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Fall Shine
Expansion ~ The OrionWisdom Newsletter ~ Fall 2016
Greetings From Elisabeth
Elisabeth Fitzhugh 
Hello. This is a bright Fall day filled with those particular Autumn reds and golds. This has been a very stressful year for me. Thank you all for your kind words and support for my sister, Jacqui. Life is still challenging for us.
I also personally found this election cycle to be the most stressful one ever. I experienced the negativity of the Republican campaign, the values touted, the distortions, the hostility overwhelming in a most personal way. My filters were working overtime and then I was completely crushed by the results.
The Orion work often has strong synchronicities. During the election, I was editing the piece in this issue on being empathic in a culture that asks us more and more to be guarded. I found it meaningful that I was being reminded of how to find balance in the unbalancing world. I wanted to get this newsletter out before the election, but I simply could not, other of life’s deadlines kept cropping up. Finally, Orion just said wait. And after the election, I understood why.
As overwhelmed, disappointed, sad we may be feeling, lovely, caring, inspiring things  are also  happening in the world.  This issue includes sharings that remind us, even as we must be with the challenging and difficult, we are also discovering and expressing interconnection. ‘Dancing in Paradox’ indeed.
As always, wishing you all good things in every way.
Orion on Empathy in A Challenging World Harmony-Deb Booth
Client: …and in the end, my anxiety is just over the top, and especially about things I can’t really effect and I need some help with this. I feel everything so strongly and get overwhelmed so easily.
Orion: The message is that we persevere. Through the difficult times, the challenging times, the upending times, one perseveres.
The main thing about one’s personal difficult times is that they are occurring in the midst cultural changes and challenges. And although we may want to keep the culture at bay and feel we can be in our own space, we actually can only do that to a degree; especially if you have already come to recognition of the inter-connection of all things, of Unity. And an aspect of Unity that often is put to the side, is that we cannot only focus on the Unity that reflects the beauty and wonder of interconnectedness, we must also acknowledge that we may also feel, be impacted and effected by the challenging aspects.
Yet, the key to finding balance, to balanc-ing through challenge is to acknowledge all the elements in action – personal and trans-personal and with that very understanding, you can begin to find a way to move more easily with your responses.
Many spiritually-oriented people struggle when there is a clash of their ideas, their ideals. They want to always be open-hearted, caring, extending, understanding in kind and gentle ways. They do not want to become guarded, to have to operate with doubt or concern that the truth is being shared with them. It is easy to hold the ideal that ‘If I only extend these loving ways, only loving energy can flow in return.’ It is so appealing and the idea makes us feel at ease.
But we feel these times ask more of us. They ask us to live our ideals and principles in integration, with clear-sightedness of what is actuality, of what is actually occurring. We are asked to be willing to see the truth as much as possible; which will include the sad truths, the disappointing truths, the ugly truths, the truths that ask us, demand of us, that we stand up and say no to them, challenge them, declare them to be unacceptable.
And let us look at our language and how we frame things. Are we truly asked to be ‘guarded’, as in shut-down, protective without cause, afraid? Or instead is it simply useful to be cautious, discerning; to be aware that there are actions that may have consequences and that people may deliberately set it up to catch you unawares. If you don’t see the box to ‘opt out’, you find you have opted in and may even be charged for something. Today’s reality, in so many practical ways asks, demands, our attention, our diligence, our vigilance.
This is especially difficult for people whose nature is to be open and receptive, and in that, want to be open and trusting, who may feel they are being asked to express an aspect they really wished they didn’t have to. Yet, we need not look life as only one or the other. Life is always asking us to be one and another, sometimes at the very same time, which we always refer to as ‘dancing in paradox’.
Again, acknowledging, knowing, this is in the surround can help one say, ‘Well, it’s not my nature,’ but it’s also our nature to take care of ourselves and do the best we can.’ and ‘Even though I would rather trust everyone I meet, I have to be a little more diligent.’
Such discernment can be learned, can become just another aspect of our choices in life in a pragmatic, useful way. And with that, we can fully express and live our ideals which feel more close to what we like and have ease with, our empathy, our responsiveness. We can live them fully in the interpersonal, even while it is perhaps more difficult to simply operate by them or singularly operate by them in the transpersonal.
In the end, those beautiful things within ourselves can be extended as consistently as we want to in our personal world. So you can be empathetic to that person. You can be caring to that one. You can be open-ended and extending with someone, and yet with someone else you might find, ‘I need to set a boundary here. I need to pay attention that they often do not do what they say they will do and make my plans accordingly.’
Another challenge, of course, for the empathetic people in the world, is their own, in that they have two powerful inner prompts. One is to be always responsive, two, and is the prompt to resolve, to come to jointly shared resolution. Yet, this is a culture of individuation, of separation. It is a culture of aspects; people having multiple aspects within themselves and sometimes those aspects are paradoxical. They are in opposition with each other; paradoxical to a degree of cognitive dissonance. ‘I can dislike this person and like that person and at the same time, even if they are the same kind of people.’
Simply put, we have to stay aware of the fuller reality. There are people, many people, who don’t try to resolve, who don’t feel that pull that drives the empathetic. They just go on to the next thing. They accept, ‘Well that didn’t work, we’ll do this.’ They don’t care to have ‘us’, to have everyone relate to finding the resolve place together. Yet, this is the very thing that resonates with the empath, ‘We will agree, all of us, on this resolve place and from there we will all be in wholeness of empathy again.’ You can find that principle with individuals. You can find that at times within a structure of a group or organization that is very consciously searching for that kind of action, but on the whole that’s not how most of the culture operates.
Again, in spiritual integration we are called to see humanity clearly. We want to hold the idealization that everyone is good in their heart. [Client: Right.] But we’ve observed that although everyone may have that capacity; it’s quite possible sadly, maybe even typical, that many people override that capacity. They’re attracted to other capacities. They do not actualize feeling connected, goodness, unity, whatever words you want. Although we don’t like that, although it might make us sad, we do have to recognize it, otherwise we’re not seeing the world as it truly is, which means sometimes, ‘That person I need to be guarded with. That person I need to cross the street and go away from.’
We emphasize all this because we see how challenging it is for people to flow with the paradox between their ideals and actuality. Sometimes for the most useful outcome, you may have to set a boundary, be angry, push back, draw a line in the sand, say No, demand your rights, be strong, be pushy – many qualities we see people wishing they didn’t have to embrace. But what is missed, is those very things may be the real change-agent, the very action and energy that reaches someone who isn’t coming from the same place as you; who isn’t holding ‘we’ in their thoughts, or isn’t considering an inclusive Greater Good, but perhaps the very opposite, exclusive good for the select.
When we consider its all right to express all aspects of being and still be in harmony with life, you can let your sensing awareness have a larger field. You can expand your ‘Spidey Sense’ and in that you can find right action, even if it is not the one you would think of first, the one that matches your idea of self.
When you have more ease with seeing actuality, with all its ups, downs, dark and light aspects, you will have more energy to be with it. Holding the energy of loss of ideal, of feeling sad or afraid that you make have to take actions you do not prefer, wearies you. Your energy gets locked in defense mode. The lovely paradox here, is that when you begin to give yourself more permission to see and act clearly from the energy that actually is, you may not have to push against, for two things can happen. One right action reveals itself when it is not kept in only one channel, when you give it permission to flow however serves best. And two, the challenging other, recognizes that they have been seen clearly and in that, they themselves often change direction, push off, drop away, stop.
Paradox is so present at this time. So much movement toward allowing and permitting coupled with so much holding onto views of exclusion and control. It is a difficult journey and asks us to be aware of what seems to be two sides. Yet, to us, paradox is always ‘seeming’, within what seems only two opposing elements are multiples and many facets. The dance for you in this is to live your principles of Unity, interconnection, empathy and more to the fullest extent you can, being a living model of such awareness, while at the very same time, not being afraid to set boundaries, say no, and acknowledge that some actions are not just a difference of opinion or culture or ideal but are wrong. Stand for wholeness for the all of us. Unity.
excerpted and edited from a personal session, with permission
Image by Deb
Orion on Election 2016
Dear Ones,  A changing time that feels sad and disruptive is with us and yet, it is our time and place and we are woven within it. We have been sharing our ideas of the Interconnection of All Things, of Unity, and what we call the emergence of Unity consciousness for a long time now. Those of you who resonate with the principle – Unity - recognized it, resonated with it, embraced it and for many, let that deep sense imbue your walk in the world. But as we also reminded you and remind you again, there are those who do not experience interconnection as a fulfilling place to flow from.
Rather, as you clearly see demonstrated in these days, they cannot find identity, connection and sadly, even tolerance of those not ‘just like’ them. Their very fear of being ‘like’ those they do not want to be like, closes their minds, their hearts, their awareness and they want to build walls [pun intended] to protect themselves. Yet the intensity in this pushing and wall building reflects to us, that their recognition, no matter how denied that things have changed, will not return to a perceived better era and you see the fear of finding themselves being pulled into a next world. So in the larger sense, Unity and Interconnection is a larger emergence than we imagine, even as it seems rejected.
Yet, fear and its reflection, anger, will try to push and deny these changes. As we spoke to our client about personally finding your way in a world that asks you to be vigilant when you want to act only from your open heart, your empathetic essence, you have to be realists and deal with the actuality in front of you. Your ideals can inform all your actions, but do not let your idealism hide the truth from you.
In this, you may be asked to be angry, to stand up and be loud, to fight for your ideals. Do not be drawn into ‘everyone has the right to their opinion’ as if this was a neutral statement. Some things must always be challenged and challenged strongly, like Nazism, the Klu Klux Clan and views that anchor ‘their’ freedom and ‘rights’ in denying others their freedom and rights.
The peaceful warrior is a warrior. One may carry peace towards others, but if they cannot recognize peace and extend it to you, then you may need to speak up and indeed be a warrior, fighting for yourself and others. Support the causes that help. March and be heard. Challenge others when they speak. Protect others from harm. Call out lies and ask others to do so. Demand the media, your representatives and others in positions of power to join you in speaking true. Do not fear being loud, acting strong, expressing power, showing anger, these are simply other voices of an integrated spirituality that flow when needed.
Love is active. It is a time calling for activism in all aspects. This will come to you in small personal ways and larger more public ways. Let yourself respond to these calls and speak out, defend life that knows on the deepest level we are interconnected. While others seek isolation, build and offer community.
In the end, Unity does not mean at all that we are ‘just like’ one another. It means that in some way we are connected and from that we find a way to be with difference. Paradox is the dance of this reality and it can be danced. We may not be satisfied in every aspect of this dance, but movement will flow. And as we say, it is always a ‘seeming’ paradox, since to us the anchor is that we are all aspects of the All. We are the All no matter how disparate and disconnected we and life itself may appear. Embrace the good fight when it comes to your door, offer the caring heart and supporting hand when it comes to you. Allow all the ways of being with life as it is and thus, finding the right action in each moment.
November 2016
Looking Good
Conscious Awareness_Alex GrayJustin Frank, our long time Orion friend, shares an expansive view on 'Looking Good' at his blog, Frequency Soup.
Conscious Awareness by Alex Gray
Jane Batt - Empath & Unity Reporter
I think of Jane as our Empath & Unity Reporter.  She sends me links and articles andJane Batt just keeps me abreast of all mentions of Unity, Empathy, Connection and more wherever she finds them.  So thank you Jane for all the wonderful stories below.
Jane shares her own essence as a Minister at the Takoma Park Metaphysical Chapel, in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Meeting Up on the DNA Journey
Hands of ColorIn a time when so many are identifying with separation and exclusion, this video I first found on from Worthy to gives us a reminder about interconnection, with some quite surprising results.
 Empathy at the UN
Read how the UN thinks virtual reality could not only build empathy, but Start Empathy
catalyze change too.  Technology meets empathy.
 The Strength of Sensitivity by Kyra Mesich
Understanding Empathy for a Life of Emotional Peace and Balance
The Strength of Sensitivty
A lovely companion to our Dancers Between Realms, Kyra Mesich shares stories and offers approaches to manage your empathetic nature while living with the truth of the ups and downs, the challenges of life. on book
Thank You for Being Late by Thomas L. Friedman
An Optimist's Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations
I saw Thomas Friedman on the Charlie Rose show recently. He made many Thank You For Being Lateinteresting points, including how our culture has become ‘tribalized’ and we need to build community instead. He called the election a ‘moral 9/11’, one we need to change from. His book, Thank You for Being Late sees us and technology in a time of change that is ‘creating vast new opportunities for individuals and small groups to save the world—or to destroy it.’
He also calls for us to allow being late, asking us to pause and appreciate this amazing historical epoch we’re passing through and to reflect on its possibilities and dangers…and find a way to re-imagine work, politics and community.’ More timely than ever. on book
Anna Dewdney, children’s author- ‘Empathy is as important as literacy.’
The best-selling author and illustrator of the popular Llama Llama seriesLlama llama time to share
 was an  outspoken advocate for children’s literacy, but more importantly perhaps,  she wrote how reading to children does more than teaching them to love books. 'Empathy is as important as literacy.'
‘We are doing something that I believe is just as powerful, and it is something that we are losing as a culture: by reading with a child, we are teaching that child to be human. When we open a book, and share our voice and imagination with a child, that child learns to see the world through someone else’s eyes.
I will go further and say that that child then learns to feel the world more deeply, becoming more aware of himself and others in a way that he simply cannot experience except in our laps, or in our classrooms, or in our reading circles…
Be human, loving, and strong, and that will allow the children in your care to be human, loving, and strong,” she wrote. “Perhaps, the next time those children feel like hitting or pinching someone, they’ll hold off and ask for a hug from you instead.’
Anna DewdneySadly, Ann Dewdney passed away in September of a brain tumor. She didn’t want a funeral, asked people to read to a child instead.
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