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Canada's 150th Birthday!!!
How are you celebrating?
This is a big year for Canada - 150 years that we've been a country.  How are you celebrating?
I applied for a Canada 150 grant to send our History of Canada musical to every school - and got turned down.   However, it's an affordable resource ($25), so this newsletter will share some of the highlights in this publication.
Sing Canada's History - Canada Site
American teachers - if you want to do a multicultural musical about one of your neighbouring countries, this is a great collection to use to learn about the history of Canada. USA SITE
The play starts with a mother talking to her daughter about doing her social studies homework.
Mother: Oh, honey, please turn off that TV and do your Social Studies homework. You don’t want to get in trouble with Mrs. _________ (her own real name). You know how difficult she gets when you don’t have your homework done on time.
Child: I know, Mom. But history is boring. I’d rather watch TV.
Mother: Do you know what’s better than TV?
Child: What?
Mother: The real thing - the real past.
Child: What do you mean by that? We can’t really see what happened in the past. We can only read about it.
Mother: But we have folk songs. They are the real thing. They are the songs people from Canada’s past really sang - with the words they wrote and the music they put the words to. When we sing these songs it’s as if we become a part of the past. It’s almost as if we can see them, hear them, even feel their feelings. It’s magic!!
Child: Really?
Mother: Yes. I have a great CD of folk songs. (puts CD in machine as she is speaking and pretends to turn it on) Let’s listen to it. (Mother and child sit down in a big chair at this point with the back of the chair to the audience so they are not seen through the performance but emerge at the end.)
Narrators introduce each song with a short simple narration.  It’s easy to add or delete parts of the script and songs.  You could use 3 narrators, or combine parts and just have one.  Two voyageur songs are given as are two songs from the building of the railroad.  You could perform both or choose your favorite.  The recordings are really nice, and include both a full vocal performance and accompaniment tracks only.
Tableau: Iroquois mother rocking her baby.
Narrator 1: The First Nations Peoples have lived in this land we now call Canada for ten thousand years. Some grew crops, but hunting and fishing were the most important ways they provided for their families.
Narrator 2: This is an Iroquois mother. Her people lived along the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes.
Narrator 3: Singing was a very important part of their lives. They had a song for every occasion. This is a lullaby.
  1. Ho Ho Watanay . (link to Video)
Narrator 1: In time, others discovered the riches that Canada had to offer. In 1497 an English explorer named John Cabot discovered the wealth of codfish on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland.
2. I’se the B’y
Voyageur songs:
3. En Roulant Ma Boule
4. V’la l’bon vent
Missionaries and sharing of ideas between first nations and Europeans
5. The Huron Carol
Wars between English and French
6. Brave Wolfe
1775 invasion
7. Marching Down to Old Quebec
War of 1812
8. Come All You Bold Canadians
Lower Canada Rebellions
9. Un Canadien errant
Riel Rebellion
10. Riel’s Farewell
11. Confederation Song
Building of the Railroad
12. Drill Ye Tarriers
13. The CPR Line
Western Settlement
14. Little Old Sod Shanty
15. Canada is a Story Book
Sing Canada's History - Canada Site
American teachers - if you want to do a multicultural musical about one of your neighbouring countries, this is a great collection to use to learn about the history of Canada.
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