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Happy November!
Hi everyone and Happy November! Whoo!
There is a chill in the air for sure now. Bye, bye Indian summer. I was rather enjoying the extended warmth. As we move into the cooler months we need to remember our pets and take care to protect them from the elements. In this newsletter you will find an article that gives you some tips on how to do just that. This month is Pet Cancer Awareness Month ,  for signs and symptom of pet cancer click here . It is also Adopt a Senior Pet Month , so if you are thinking of adopting a pet why not choose a senior pet?! Older dogs usually come trained and understand at least the basic commands. Older pets are usually calmer and make great snuggle buddies.
Have you heard of Pet Flipping? This is where someone (insert criminal here) steals someone's pet either from their yard or vehicle and “flips” or sells it to someone else. Really! This happens! I was working with a training client and a young man drove up asking if we had seen someone with his new puppy, a bull terrier. It had just been stolen out of his car. Below you’ll see an article by Tori at Doolittle’s Dog house on how to minimize the chances of your dog falling victim to this trend.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and let me know if I can be of service to you or your friends and family as it would be my pleasure to do so.
Hugs and Happy Tails,
Terie & Cole
Owner-Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care
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5 Simple Tips for Protecting
Pets in Cold Weather

Protecting pets in cold weather is a must. As cold weather begins to be the norm in the coming months, it’s time to think about your pets. There are steps you can take to protect them from the cold as well as keep them comfortable whether on a walk or even inside your home. 

Humidify for comfort. Cold temperatures are accompanied by dry air which can affect your pet in many ways. Dry throats, static electricity, difficulty breathing and dry itchy skin can indicate that a humidifier is needed. Fish oil supplements can also be helpful for your cat or dog’s skin and coat. Check with your vet for dosage.
Read more here. 
Terie Hansen, Professional Dog Trainer, Pet Sitter & Owner at Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care-may be reached at 404-422-9832
Gone too soon...

We are sad to learn of another passing of a beloved Good Dog! family member.  Sweet Allie crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the end of September.  She was a client for several years and was the sweetest husky girl.  She will be missed by all of us.  Rest easy, Allie girl.
Sitter Spotlight!
Meet Marlaine Barnes
Position: Dog Walker/Cat Petter
Best Part of Job: I love the way the animals greet me when I enter their homes.  Some are shy and some bark but in the end,  everyone is happy to see me walk through that door.  
Hobbies: I volunteer at my church Thrift Shop and also sing in the choir.   One day a week,  I volunteer for the after school program at Rainbow Village in Duluth.   Homework gets done and we usually try to do an art project.  Walking my own dogs is also a hobby of mine.  I am an amateur quilter,  when I have time! 
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Fish Oil for Dogs
Hot or Hype?
There is a lot of talk about fish oil and the benefits for both humans and dogs.  What makes fish oil so special, and is it really that beneficial for your dog?
Check out our article in the November 2016 issue of Our Town Gwinnett here.
Terie Hansen, Professional Dog Trainer, Pet Sitter & Owner at Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care-may be reached at 404-422-9832
Pet of the Month
Meet Dena! She's is a sweet loving dog that loves her belly rubbed! She knows her commands very well and will cuddle you every chance she gets. Miss Dena also loves having her pictures taken and will even get in the picture with you. She's the coolest and friendliest dog on the street!
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Pet-Flipping on the Rise
Dog Owners Beware!
By Tori Levitt, Dolittle's Doghouse 
A disturbing new trend—“pet flipping”—has been getting a lot of attention lately.
Pet flipping involves a criminal picking up a pet, either by stealing him or claiming to be the parent of a missing pet, and then selling the animal for a profit.
According to Time, pet flipping is on the rise in many cities, most notably Kansas City, St. Louis and Indianapolis. (Though this can happen anywhere, so please beware!)
The “target” dogs are often purebred and expensive breeds. In March, an Indianapolis man was arrested after a three-month investigation found he had been stealing dogs for years, mostly purebred German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Pit Bulls. “Many of these pets are kept in deplorable conditions until they can be “flipped” (sold)—according to Dawn Contos, of Indianapolis Animal Care and Control.
Read more:
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Recipe of the Month
Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  We all know we will be eating turkey, dressing and the like.  Do you ever have a hard time coming up with appetizers?  Try out this super cute Thanksgiving Turkey Cheese Ball.  It will be a hit with everyone!
Check out the recipe here.
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