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Mary Yoga ENews  *  Issue #130
Yoga Nidra ... & Bliss Following
Following your bliss takes surprising twists and turns. Yoga so does that to people, surprises them with who they are, that it's a classic pattern that you start yoga to help your game, job, or relationship, and you discover your bliss in wholly other directions than you ever expect. Write me your story! (Yes I'll go to Blog format eventually, and that will be even more fun!) For me: Yoga took me by surprise in 1996; then Yoga surprised me even more when it took me into full-time teaching in 2002; then in 2007 Yoga flipped me upside down and I became an AcroYoga teacher the following year.
I still love Vinyasa, but my ever growing passions this season ~ in addition to AcroYoga 10 years now ~ are: Reiki, Brazilian Zouk dance, Non-Violent Communication, and Yoga Nidra, the yogic sleep derived from the ancient tantric practice of nyasa. I so love offering Yoga Nidra, I am passionate about it and want you all to get thee to a practice near you! There are CDs and MP3s, even Apps. And there are plenty of classes and teachers! Hit me up with questions or for a list of what you're looking for. To practice it with me on Mondays at 1:15-2PM, come to beautiful Pure Yoga EastsideEmail me for a guest spot if you are not a Pure member. 
AcroYoga Elemental Immerison Feb 18-21
As AcroYoga and I celebrate our 10th Anniversary this November, we are still deeply enamored, and teaching Elemental Immersions are the deepest expression of my love for AcroYoga. These 30-hour immersions, unlike classes or workshops or festivals, truly soak you in the nectar of the love at the core of the practice. And that is love in the form of personal yoga/union, of partner interactions in endless expressions, in group partnership and personal leadership. There is the luxury of depth and spaciousness of relating only available with such a commitment of time.

Whether you are repeating an Immersion or doing your first one; whether you are a total newbie or you've practiced long enough to know you wish to go deeper; whether you have your eye on teacher training somewhere on your horizon; the Elemental Immersion has the potential to be life transforming in self-discovery, as well as growth. It is the rich dessert of my AcroYoga teaching meal; I'm
so pleased to share it yet again with New York City. It fulfills one of the pre-reqs for AcroYoga Teacher Training in my tri-fold lineage from co-founders Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein, for which I'm proud and grateful.
Yoga teachers may count it for 30 CEU hours for YA. Email me with questions! Click for Details, Registration, and Facebook Event link.
2017 Mother Mary Restorative Teacher Training
I am halfway through my 100-Hour Mother Mary Restorative Trance Yoga Teacher Training for 2016, and loving it!
Particularly wonderful is integrating Restorative Yoga with everything I am exploring that feeds beautifully into it, including Thai Yoga, Reiki, Yoga Nidra, Hypnotic Trance, and more!

We have a marvelous 2016 group, and I am so excited to have my dates for my 2017 100-Hour Mother Mary Training!
It is: 4 Saturday-Sundays from June to September: June 24-25, July 15-16, Aug 19-20, Sept 16-17.
Save the dates if this interests you, and watch for details to come soon!
My Events and Class Schedule are always posted and visible on my website Home Page.
Visit me any time at www.MaryAranas.com and see my 4 weekly Pure East classes, 1 weekly Pure West class, and my weekly Om Factory AcroYoga classes and monthly Jams, as well as all my retreats, workshops, festivals, and Immersions. 
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Photo Credits: Thanks to Derek Pashupa Goodwin for my Elemental Immersion co-teacher Brian Davis & myself in Central Park. Thanks to Kadri Kurgun for the Folded Leaf Therapeutic Sidebend. Thanks to Aranka Israni for this classic pose with Matt Giordano Yoga.
Thanks for my Logo to Janel DuRoss. Happy Hallowe'en! Much love & happy OOOOOOMMMMs ~

In this issue:
Yoga Nidra ... & Bliss Following
2017 Mother Mary Restorative Teacher Training
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Restorative Holiday Bliss: 2 Workshops
Two Catskills  Weekend Retreats
Restorative Holiday Bliss: 2 Workshops
This December I am delighted to offer two chakra-balancing, Holiday Aromatherapy Restorative Workshops: Dec.3rd at Pure East (212-360-1888), and Dec.10th at Pure West (212-877-2025). 

Each guest receives an essential oil gift. For each event I donate 10% of my proceeds to my charity of choice for that location.

All are welcome, yogis or not, Pure Members or not.
Register to save your spot: East or West!
Two Catskills  
Weekend Retreats

Join me and my wonderful co-teacher and hostess of Wagging Tail Yoga Farm, Yoga Studio and Retreat Center, Ora Ramat, for a sweet yoga weekend getaway. 

Yoga classes are all-level, and include Restorative, Flow, Meditation, AcroYoga and Partner and Thai Yoga, and Slackline when there is interest! 
April 28-30 is a special mother-daughter retreat and already filling up; email for availability before you register!

June 9-11
is our popular annual spring/summer retreat and open to all, with Friends discounts for couples or any two friends that register together.
Space is limited; so register pronto if it calls to you! What are you waiting for? Life calls!
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