Corinna's Corner: Honoring the "root season" 
We are six weeks from fall equinox. Over the next six weeks we’ll be moving toward the dark, deep winter solstice Here at Earthaven Ecovillage, with the dark of the moon this weekend, we have already begun celebrating Halloween, also known as “Samhain,” and the Day of the Dead. What a potent time of year!

Throughout the world, cultures honor this annual waning of the sun as a powerful marker that the veil between the worlds is thinning… and we have the opportunity to connect with the unseen, our ancestors, and our beloved dead. It is a time we can remember those on whose shoulders we stand by sharing a photograph, poem, story or meaningful objects in their memory.

For those of us in the Wise Woman Tradition, it also marks the beginning of the season when the medicinal perennials--burdock, yellow dock, comfrey, echinacea, poke--send their energy down below the ground to their roots, to store over the winter. After the hard frosts begin, it is the prime time of peak potency to harvest these roots for making medicine to nourish, sustain, and heal us through the winter months.

Through their cycles, the plants and Earth invite us to also slow down and to pull our energies inward for deep rest and nourishment. So let's dig deep and gather our roots!

Corinna Wood, Director, Southeast Wise Women
Fave stories & photos from the Herbal Conference
The 12th annual women's herbal conference in Black Mountain, NC this October, on “Plants as Medicine, Plants as Healers,” received rave reviews, as a joyful weekend of connection, meaning, education, and celebration. According to the survey results, the conference met or exceeded expectations for 98% of you! We've been savoring the sweet stories and love notes that have been pouring in, from teachers, volunteers, vendors, and participants alike.
The following popular classes topped the charts: "Mugwort and Motherwort", "Stones for Power", "Infinite Orgasm", "Cherokee Household Medicine", and "Herbs, Slavery, and the South". And we are hearing that across the board, participants loved the range and quality of the topics covered.

In your own words . . .

"In a time when so much is uncertain, the certainty of peace at a gathering among women from all across the globe; from all trails blazed for the rights of women to gather in the name of herbs and share amongst them the wisdom of healing, gifted to us by Mama Appalachia and beyond; from all ages; all stages..and ethnicities multiplied. In a time when so much is uncertain, we certainly did gather together this Fall because the revolution cannot be denied. When given every reason to stand apart, we unify. Remind yourselves that only love is real, the plants will heal us and the revolution will not be televised. 

"And so then the women came. And with the women came a new way. Everyone that came, gave graceful birth to the path of sacred sisterhood."
~Cortina Janelle, Black Mountain, NC
“I have attended multiple conferences in the past, and each time I return renewed, impressed and inspired. Whatever path I have found myself on in life-as a college student, as a young woman, and as a young professional- I find that attending the conference nourishes my soul, spirit and passion. This gathering of educators and learners is a "promised land" that I love returning to year after year.”
~Morgan A. Jordan, Spartanburg, SC
“The classes were very informative! And I was so surprised about the Sister Love Deck!! Being there really helped acclimate us to the conference--we deeply enjoyed being there and sharing with the other sisters. It really helped to reinforce that we as women of color
are a part of the movement to reconnect with our indigenous selves and heal the relationship with mother earth and our ancestral ways. I am grateful that our ancestor root mothers are recognized and not forgotten and are seen as important!!! I loved being there with my daughter and her experiencing other sisters and mamas making it a part of their personal mission to remember the ways of ancestors letting us know that we are not alone!!!! Thank you so much for demonstrating that the Sister Love Deck is important to you and your organization.

“I was doubly surprised about the communications about RACE!! You really made a thoughtful effort to address issues about race when it seems like the majority of the country has NO desire to go there!! Thank you for listening! Your mission has and continues to move and heal people! We look forward to coming again next year and bringing my other daughter!”
“A sweet place and time, to re-create and re-member community. Was it like this, once upon a time? Looking out, and seeing the rolling land liberally seeded with female bodies - lifting, teaching, sweating, embracing, nursing, exhorting, cavorting, building, confronting, playing.... Us, filling up the lawn and lake and hills, powerful and connected.”
~Nina Vinson, Asheville, NC

“Basking in the unconditional love all the entire conference, I found myself thinking how to take that back home to my community. Because that is the world I want for my grandkids and their grandkids...

"I realized the only way to have that is to live it--it may not always be easy in these times. I will do my best, carrying the nurturing, energy and healing I have found at this conference out into the world, and look forward to a recharge next year.”
Pat Bush, Reidsville, NC
Save the date ~ October 13-15, 2017
Save the date: October 13-15, 2017Stay connected throughout the year—join our Southeast Wise Women Group on Facebook
Check out more event photos and seasonal updates on plants, moon phases, and more— 
on the Southeast Wise Women Facebook page.
We'll be gathering again
for the 13th annual
Herbal Conference,
October 13-15, 2017, with Aviva Jill Romm, Robin Rose Bennett, Phyllis Light and many more...
Class recordings now available
If you attended the conference and missed a class you were really interested in, or if you weren't able to join us this year, we have audio recordings of many of the conference classes and intensives now available for purchase.
Individual classes are available for immediate download. Pick one or more, it's up to you!
Individual Class: $12
Intensive: $40
Full sets include all recorded classes on a USB flash drive, shipped directly to you.
Full Set: $154
Full Set including 3 intensives: $194
Buy them now online
We voted early!
women voteWe're getting out to vote early this year, and we know many of you are too!

We are proud to belong to a community of women who are
 active constituents in our local, state, and national governance. By doing so, we honor the suffragettes, who devoted their lives that women may have the right to vote, and to shape our lives--ideas that were radical in those times.
So let's continue to carry on their legacy and work for radical change that honors women and women's wisdom, ensures human rights, and maintains our health freedom and herbal medicine practices!
To find your polling place, build your ballot, and see early voting info, visit the League of Women Voters website.

Thank you for voting! 

May Immersion
Herbal Immersion - May 7-12, 2017 with Corinna Wood
New moon
The New Moon began on Sunday, October 30th in the astrological sign of Scorpio.
Today is a powerful time to set intentions in the areas of life governed by Scorpio, including empowerment, change, crisis skills, self-mastery, romantic love, and financial partnerships.
Think bold, and hold strong. What we envision now, will come to be by the full moon!
Herbs for you
Red Moon Herbs - Still made the Wise Woman Way
Still made the
Wise Woman Way
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