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Unity Is
Hope is not a wish for better things. Hope is a remembering that other things are in the world. We can find light when it is dark. We can find strength when we feel weak. We can reach out to another when we feel alone.  Hope is a sensing, a recognition, a reminder that although we may not know or see how things can change, we can sense and recognize that movement from this moment is possible.
It has been a hard year. A year of not knowing. A year of not listening. A year of losing old patterns. Yet, it has been a year of learning something else, finding another way, listening in new ways, connecting across the Web.  And in those connections, we can take a moment and sense the interconnection of all things, of us and the All. 
We may not fully know how Life is interconnected, but we can sense in our being, in an ineffable way, that we are connected without being fully able to speak of it. 
Change will come.  It is the natural way of Life. We will find our way through the ups, the downs, that which is difficult, that which is filled with wonder.  Feeling the Interconnections does not guarantee a life of ease. Life is too myriad to express only one facet. But embracing the sense of interconnection does let us find support to move through whatever comes our way in the beautiful chaos of Life.
Looking at Life head on, just as it is, is bravery lived and we see you being brave. We hear you declaring, "I am here being thrown about by Life's movements that challenge.  I am here being with that which is far from my own control.. I am here dancing with all there is. I am here."

Solstice reminds us each year that the Light returns. Remember you carry that very light.

Thinking of you all and wishing you
as always, all the best in all ways.
Orion as Expressed through Elisabeth Fitzhugh  |  357 Windigrove Drive  |  Waynesboro, VA 22980  |
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