December 2016
New York State STAR Exemption for New Home Owners
By:  Kelly J. Graves
New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has implemented a new procedure for homeowners to receive the STAR Exemption. If your home was purchased post May 1, 2014 and after the 2015 STAR application deadline, you may need to register to receive the exemption.
To learn more, click here [NYS STAR Exemption for New Home Owners]
Are Annual Exclusion Gifts on Your List?
By:  Steven A. Walker
It's that time of year when we are busy making lists and checking them twice, but don't forget about utilizing your federal annual gift exclusion amount before the final days of 2016 slip away.
To learn more, click here [Annual Exclusion Gift?]
New York Imposes Estate Taxes on Non-Residents Owning NY Real Property
By:  Stewart M. McGough
New York imposes estate taxes on a non-resident who owns New York real property in his or her own name.  In addition, the estate will have to be administered, at least in part, in New York to be able to transfer title to the distributee or legatee under the decedent's will (or, if there is no will, under the applicable intestacy rules).
To learn more, click here [New York Imposes Estate Tax on Non-New York Residents]
During the Holiday season we recognize and appreciate our friends and our families both far away and those with whom we share time and memories with during the year.  As 2016 comes to a close, we would like to recognize the members of the Scolaro Law Firm family with whom we have had the pleasure of knowing and working with for many years as well as those who are recent arrivals to our family. We are not only proud of every member of our team, but proud that many of us have been together for many years - - we look forward to many more years of being able to work together to better serve our clients.
 Tom Bezigian, Jr., 6 months  Gina Glover, 2 months Bill Magnarelli, 37 years
 Joetta Bibbens, 19 years  Kelly Graves, 2 years Doug Mahr, 11 years
 Lea Boatwright, 5 years  Tony Grizanti, 31 years Shane McCrohan, 11 years
 Jean Borrow, 26 years  Michael Grizanti, 2 years Stewart McGough, 37 years
 Lauri Burnup, 19 years  Becky Hogle, 27 years Meghan Pompo, 1 year
 Linda Caley, 26 years  Maria Holt, 9 years David Minikhiem, 7 years
 Carol Christiansen, 22 years  Debby Howard, 8 years Ron Mittleman, 12 years
 Paula Dodd, 25 years  Chaim Jaffe, 17 years Becky Nucerino, 9 years
 Amy Egitton, 15 years  Maria Joyal, 34 years Carole Salvetti, 27 years
 Kathy Falanga, 7 years  John King, 10 years Sharon Shaw, 7 years
 Dan Fetter, 3 months  Cindy Krause, 3 years Martha VanDeusen, 11 years
 Jeff Fetter, 31 years  Charlene Lenz, 19 years Steve Walker, 10 years
 Jennifer Gashi, 2 years  Lynn Lynch, 27 years Kelly Woytowich, 2 months
Our Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season.
We look forward to working with you
in the New Year!
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