November 2016 * Moving Into Laya
Mary Yoga ENews Issue #131
Three Stages of Yoga
Srivatsa Ramaswami, Sri T. Krishnamacharya's student for 33 years and his longest-standing student outside his family, teaches yoga as a continuously evolving practice through our human life stages ~ Yoga For the Three Stages of Life.

Sri Ramaswami refers to these three stages as vrddhi (growth) sthiti (stability), and laya (awareness), and describes their corresponding yoga as "Art, Physical Therapy, and Philosophy."

In vrddhi, we perfect vinyasa and asana as a physical art form; in sthiti, yoga serves our health and strength; and in laya, we evolve our spiritual heights and depths.
Of course, the layers overlap. All through my 20 years of practice I straddled all 3 stages. But this past year I feel much more drawn into laya, fascinated by the depths of the spirit consciousness, overpowering my interest, as I interlay Yoga with more Nidra, Reiki, Non-Violent Communication, and contemplative practice.
I'm fascinated by where this leads my practice. For Restorative, Thai, and Nidra, it's a natural fit. Where it touches AcroYoga and Vinyasa, I'm both excited and curious....
Where are you ... and what do you enjoy?  
Holiday Restorative: Dec. 3rd, & Dec. 10th
Don't miss Mother Mary's Holiday Restorative bliss treats in the next two weekends! This Saturday December 3rd at Pure East, and next Saturday December 10th at Pure West, both 2-4PM.
Both are chakra balancing "spa yoga" luxury treatments for your body and soul.
My assisting teacher teams join me in giving loving hands-on adjustments as you relax in supported yoga poses, soothed by gentle music, aromatherapy, and chakra balancing meditations guided by my voice. Click here for Pure East, Dec. 3rd.
All levels are welcome.  A lovely treat for a visiting friend, a brand new yogi, or non-yogi friends. Click here for Pure West, Dec. 10th.
Buyers beware .... Restorative Yoga has been known to be a gateway drug for yoga and assorted lifestyle self-care changes.
Photos; Website
Thanks for photography and modeling to:
John Suhar, Derek Pashupa Goodwin, Om Factory NYC, Pure Yoga NY, Raul Aranas, Megan Kelly, Brian Davis, Meryl Leigh, & Francesca Loftus.
My Schedule of weekly classes, upcoming retreats, workshops, teacher trainings, are all on the front page of my website, which is easy to remember:
See me for yoga at Pure Yoga (email me for a guest pass) and AcroYoga at Om Factory. Retreats, Immersions, Trainings, too!
In this issue:
Three Stages of Yoga
Holiday Restorative: Dec. 3rd, & Dec. 10th
Photos; Website
AcroYoga Elemental Immersion NYC Feb 18-21
AcroYoga New Year's Eve
AcroYoga Elemental Immersion NYC Feb 18-21
Sweetness and light or fierceness and fire ~ which energy calls to you from AcroYoga?
Believe it or not, AcroYoga equally excels in BOTH ~ and I, for one, equally love both.
The AcroYoga Elemental Immersion saturates you in both lunar and solar AcroYoga for 30 hours over 4 days with other like-minded souls,
Enter as a beginner or as a serious AcroYogi ~ and exit as a skilled and deeply transformed Jedi.
Reach out for info on payment plans, and weekend spots! 
AcroYoga New Year's Eve
"Sweetness & Light:  An AcroYoga New Year's Eve"
I'm delighted to offer, after a 2-year break,  my favorite heart-filled way to enter a New Year in community: Thai, Fly, laugh, play, reflect, toast, dance, and AcroYoga the evening into 2017, in Om Factory's Union Square Flight School studio!
Open level class 9:30-11:30 ~ costumes welcome ~ bubbly toast at midnight ~ or come just for JAM 12:45-1:30, depending on your taste! 
Pre-register for early bird prices and to reserve a spot and a toasting glass! Email me for the link!
Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, and Happy New Year's!

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