Kotara Studio | Abstract Art - Modern Art – Mixed Media Art
January 5, 2017
Painting / Drawing / Sculpture / Installation
New Work -

Barbe espagnole 58
2016, mixed media, string, wire on canvas and wood, 77 x 52 x 12 inches
Barbe espagnole 58 integrates drawing, painting, collage and assemblage resulting in a hybrid between painting and sculpture. A continuation of the Barbe espagnole (Spanish moss) series, found 3-D objects mimic surface forms unifying the wall mounted composition. The combination and blending of materials connotes the pictorial narrative with a Southern yet universal appeal. Propped up on its own pedestal, Barbe espagnole 58 elicits calm in an otherwise weathered scene suggesting we are witnesses to a past event.

Cherry Bounce: Appalachian Artists, American Elections
Exhibit ends January 15, 2017
William King Museum of Art, Abingdon, VA
Kotara Studio | Abstract Art - Modern Art – Mixed Media Art
Abstract Art, Modern Art
Kenn Kotara
Asheville, NC
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