The Firm Welcomes Gina Glover
We are pleased to announce that Gina M. Glover has joined the firm as an associate attorney and a member of the Family Law and Litigation Practice Groups. 
Gina's practice areas focus on divorce, custody, child support, maintenance, adoption, prenuptial agreements and guardianship matters. 
Please join us in welcoming Gina to the firm!
Good Faith and Loyalty
By Chaim J. Jaffe
Whether a former employee may solicit a previous employer's clients and customers is one that is continuously addressed by courts.  The law in New York is very clear that an employee owes certain fiduciary duties to his employer, including the duties of good faith and loyalty.
Click here to learn more [Good Faith and Loyalty]
Penalties Increase for Federal Immigration Law Violations
By:  Daniel J. Fetter
Effective August 1, 2016, the Department of Justice increased penalties on employers found to be in violation of the federal immigration law.  The new rule applies to the employment of unauthorized workers, Form 1-9 paperwork violations, and unlawful employment practices.
Click here to learn more [Immigration Law Violations]
To Probate or Not to Probate - The Potential Life Insurance Policy Quagmire
By:  Jeffrey M. Fetter
You have gone through months of planning and reams of paper working with your team of advisors - the goal?  "I want to avoid probate for my estate".  You did everything you were advised to do.  Then, in the mail you receive a dividend check from the life insurance company that issued the life insurance policy you own.  You may not know it but you may be a stockholder in the life insurance company even though you never purchased the stock and even though you don't have a stock certificate.  Your "non-probate" estate may have just become a "probate" estate.
Click here to learn more [To Probate or Not to Probate]
Newsletters - Past and Present
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From all of us at Scolaro, Fetter, Grizanti, McGough & King, P.C.
have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
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