronics it becomes clear that the same technologies can command far more money in the medical sector.

The Future of Telemedicine:  Remote Powered Implants
BODY AREA SENSOR NETWORK: Challenges & Opportunities-PDF to print
This is a colorful pdf you can download and print.  This is informative and gives you an idea of what a Body Area Sensor Network is and how it works, how secure it is and what medical and law enforcement do with it.
BODY SENSOR NETWORK: Biofunctionalisation
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the field of bioengineering, biofunctionalisation (or biofunctionalization) is the modification of a material to have biological function and/or stimulus, whether permanent or temporary while at the same time be biologically compatibile.
Various types of medical implants are designed to biofunctionalize so that they replace or repair a defective biological function and are accepted by the host organism.
BOOKS: Nanotechnologies for the Life Sciences
The new book series 'Nanotechnologies for the Life Sciences' is the first comprehensive source on the topics where materials science and life sciences meet on the nanoscale. Each volume provides a concise overview of the underlying nanotechnologies for the design, creation and characterization of biomedical applications, collating the many articles found in the relevant specialized journals but as yet unseen by those working in other disciplines.

Written by international experts describing the various facets of nanofabrication, the ten volumes of this single source of information cover the complete range of synthetic methods, tools and techniques being developed towards medical, biological and cybernetic applications.

Essential reading for anyone working in the various related disciplines: from medicine and biology through chemistry, materials science and physics to engineering.
  • Table of Contents
  • Biofunctionalization of Fluorescent Nanoparticles
    Biofunctionalization of Carbon Nanotubes
    Biofunctionalization of Magnetic Nanoparticles
    Biofunctionalization of Gold Nanoparticles
    Biofunctionalization of Phospholipid Polymeric Nanoparticles
    Biofunctionalization of Metallic Nanoparticles and Microarrays for Biomolecular Detection
    Conjugation of Nanomaterials with Proteins
    Stabilization and Functionalization of Metallic Nanoparticles: the Peptide Route
    Folate-linked Lipid-based Nanoparticles for Tumor-targeted Gene Therapy
    Magnetic Core Conducting Polymer Shell Nanocomposites for DNA Attachment and Hybridization
    Gelatin Nanoparticles and Their Biofunctionalization
Human Machine Interface Software Information
Human machine interface (HMI) software enables operators to manage industrial and process control machinery via a computer-based graphical user interface (GUI). The computer on which HMI software is installed is called a human machine interface or HMI. There are two basic types of HMI: supervisory level and machine level. Supervisory level HMI is designed for control room environments and used for system control and data acquisition (SCADA), a process control application which collects data from sensors on the shop floor and sends the information to a central computer for processing. Machine level HMI uses embedded, machine-level devices within the production facility itself. Most human machine interface (HMI) software is designed for either supervisory level HMI or machine level HMI; however, applications that are suitable for both types of HMI are also available. These software applications are more expensive, but can eliminate redundancies and reduce long-term costs.
Selecting human machine interface (HMI) software requires an analysis of product specifications and features. Important considerations include system architectures, standards and platforms; ease of implementation, administration, and use; performance, scalability, and integration; and total costs and pricing. Some human machine interface (HMI) software provides data logging, alarms, security, forecasting, operations planning and control (OPC), and ActiveX technologies. Others support data migration from legacy systems. Communication on multiple networks can support up to four channels. Supported networks include ControlNet and DeviceNet. ControlNet is a real-time, control-layer network that provides high-speed transport of both time-critical I/O data and messaging data. DeviceNet is designed to connect industrial devices such as limit switches, photoelectric cells, valve manifolds, motor starters, drives, and operator displays to programmable logic controllers (PLC) and personal computers (PC).
Some human machine interface (HMI) software runs on Microsoft Windows CE, a version of the Windows operating system that is designed for handheld devices. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. Windows CE allows users to deploy the same human machine interface (HMI) software on distributed HMI servers, machine-level embedded HMI, diskless open-HMI machines, and portable or pocket-sized HMI devices.
SOFTWARE: SCADA systems control medical devices, computers, communication, cell phones, radios, vehiles, airplanes, satellites

High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems (HACMS)

Dr. Raymond Richards

Embedded systems form a ubiquitous, networked, computing substrate that underlies much of modern technological society. Such systems range from large supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems that manage physical infrastructure to medical devices such as pacemakers and insulin pumps, to computer peripherals such as printers and routers, to communication devices such as cell phones and radios, to vehicles such as airplanes and satellites. Such devices have been networked for a variety of reasons, including the ability to conveniently access diagnostic information, perform software updates, provide innovative features, lower costs, and improve ease of use. Researchers and hackers have shown that these kinds of networked embedded systems are vulnerable to remote attack, and such attacks can cause physical damage while hiding the effects from monitors.
Key HACMS technologies include interactive software synthesis systems, verification tools such as theorem provers and model checkers, and specification languages. Recent fundamental advances in the formal methods community, including advances in satisfiability (SAT) and satisfiability modulo theories (SMT) solvers, separation logic, theorem provers, model checkers, domain-specific languages and code synthesis engines suggest that this approach is feasible. If successful, HACMS will produce a set of publicly available tools integrated into a high-assurance software workbench, which will be widely distributed for use in both the commercial and defense software sectors. HACMS intends to use these tools to (1) generate open-source, high-assurance, and operating system and control system components and (2) use these components to construct high-assurance military vehicles. HACMS will likely transition its technology to both the defense and commercial communities. For the defense sector, HACMS will enable high-assurance military systems ranging from unmanned vehicles (e.g., UAVs, UGVs, and UUVs), to weapons systems, satellites, and command and control devices.
[Comment:  Could this be the company that coordinates all these devices we are tortured with? Of all the companies that produce SCADA software, this is the only one that mentioned implantable medical devices and defense contracts.]
This article is from a very interesting publication you can read online for free. Here is the link.
VIDEO:  Paraplegic in Exo Suit Kicks Ball
Watch mind-controlled exoskeleton kick off World Cup
By Jessica Griggs, June 2014

Juliano Pinto, a 29-year-old Brazilian who has paralysis in his lower body, took the first kick of the World Cup last night using the power of his mind and a whole lot of cutting-edge technology.
Pinto used an exoskeleton controlled by his thoughts to take the first swing at the ball of the football tournament in yesterday’s opening ceremony in São Paulo, Brazil.

The exoskeleton belongs to the Walk Again Project, an international collaboration using technology to overcome paralysis, led by Brazilian neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

HEALTH: Forced Vaccinations for everyone

Is the U.S. About to Abdicate Constitutional Rights and Liberty to Unelected Medical Officials?

by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News
The CDC published an 88 page set of proposed regulations on August 15, 2016, which would give them the power to apprehend, detain, and quarantine anyone they think might have a communicable disease and to force them to be vaccinated. [1]
These proposed rules would dramatically expand their authority, even though they claim the proposed regulations are mostly about providing updated language to describe their existing powers. These new regulations would give the CDC, and those who must comply with these regulations, the right to invade our privacy whenever they wish. They would have the right to involuntarily apprehend and confine anyone they believe might have a communicable disease. They would have the right to force people to accept vaccinations even when individuals object.
With the new powers granted by the proposed regulations, it won’t be long until “public health” nurses armed with vaccine loaded syringes, and “Homeland Security” officers armed with guns and tasers, go door to door to force vaccinate the United States population for a list of preapproved communicable diseases.
On the Edge of a Healthcare Catastrophe
The proposed CDC rules will push every person in the United States and every person who comes to visit the United States off the high ground of health freedom into the pit of mandatory vaccination. We will fall into the controlling arms of Big Pharma and the CDC agents who represent them. The public health system will then carry out their vaccination program without hesitation.
We don’t currently have checkpoints between states and we can travel freely by highway. However, such freedom is likely to end in the near future when a public health emergency is declared. Check points will be set up between each U.S. state to capture anyone who might be infected with the disease that the CDC is calling an epidemic.
Take Action to Block the Regulations
The deadline for commenting about these regulations is October 14, 2016. Please use the CDC comment process to provide feedback.
You can read the full set of proposed regulations at this link:
You can submit your comments on the proposed regulations by using this link:
ENVIRONMENT: Plum Island research is moving to central US

Coincidence: Kansas Kids Mysteriously Ill…In the Same Town as the Forthcoming DHS Bio-Safety Level 4 Lab

In late May of 2015, ground was broken for the new National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility:
“The new facility will focus biosafety level 3 agriculture (BSL-3Ag) research on dangerous livestock diseases such as African swine fever and foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and will focus its BSL-4 research on such deadly pathogens as the Hendra and Nipah viruses, which are zoonotic pathogens that can be transmitted from animals to humans and for which no treatment is available.”
But don’t worry about this being moved to the heartland of our agricultural industry. The US Government Accountability Office conducted a study in 2008. It’s cool and no one will be at risk putting this in the middle of the freaking country instead of contained on an island.
EARTHWATCH: Sept 3 Oklahoma earthquake largest due to fracking
The earthquake that shook Pawnee, Oklahoma, on Sept. 3 is now the state's largest temblor on record, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, which just upgraded the magnitude to 5.8.
The earthquake was previously pegged at magnitude 5.6. But further analysis of the seismic recordings from the event found the quake size to have a bigger moment magnitude, according to the USGS. (Moment magnitude, which is based on the total energy released by the event, is considered a more accurate measure of magnitude than that of the now rarely used Richter scale, the USGS says.)
Humans most likely are to blame. Over the past seven years, Oklahoma and other states in the central and eastern U.S. have experienced an uptick in the number of induced earthquakes, or those caused by human activities, according to the USGS. "Since 2009 rates in some areas, such as Oklahoma, have increased by more than an order of magnitude," the USGS said.
Research has suggested much of the increased seismic activity is linked to wastewater from oil and gas production being injected into wells deep underground, according to the USGS. Other human activities like hydraulic fracturing (also used in oil and gas production) may also trigger these earthquakes.
Due to such human activities, the central and eastern United States are now at risk of earthquakes with the same magnitude as those that occur naturally in California, a USGS report released in March revealed.
In that report, scientists calculated that north-central Oklahoma and the southernmost part of Kansas were the two spots in the region with the greatest risk of experiencing a human-induced earthquake.
[The 10 Biggest Earthquakes in History]
MORGELLONS: Nematodes Infect the Brain-could that be why the CDC and the medical community refuse to acknowledge this condition? They want the disease to have time to involve the brain/death?

Neuroparasitic Infections: Nematodes


Globalization has produced an increase in the number of people at risk for contracting parasitic infection. Central nervous system infection by nematodal parasites can be devastating. Early recognition and treatment of infection can significantly decrease morbidity of the parasitic infection, as well as the risk of secondary superinfection. The clinical presentation, diagnosis, and treatment for five of the more common nematodal infections of the nervous system—Angiostrongylus spp., Baylisacaris procyonis, Gnathostoma spinigerum, Strongyloides stercoralis, and Toxocara spp.—is reviewed.
Keep Your Spiritual Thoughts
Psalm 121 (NIV)
A song of ascents-
I lift up my eyes to the mountains--where does my help come from?  My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.  He will not let your foot slip. He who watches over you will not slumber;
indeed. He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.  The LORD watches over you. The LORD is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.  The LORD will keep you from all harm. He will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.
COMMENT:  Our help does not come from an
earthly source.  Our help comes straight from
heaven.  Look up and lift your prayers to God.
Protest in China against Directed Energy Weapons on June 20, 2016.

Former Navy Officer Dave Voigts Walks Across Country To Raise Awareness Of NonConsensual

Media Contact
Contact Person: David Voigts
Email: Send Email
Phone: 864-710-3335
Country: United States
Website: ___________________________________________________

I want to first express appreciation to those who came to this past Sunday's targeted individual meeting.  There were two new unfortunate victims and some regulars, all totaling six of us. The new people told their stories as we all learned of more harrowing incredulous stories that these technologies are perpetrating. I kept on taking deep breaths as I hung on to my seat. John Lennon says, "you're just a human, a victim of the insane".  This profound wisdom, I often repeat to myself to remember that we're not the "crazy" ones!
Anyway, the next scheduled meeting is:
Sunday October 2, 2016 3:30-4:45pm
*Optional dinner follows at a local neighborhood Asian restaurant.
Much love, the highest frequency there is,
Hollywood Branch Public Library
4040 NE Tillamook
Portland, Oregon
Please contact Amy at:

Wednesdays @ 6:00pm PST, 7:00pm MST, 8:00pm CST, 9:00pm EST
CALL IN NUMBER: 724-444-7444. CALLER ID: 139381# PIN: 1#
Please contact:
Laura Solway at
Phone:  206-365-6139 or
Curtis Kimble

Covert Harassment UK
Ana B. Fernandez Alvarez
Covert Harassment UK Founder
Mob.: +44 7801292648
Company No.:10232076
LINQSTAT: Microwave (RF) Protection for You
We have Linqstat now, so please email Neal to order.
If you have a tent, you can just tape some pieces of Linqstat together and drape them over the tent. You could make it the exact shape as the rain cover. You can ground it to an outlet, to a ground with a banana clip or attach a TENS electrode to it to create an energy field across the surface. Using a tent structure that's already got places to attach the Linqstat make it a lot easier. You can even get a simple one and put it on your bed to drape the Lingstat over. LINK TO GROUNDING CLIPS
This is a very high quality RF shielding material. It should be grounded so that any radio frequency will dead end at the ground. It doesn't out gas, does not break down & is completely nontoxic! Linqstat is a very stable carbon loaded product. It is the carbon which blocks microwaves.
Make payment through PayPal or debit/credit cards at our donate button on our website, or by mail upon request. Be sure to state whether the payment is a donation, membership or Linqstat.
LINQSTAT (≤50,000 ohms/sq) Electrically Conductive Film.
Product Part Number:  LINQSTAT MVCF S-Series 
We have 3 packages available:
Package 1:  6' (ft) x 3' for $ 30.00 (To make an 8 layer hat ).
Package 2: 12' (ft) x 3' for $ 50.00 (To make an 8 layer hat & 2 layer vest)
Package 3:  24' (ft) x 3' for $ 80.00 (To make a hat, vest & over under blanket for where you sleep ).
(Shipping, tracking & insurance is included in the price).
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