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Double Your Pleasure? No, Double Your Impact!
Do you remember the Doublemint Gum commercials of the 80’s? If I chewed Wrigley’s gum, I was supposed to get double the freshness, excitement, and overall happiness. Not surprisingly, those were empty promises.
At LINC NT we won’t promise to double your happiness, but we do promise that you will double your gift and impact.
We are thrilled to share with you that the LINC NT Board of Directors has committed $29,250 in matching funds to go towards any donation that you give to LINC NT through December 31st 2016. You can double your investment to bring real breakthrough to thousands of families in North Texas.

 Why is this so important?

Our vision for 2017 includes adding 3-5 more schools to our SALI program. Our vision also includes planting a new church by May and begin a second in the fall. Our fundraising goal to launch these programs is $55,000. In addition, we currently have a budget shortfall of $11,000 for 2016 and would be blessed to start the new year in the black.
We need your help! Would you please consider a generous gift to meet our goal of reaching more students and their families, as well as the community, with the gospel? Whether it is  $10, $1,000, or $10,000, it will help us reach these goals.

Jesus Followers Find Peace In The Midst Of Storms
The LINC North Texas family wishes you and your family a wonderful Christmas! The gift of Jesus brings us great peace in the midst of a chaotic world. We can’t imagine the fear that Mary and Joseph felt when the angel told them to flee as refugees to Egypt to escape the massacre of young boys by Herod. In the midst of the birth of the King of Kings there was great turmoil, tragedy, and fear. The angel told them what the Scriptures tell us, “Fear not," for the Prince of Peace has come. Jesus also told the disciples to seek first God’s kingdom and all the rest would be provided for them. God is in control of all our personal issues and the rumblings of our world. Be at peace and celebrate the coming of our King with us!
“I will never leave you or forsake you”  Matthew 28
“Nothing can take you out of the Father’s hand.”  John 10
“We are more than conquerors through Christ”  Romans 8
“Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm 42
We Have Published Our New Annual Report!

Click above to download it and check it out!
We'd love to mail you a copy if you didn't receive one, or if you would like a stack of them to pass out to friends.  Email Michelle to get some!
Changes in the Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors has exciting changes ahead. The Board of Directors has a critical role at LINC North Texas. They are responsible for protecting and improving the organization. The Board makes sure we have annual audits, evaluate the Executive Director, and stay on mission. Their role is paramount to LINC NT’s success.

We have two Board members whose terms have expired and will be leaving us. We are very thankful for their leadership during the last six years. Kevin O'Neal (left, with wife Kelly) has served as our Chairman for the last two years and is credited for refining the strategic direction of LINC NT. He has spent countless hours helping us accomplish our mission and helped LINC NT develop its partnership with The Chalmers Center. Greg Garcia (right, with wife Andrea) has been serving as Vice-Chairman these last two years. He has brought very creative ideas to LINC NT and has contributed to our development as well.

We are excited to announce that the LINC NT Board has elected Richard Cockcroft (left, with wife Jane) as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. Richard has been on the board for two years and has brought his great strategic thinking to us. We are also excited to announce that Marco Lopez (right) is our new Vice-Chairman. Marco has been on the board for the last two years and has great compassion for students. In addition, LINC NT has elected Ben Solomon (below, with wife Lauren) to our Board. Ben is the director of curriculum for the AVID national organization that impacts thousands of schools and students. Welcome Ben!
I Hate Goodbyes
We are sad to announce that Mateo Alzate (right, with fiancee Gabby), our youth and parent night coordinator, is leaving LINC NT. Mateo is moving to San Francisco to work with YWAM (Youth with a Mission). He will be focusing on discipling young people who have been trapped in human trafficking and starting a school of worship arts. Mateo has been at LINC NT for the last three years helping us reach more teens and coordinating parent nights. He has always brought huge smiles to anyone that meets him. He will be missed at LINC NT but our prayers will be with him as he does this amazing ministry.
Pray for Mateo as he moves and launches this new work. If you would like to contact Mateo or help him raise support, contact him at

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LINC North Texas is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization.
We are a member of ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability).
We are audited annually by CapinCrouse LLP Certified Public Accountants and have previous audits and IRS tax returns available on our website.
LINC North Texas  •  PO Box 702863  •  Dallas  •  TX  •  75370

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