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ACFN Newsletter Sep 2016 
ACFN is Growing
250+ Franchises and growing!
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ACFN Welcomes 3 New Franchisees
August 2016
Congratulations and best of luck to:
David  & Chris G - ME
Cheryl & Sherman M- LA
Wendell S - WY
Drop Contest and the APP
 Our ACFN mobile App has been up and running for over a month! If you haven’t already downloaded the APP you’re missing out. 
Here at ACFN we’ve created a way to make the drop process easier and make completing drops and sending in new leads a breeze. The APP allows you to send in drop information in real time while you’re out dropping off packets. Also while you’re out and about if you see a location that you’re interested in, you can send in the new lead right through the APP. A few other features include: tracking how many days are left until your leads expire, the App help you keep track of your re-drops, and also you can see the status of the locations that you have already dropped.
Use the App and benefit!
Drop contest starting September 1st - this contest will be a little different from what we usually do. The rules are fairly easy; whoever completes the most drops submitted through the APP is the winner. This is straight forward; the franchisee to make the most drops on the APP before October 1st will be our grand prize winner. The winner will receive a GoPro Hero4!
The APP is fully functional and ready for use on both Android and Apple devices but it is also a work in progress and we welcome your feedback. We want the APP to be as user friendly as possible for our franchisees.  
Please use the following links to download the APP:
How to use the App ?
 Please download this guide to use the app.
Having a hard time downloading the APP? Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.
Roxane LaChance
Vice President Market Research
Franchisee Review | ACFN does all the “heavy lifting”
What a pleasure it has been working as a franchisee with ACFN.  My business in Houston is growing and preparing to begin its fourth year operating machines in and around the Houston area. 
I currently have nine working machines.  I also have a helper who used to own and serviced ATMs.  He commented to me that my portfolio of machines, while relatively small, is the most lucrative portfolio he has ever seen.
                The key to this business and why I was attracted to it was not to become rich.  If I was looking to become wealthy as a franchisee I would have to operate a much larger number of machines.  The most attractive feature about this franchise is that ACFN does all the “heavy lifting” that usually dominates most business owner’s time.   And, to be successful, requires a minimum time commitment on your part.
                ACFN identifies potential locations, provides free materials to make drops on the locations, and has a professional sales team that contacts the location to try to confirm a deal.  Although I am kept informed about ACFN’s contact with the location through its website, unless I want additional involvement, I only need to be contacted once a tentative deal is reached. 
                Once a location signs a contract I can order all of the equipment I need through ACFN, which has negotiated discount prices with many of its vendors.  I then use step-by-step instructions to program the machine.   Once it is place, I am provided technical support from ACFN seven days a week.   
                Finally, the accounting team provides a monthly statement detailing the amount I earned, how much was paid to the location and other costs, leaving no guesswork on my part.  I receive my check, with all other bills paid on my behalf, so I do not have to question the amount of my earnings or how ACFN arrived at the figure.
                All this is done for me while I relax and let my machines do all the work.  I know when its time to restock the machine with money using another ACFN website, which shows transactions in real time.
                I work four to six hours a week on my business because I choose to.  A franchisee can work more or less time, with no pressure from ACFN, depending on his or her goals.   
                Through your guidance and expert advice, I have to say it has been very little work on my part to build my portfolio.  I also have to say that everyone at ACFN has been professional, attentive, courteous and equally as important patient, while I grew my business.  I can only hope to continue as a franchisee in the coming years.
ACFN • 111 West Saint John Street, Sixth Floor • San Jose, CA 95113
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