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 Get involved...ESSA! Get involved...Advocacy! Fran Hebert President
Election Information Conference Feedback Sharon McNamara-Horne Past-President 
 Regional/State Assessments Updates from Board of Directors Pat Deaville Editor
Important Dates
Large Ensemble
Assessment Entry
April 1, 2017
For Regional/State
Large Ensemble Assessments
(click link below)
Outstanding Administrator Nomination Form
May 1, 2017
Hall of Fame
Nomination Process
May 1, 2017
Outstanding Young Music Educator 
Nomination Form
Sept 1, 2017
Upcoming Workshops
"Fishing for Standards
on the Bayou"
Hammond, LA
February 4
10 am - 3 pm
"Transforming Classroom Activities into Performance"
April 8
LAKE Choral Festival
Clinician - Kari Proksch
Lake Charles, LA
April 1
Bill Evans Jazz Festival
Southeastern Louisiana University
February 17-18
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LMEA Board of Directors
Executive Officers
Fran Hebert, President
Carol Lupton, President Elect
Sharon McNamara-Horne,
Bruce W. Lambert, 
Executive Director
District Directors
Greg Oden, District I
Johnny Walker, District II
Brett Babineaux, District III
Richard Bresowar, District IV
Sharon Stephenson, District V
Guy Wood, District VI
Jim Trant, District VII
Mark Minton, District VIII
Neal Naquin, District IX
Division Chairmen
Joseph Nassar, Band
Katrice LaCour, Orchestra
Michael Townsend, Vocal
Lee Hicks, Jazz
Michele White, Elementary
Greg Handel,
Edward McClellan,
Collegiate NAfME
Carolyn Herrington,
Public Relations
Ex-Officio Board Members
Pat Deaville, State Editor
Tom Wafer, Hall of Fame
Keith Rogers, LBA
Kevin Caparotta, LAACDA
Casey Doucet, LAKE
Kelly Stomps,
AOSA Red Stick Chapter
B.J. McGibney, LAJE
Michelle Wilkinson-Nelson,
Conference Chairmen
Bruce W. Lambert,
Executive Director
Carol Lupton, All-State
James W. Hearne, Conference
Carolyn Herrington, Exhibits
Sharon McNamara-Horne, Registration
Tom Wafer, Hall of Fame
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LMEA Website
The Louisiana Musician
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LMEA Calendar of Events 2016-2017
Master Calendar of Events 2016-2017

Get involved...ESSA!
Get involved...Advocacy!
Fran Hebert
Get involved...ESSA!
Our spring semester is well in focus with the rehearsal of assessment and spring concert literature, plans for group travel, and the all-important completion of the final compass evaluation. As we develop our activities within our own domain, we need to maintain an alert status on the national level regarding the development of the Every Student Succeeds Act. I encourage every LMEA member to begin a dialogue with your administrators and school board members about ESSA and what is means at the local level. Resources are available on the following sites:
NAFME website ( updates/)
  • Toolkits and implementation guides on how to navigate and understand ESSA
  • Comprehensive legislative analysis of the bill by NAfME and partnering coalitions
  • NAfME’s latest work with ESSA, including:
    • Regulatory and implementation policy involving the U.S. Department of Education and States
    • Ensuring the proper funding and appropriations of programs that support a “Well-Rounded Education,” which includes music
    • Information from state meetings that began last fall and were completed in December can be downloaded at
  • Stakeholder Engagement Meetings
  • Advisory Councils
  • General Information
Get involved...Advocacy!
It is imperative that we produce advocacy materials similar to a video from Texas Music Educators Association that I viewed on their website. The site requested for the video to be shared so I have attached the link. If you have ideas and are interested in joining this effort, please contact me. I would like to see LMEA have an advocacy video to post on our website by this summer.
As we get busy this spring, let’s remember to allot our time and spend our energy with enough of both remaining for family and self. It is all too easy to delve into the business of teaching and performing with little or nothing left for our own pursuits in life. Remember that . . .”achieving a dream is more than just what you accomplish. It’s about who you become in the process” (John C. Maxwell).

Election Information
Conference Feedback
Sharon McNamara-Horne
Election Information
As of 12/31/16, these nominations were received for the 2017 District Director Elections. 
As a result of there being only one nomination per District, the candidates were accepted into their positions by the LMEA Board of Directors during the January Board meeting.  This slate of officers will begin serving their terms during the May 2017 Board of Directors meeting.
District I - Greg Oden
District II - Jessica Fain
District III - Brett Babineaux
District IV - Richard Bresowar
District V - Sharon Stephenson
District VI - Guy Wood
District VII - Jim Trant
District VIII - Mark Minton
District IX - Jessica Lizana
Annual Conference
We had an excellent attendance again this year – over four hundred teachers and collegiate participated in the workshops, watched outstanding directors rehearse our students, and listened to Louisiana’s talented young people perform. And it’s always great to see so many colleagues and friends from around the state at the conference – to hear about their lives, their families, and their programs.
We received lots of positive feedback about the online registration and how easy it was! There are a few things we’ll plan to “tweak” for next year to hopefully make it even easier. Of course, you’ll continue to have the option to register online but pay by check.

Regional/State Assessments
Updates from Board of Directors
Pat Deaville
Regional/State Large Ensemble dates and locations have been established.  Please remember the dates are subject to modification based on the number of entry forms submitted.
The most up-to-date Regional/State Assessment information and entry forms can be obtained from the LMEA website.  Just click on Regional/State Large Ensemble Assessment.
Regional/State Large Ensemble Assessment Entry Process
Option 1
Updated entry forms for the Regional/State Large Ensemble Assessments are available in the February issue of the Louisiana Musician and on the LMEA website. Directors of large ensembles, that meet the eligibility requirements for participation in the 2017 Regional/State Large Ensemble Assessment, would complete the form, to include appropriate signatures, and mail the form to the Executive Director. Postmark deadline is April 1, 2017. A school check that covers the entry fee must be sent with the entry form. Mail to Bruce Lambert, LMEA Executive Director, P. O. Box 12046, Lake Charles, LA   70612
Option 2
LMEA is working on producing an on-line entry form. Large ensembles that meet the eligibility requirements for participation in the 2017 Regional/State Large Ensemble Assessment would use the following protocol should they wish to utilize the on-line form:
1. Complete and submit the official “on-line entry form” on or before April 1, 2017. The on-line entry form will be available on the LMEA Website. Utilize the following link for quick access:
2. Print out the completed on-line form.
3. Mail a copy of the on-line form, with all appropriate signatures and a school check made out to LMEA, to the LMEA Executive Director. The postmark deadline is April 1, 2017.   Mail to Bruce Lambert, LMEA Executive Director, P. O. Box 12046, Lake Charles, LA   70612
Update from Board of Directors Meeting  January 7,2017
CLASS E: Emergency designation used in the event of extenuating circumstances which may dramatically and severely affect a school’s ability to hold regular rehearsals, access instruments or equipment, or when a significant number of students are adversely affected or displaced due to natural disasters, loss of property due to fire, flooding, or other acts of God or man, or other extreme and unforeseen occurrences. A director who feels that unusual circumstances warrant an opportunity to enter a lower classification as described in this handbook may petition the appropriate Division Chair of the LMEA Board of Directors for consideration. Final approval will be determined by the Division Chair, District Director, and President. The Division Chair will notify the director immediately after the meeting if possible, but if the situation warrants further study, he/she shall be notified within (7) days. A group may be allowed to drop one classification in both LMEA List Requirement and Sightreading, and shall retain eligibility for qualification for State Assessment.
Non-student pianists performing with bands at large ensemble assessments
Band directors may petition the Band Division Chairman for inclusion of a non-student pianist in circumstances when piano/keyboard is specifically written for and no qualified student pianist is available. This exception shall not apply to pieces where the piano is the featured/solo instrument (piano concerto, sonata, etc.).

Louisiana Music Educators Association  •  P. O. Box 6294  •  Lake Charles, LA 70606

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