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Creating an Optimal Dining Experience with Feng Shui & More
    Happy Thanksgiving! This is the month when Americans set aside a day to gather friends and family to give thanks for all their blessings. To help you make the holiday all it can be, I'm sharing some simple tips that will make your dining experience go from good to great.
     Well it's been a LONG time coming (over two years of hard work to be exact), but I'm finally about ready to launch my Online Feng Shui Certification Course! This way all of you who aren't able to come to Maui for the in-person course can finally take it in the privacy of your home. The course will be ready to go in January. More news about that coming in next month's newsletter.
     Since Thanksgiving is the time of gratitude, this month's Manifesting Corner covers how essential it is to have gratitude in your daily life. Gratitude is a great way of putting life into a positive perspective and is the most powerful ingredient for manifesting more positive energy in your life.
    Wishing You and Yours Joy, Abundance, & Many Blessings,
Creating an Optimal Dining Experience
with Feng Shui
   It's Thanksgiving time and on that day most Americans will be sitting around a table sharing a wonderful meal and giving thanks for all their blessings. When you've been lovingly cooking all day long, you want the meal to not only taste good, but be a wonderful experience for everyone there. While feng shui can't do much to change whether or not you're a great cook, it can help create an ambience that will make the meal even better. Feng shui goes beyond how things look (and taste), and addresses how things feel. So with that knowledge in mind, here are some quick and easy ways to make your Thanksgiving meal (or any meal for that matter) as excellent as possible.

Table Shape
     Most of the time a formal meal takes place around a rectangle-shaped table. While this may be a more traditional setting, it isn't the best for actually relaxing and sharing a meal...To Continue Reading, please click here.
Online Feng Shui Certification Course
    The time is almost here for the launch of the Feng Shui that Makes Sense Online Certification Course! This course will cover everything that the in-person course covers and will be available this coming January. Stay tuned for more information in upcoming newsletters!
Manifesting Corner: Gratitude is the Most Essential Ingredient to Manifesting what you Want in Life 
   There's been a great deal written on the subject of Manifesting and Conscious Creation. Some of it is wonderful, others not so much. From practicing and teaching Manifesting and Conscious Creation for many, many years, I can tell you that the most important ingredient to successful manifesting is gratitude.
   Too often we spend our time focused on what's missing, lacking or not good enough in our lives. The truth of the matter from an energetic perspective is that what you focus your attention on is what you bring forth. If you're focusing on what's missing you're focusing on the energy of lack and just like a magnet, you'll bring more lack into your life.
    So how do you switch the focus away from lack and into the flow of abundance? The answer is simple; be grateful for what you already have. When you have gratitude for what you already have in your life (friends, a roof over your head, getting from one place to another safely, etc.) you immediately shift the focus from "lack" to one of "having".  This will not only raise your personal energy vibration to one that draws abundance, you'll find that there is far more positive already in your life than negative. You'll also find yourself feeling more content and much happier.
    Don't believe me? Try it right now. Say out loud five things that you're grateful for. Be thoughtful about it as you do this. I'll just bet that by the time you get to number five, you'll have shifted your energy and are feeling happier and more positive. By regularly practicing the Attitude of Gratitude, you'll raise your vibration and put yourself in the energetic flow of "having".     
      So the next time you're feeling down, disappointed, or stuck in your life, stop and count five things that you're grateful for. The more you do this, the more you'll see your life shift and the more quickly you'll reach your goals. Making gratitude part of your daily life enriches the experience of each and every day.
     Here's an idea; why not try this at the Thanksgiving table this year? Go around the table and have everyone say five things that they are grateful for. You'll feel a shift in the room as everyone begins to count their blessings and realize how very blessed they really are. After all, that's what Thanksgiving is all about.     
Quote of the Month
In this issue:
Creating an Optimal Dining Experiencewith Feng Shui
Online Feng Shui Certification Course
Manifesting Corner: Gratitude is the Most Essential Ingredient to Manifesting what you Want in Life 
Quote of the Month
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