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Holotropic Breathwork in St Petersburg, FL
May 13th, 8:30-6pm
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What is Holotropic Breathwork?
Holotropic Breathwork means 'moving towards wholeness.' It allows each participant to gain direct access to his or her own inner healing wisdom. Through deep and fast breathing, a specially designed musical journey and a supportive setting with a trained facilitator, you can experience a true non-ordinary state of consciousness, allowing deep self-exploration, personal transformation and inner healing. 

During a Holotropic Breathwork session, your inner guidance brings a unique and ideal experience that can increase self-knowledge, boost creative energy flow, open spiritual connections, reduce addictive tendencies, heal trauma or old wounds, and provides a greater connection to a reality of oneness in the world. In any case, the participant experiences a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace.
Bring an open mind and let your inner wisdom guide you to connecting with the deepest parts of your psyche to experience your true essence and higher self. 
Each session will finish with mandala drawing and group sharing.
Workshop Details
The Quaker Meeting House venue carries an energy intended for deep exploration and insight of the mind, body, and spirit.
Location: Quaker Meeting House, 130 19th Ave SE,
St Petersburg, FL.
Date & Time: Saturday, May 13th, 8:30-6pm.
Cost: $135 Paid in advance.
To Register reply to this email or send an email to
Registration is Required to attend! *Payment can be made by check or Paypal.  
Information on what to bring and directions will be provided upon Registration & prior to event.
*Full Refund less $15 administrative fee if notified by 5/1/17*
Hello Friends,
I am hiking in New Zealand as I write this and wow, what a beautiful country! I wish for some day to host a Breathwork here. For now, the date and place is confirmed for the next 1-day workshop in St Pete, FL. Let me know via email if you are interested or have any questions. I return mid-March and will send a reminder notice then.
Keep in mind, this work is unique to other Breathwork modalities and can provide powerful healing, clearing of blockages, or insight for many life circumstances. Each Holotropic Breathwork experience is unique and brings insight to your life purpose or challenge. It has the potential to benefit the whole, including you and others in your environment.  I invite you to join in and participate in this deep and powerful transformational work. 
In Health and Wholeness,
Recent Testimonial:
Thank you for your gentle, loving, supportive facilitation of the Holotropic breath workshop. It was indeed transformational.I have had lots of insight, clarity and yes wisdom around the experiences and visions I had during my breathing experience. ~Caryn, Columbus, OH
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About Karen
Karen Castle, PhD 
is a FL Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner with a PhD in Wisdom Studies (ancient wisdom and ritual).
Karen has been hosting workshops for twelve years. Her focus is helping others recognize their full potential through health and wholeness! She is a healthcare practitioner, author of two books and international retreat facilitator.
For more info please visit her website at

Karen Castle  •  Seminole  •  St Petersburg, FL 33708

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