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Citizens Against Harmful Technology
Actively Participate In Educating the Public
CAHT Newsletter     January 22, 2017

This newsletter serves the entire TI community. You can support its publication by subscribing. We have reduced the yearly membership fee to $25.00 for 2017. Please join and support this group of individuals willing to give their time and resources on your behalf.


We will be directing you to documents which will provide support for you as a TI. You will be able to defend yourself to your family, friends, doctors, anyone who chooses to abuse you because they are ignorant or because they are being mind-controlled to abuse you. You must have evidence of this being done to more than you.
Print each document, save it or have it available in some form for easy use in a notebook or folder.

Thank you for your support.
TALKSHOE:  Sunday at 8:30 P.M. East Coast, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 W Coast

(724) 444-7444, Call ID for CAHT: 134999 Pin 1#, Moderator: Neal

PO BOX:  FEDEX PO Box 328, 538 Canal Street, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

If you send a donation in the form of a check or money order, please send an email ( to announce your mailing so we can tell if any mail is missing. Or maybe put a tracking number on the envelope. DO NOT SEND CASH.

MEMBERSHIPS:  Membership is $25 per year.
Membership DOES NOT include mailing of hard copies of the newsletter. The newsletter is an online publication and takes at least 16 hours to prepare each week. Membership dues are used for payment of expenses of online resources and research of shielding materials and devices. Please arrange a payment for hard copies by emailing your request to Thank you all for supporting CAHT in its effort to educate and support the TI community.

DONATIONS: Donations can be in any amount and can be sent to the PO Box or through PayPal. 100% of your donations go to helping TI's.
Have you participated in the CAHT forum?  Document your story so it doesn't get lost.  Please get some good discussion of helpful topics going on this forum. Everyone will appreciate your contribution and insights into this serious problem which is affecting the entire world.
Ella's Saturday Talkshoe Call:  141476, Saturday, January 21, 2017?
Talkshoe:  4:00 p.m. Pacific/7:00 pm Eastern
Guest:  Attorney Gerald W. Dibble
His law firm, Dibble & Miller, P.C. ( is located in Rochester, NY., and employs 40 staff members including 11 attorneys.  The attorneys and the highly trained staff reviews the evidence provided to the firm by a person (sometimes referred to as a "targeted individual"), who asserts that they are the victim of electronic involuntary objectionable intrusions (sometimes referred to as "targeted assaults"), in order to determine if such intrusions are subject to verification sufficient to submit to a court of law as legally acceptable proof of such intrusions. In doing so, the firm retains the services of an electrical engineer to review the evidence and to determine if the evidence was obtained by scientific methodology sufficient to verify the validity of the evidence for use in a court of law. And this is done in order to establish that the person submitting the evidence involuntarily suffers from such intrusions.
If such involuntary-objectionable-electronic intrusions are sufficiently established, then the evidence is assembled, organized and analyzed and presented in a format sufficient to submit to court of law as acceptable evidence of such involuntary-objectionable-electronic intrusions. Additionally, depending on the jurisdiction in which such intrusions were taking place, the firm will prepare a draft complaint to be submitted to an attorney in the proper jurisdiction for filing in a court of law to seek a restraining order to stop the intrusions and to seek demonstrable damages. Alternatively, if the evidence is not sufficient to establish such intrusions, the firm will provide the reasons for such insufficiency,  and, if possible,  will provide a method to obtain such evidence.
As a once long term licensed amateur radio operator, Attorney Gerald Dibble himself has knowledge of the technology that could be used to create such electronic intrusions
BROCHURE: Free to Members and for Events!
This brochure explains directed energy assaults, implants, body sensor networks and phone stalking. Free to members and free for events. Free download on
Shielding:  Electrify Your Clothing or Blanket
SHIELDING TIP: You can sew a lining of metallic fabric inside an already lined garment. You will have 3 layers of cloth, the outside, the conductive EMF shielding fabric on the inside away from your skin and the original lining. Place a TENS pad on the conductive fabric inside the lining and one TENS electrode on your skin and the electrical field will continuously surround your head or entire body, without touching your skin. You won't feel the frequency unless you touch the EMF shielding fabric.  This is particularly effective if you place the metallic fabric inside a garment with a hood and draw the hood closely around your head. It interferes temporarily with frequencies attacking head/ear implants.
You can put a layer of mylar inside a duvet cover, creating an electrical pulse through the mylar using the tens pads, one  on the conductive side of the mylar and one pad on an arm. The mylar cannot be touching you or you will feel the shock.
Whatever material you use to cover yourself, you can produce an electrical current through it if you place a TENS electrode on the side that's not touching you and one electrode on your skin. You see four electrode pads in the picture but you only need two, one on the conductive material and one on you. Using EMF shielding fabric to block frequencies usually doesn't give you much relief, but if you electrify the fabric with a current running through it, even mylar works well, you will see great improvement.
Mylar.  Mylar has only one side that's conductive so be sure and put the electrode on the correct side. You can test which side is conductive by putting one electrode on the mylar and one electrode on your skin and touching the mylar. If you don't feel the buzzing shock, you have the electrode on the wrong side. It MUST be on the conductive side. If you are joining multiple pieces of mylar, be sure all the conductive sides are facing the same way.  You can electrify any conductive shielding material using your TENS unit.
Please share your electronic harassment and stalking stories here. Find friends and share your experiences. This radiation and electronic harassment is going on all over the world. Here is testimony that shows your story is not an isolated event. While each person is targeted differently, the similarities join our parallel experiences.
Beam Harassment at work and shopping
On 16/5/13, 20/6/2013, 15,21/7/2013 and 9/9/2013
  1. Whilst at work voices repeated “stop working at west one technology that is why we pass beams at the bottom of spine” as this was said beams were passed at the bottom of the spine causing intense pain on the above stated dates for 6, 2,3,and 1 hour respectively.
On 2,9,16,23,30/8/2013, 6,13, 20,27/9/2013, 4,11,18,25/10/2013
  1. Whilst shopping at waitrose voices said “do not do thank you to worker that is why we pass beams across the bottom of the spine” as this was said beams were passed at the bottom of the spine causing intense pain on the above stated dates for 2 hours each day.
On 21,22 /10/2013
  1. Whilst at work my boss said use old home buttons when building these set of Iphones [ as it was for costumer who wanted this class of iphones] , voices said” you have new home button why don’t you use these” repeatedly on the above stated dates for 8 hours each day.
The effect of this situation was to question my judgment and resulted in my being slow at my work.
On 19,20,22,25/10/2013, 1/11/2013
  1. A workman named steve at my workplace after finishing work said he was finding the job difficult and asked me did you have a good day today, voices said repeated “steve is your enemy and we will harass you until you accept it” voices also repeatedly said “stop working ay west one technology” as beams were passed across head swollen causing intense pain, lower back causing intense pain, across lest side of chest causing intense pain and beams were passed across the middle of the thought causing intense  irritation and discomfort , on the above stated dates for 20, 15,12,12 an 20 hours respectively.
Sexual harassment at church and traveling
On 11, 16/7/2013, 10/9/2013
  1. A witness sister named cherry visited my mum for a number of days as we were all going to attend a bible assembly that was close by, whilst with her and since voices said “cherry pussy “you want to pop cherry” as beams were passed across genital, on the above dates for 6, 5 and 4 hour respectively.
On 19/7/2013, 16, 28, 29/8/2013
  1. Whilst buying a ticket for work, served by a woman named stella voices said repeatedly “tamistella” and “stella is your fancy” as beams were passed across genital, on the above stated dated for 8 hour each day.

Sexual harassment at church and travelling
On 11, 12, 13, 16, 18, 24, 25/10/2013
  1. Whilst traveling to work and seeing people voices said repeatedly“ men are your fancy” as beams were passed across the genital, on the above stated dates for 4 hour each day.
On 4, 11, 18, 25/8/2013, 1, 8, 15, 22, 29/9/2013, 6, 13, 20, 27/10/2013
  1. Whilst at church voices said repeatedly” Lyandre, Karvani, Emily and Hilldred pussy” whilst meeting was happening and beams were also passed across the genital, across head swollen [see picture] causing intense pain, across my lower back causing intense pain, across left side chest causing intense pain and also across the bottom of the genital causing intense irritation, on the above stated date for 4 hours each day [please all the above named are children under the age of 11].
On 26, 27, 28 /10/2013
  1. A witness named Randel whilst we were preaching in walthamstow we stoped for a bit and a number of us were  talking and he  said yhauw knows there is a storm coming on Monday as I told him so [please note that there is another witness names yhauw in out congregation who was not present at the time] , I then said to randel my name is yaya he then said I am sorry I got your name wrong, voices said repeatedly “randel said yhauw”, “randel is not your brother look what he did to you” as beams were passed across head swolled intense pain see picture, across lower back causing intense pain and across the left and right side of hip causing intense pain , on the above stated date for 9 hours each day.
Beam Harassment at home
On 28, 29, 30, 31 /7/2013  1, 2 /8/2013 and 4/1/2014
  1. As I watched the program How to get a council house voices repeated public housing, council, social security on the above stated dates for 6 hours each day.
On 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29/7/2013
  1. As I watched the program China's credit crunchcounting the costvoices repeated pound shilling and pence on the above stated dates for 4 hours each day.
On 18, 22, 23, 26, 31 /8/13
  1. As I watched the program The undoing of Bo Xilaivoices repeated chijinping ping bing ding pong gong mu and avast on the above stated dates for 8 hours each day.
Beam Harassment at home
On 6, 7, 11 /11/2013
  1. As I watched the program Japan and China A Clash Of Empiresvoices repeated both and inevitable on the above stated dates for 12 hours each day.
On 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 /11/2013
  1. As I did work research on the computer voices repeated what I saw i.e. calibrate, instrument, and micrometer on the above stated dates for 6 hours each day.
On 11, 20, 22, 24, 25, 26 /11/2013
  1. As I watched the program Priced out Of the City voices repeated container, toilet, micro, and chair on the above stated dates for 5 hours each day.
On 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 /12/2013
  1. As I watched the program Aid Agency Cooperating or compromising voices repeated unpalatable, palate, pony up, representative, on the above stated dates for 5 hours each day.
On 16, 17, 18, 19 / 12/ 2013
  1. As I watched the program Getting Rich in the Recession voices repeated Elis, Tisha, indigestion, blond Sarah and Seven on the above stated dates for 8 hours each day.
On 13, 25, 26, 27/12/2013
  1. As I watched the program A Tale of Three States voices repeated homo, peddler, empire state, lag and contraceptive on the above stated dates for 4 hours each day.
On 18, 19, 20 /12/2013
  1. As I watched the program Secrets of the Discount Store voices repeated logo, bamboozle and savvy on the above stated dates for 5 hours each day.
On 26//9/2013 6, 14/11/2013 20,21, 22, 25, 30/12/2013
  1. At night on the above stated dates for 7 hours each day voices repeated “you are dreaming”, “what are you dreaming about” and falsely said “we make you dream it’s true tell us so”. The effect of this is that I feel violated by the intrusive statement made in an attempt to disrupt my normal life.
On 20, 23/10/2013 14/11/2013 1, 3, 4, 25/12/2013
  1. In the day on the above stated dates for 5 hours each day voices repeated “tell us what you see in the corner of your eye”. The effect of this is that I feel violated by the intrusive statement made in an attempt to disrupt my normal life.
January 2, 2017
Bruce Engblom
I am a victim of electronic harassment. This has gone on for over a year now and this vile person is making my life just hell. I have gathered a lot of information thru all of this. Only governments can mobilize the enormous outlay of funds and successfully camouflage the use of those funds. Only governments have the sophisticated, highly-classified equipment and computers required for electronic abuse and mind control. Only governments can train in secrecy the cadre of handlers who administer the electronic assault and mind control activities, using deception and psychology. Basically it's some illegal branch of government that gets paid to stay incognito and sit and watch thru cameras fabricated into everything and if they see a crime so heinous they use transducers with low frequency sound to get inside people's heads to pretty much make mockeries out of them from inside their head while watching.  I am a normal civilian that wants nothing more but to work every day and spend the rest of my time with my 4 year old daughter. The worst thing I have done is drove drunk and I am paying for that with my DWI.
This person about a year ago around 03/30/16 put evidence up somewhere with her mainframe that she'd normally get paid for but put it in the wrong spot so no longer gets paid to do this. I do not have the evidence or this would be over by now. I got that information because the dumbass left her mic on by accident one day and what she was talking about broadcasted directly to my head. She says everything she can offensive to ruin every minute of my every day because she is sitting on a ton of money and knows she can get away with most of it she says. She will not stop with the harassment and the insults and pain until someone looks into this so she has reason to throw her mainframe out. I think I am targeted because she blames me for her losing her illegal job. Every day has gotten worse and I have gone to local police and they said to write to the government about this covert harassment. I've even gone to doctors and therapists and taken every medicine they have given me and the voice is still there and I can't exactly file a complaint to the cops because I am the only one that can hear it because it is voice-to-skull, or V2K. It is also sometimes called “synthetic telepathy, microwave hearing,”and i think the longer it's heard the lower it can be turned and still heard so I am just trapped in it alone.
Websites have called this slow kill and that is exactly what it feels like. She somehow programmed my brain where it started off as a high pitched buzzing noise to her constantly insulting me and my family from inside my head. If that's not hell I don't know what is.
I can not believe someone would do this to someone. Please look into this. I should have wrote this letter a year ago I have just been so confused from all this I have just recently put it all together. This started around 12/01/15 and is still happening only worse. The date today is 01/02/17.Plus I don't know if she was drunk or what but she gave me a lot of the information and i started looking and there are other people going thru the same thing.
Please help me on this so i can spend my days in peace with my daughter like I was before this person started doing this to me. This is happening near Cambridge Minnesota so if there is anyway of checking to see who is operating the equipment shes using near here or whatever it takes to find who's doing this. U.S. Government intelligence and military units continually scan the air waves for suspicious radio frequencies so I I think if the right person sees this it could easily be stopped. The person has found a way to cause me physical pain thru these things too so yes everyday I am fearing for my life because this one person thinks she's on top of it all and has made a game out of making my life hell.
I am in desperate need of some kind of higher up to look into this before this person's sick abuse gets even worse This is the worst experience of my life. I can't drown her out with music I have even stuck my head under water and could still hear her crap. “talking” to me subliminally through my brain. I can not continue living like this.  There has to be a way for you guys to find this person and make this stop.
I am strong willed other and try my hardest ignoring this horrible person but I can't. She has overroad my thoughts with these transducers and it's everywhere i go including at work. And i know for a fact shes a peeping tom because she describes what i'm doing behind closed doors. I do not deserve this hell and she isn't gonna stop until she is caught or I am dead. In fact that's what she told me. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME ON THIS. I also some how experience physical pain from whatever experiment or whatever she is doing to me. But yes it's the illegal branch of govs that use surveillance and transducers to drive people to madness. I do not blame the government Their downfall will come from public awareness. Please take this seriously and look into this or tell me what higher up branch I can contact to get help with this.
This is a phone number that a TI victim can call today.Its open all day. It is called the OIG GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICE. THEY TYPE THE COMPLAINT, OVER PHONE, READ IT BACK TO YOU, AND GIVE A COMPLAINT NUMBER. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AN EMPLOYEE OF THE GOVERNMENT.  I gave my verbal complaint by phone this morning, vs. federal agencies of the government (and police).For me,this included: Fbi NY, Doj Oig Doj,Nsa,Cia,Dod,and military.
I gave my complaint because they do not have the right to interfere with my brain thoughts body privacy on Thanksgiving, torture me, cause pain, and do this to my parents, siblings, at my apt and at my parents home.

The number is#1-866-680-7963.
I'm in pain, to different areas of my body right now, by their assaults .They do not have a right to tell me what to do, how to spend my holiday, what to look like, what to do with hygiene, appearance, force me to look at anything, mind control me in a hypnotic state our trance state, what products to use, wear, what to say, what to think about, how I should feel, or create ideas for me or family on how we should spend our holiday, or what they want to see.
They have no right to take our privacy on the holiday. I don't have to be forced to feel anything. I don't have to feel grateful or say I'm grateful or say a prayer or be forced to do any labor, or any single thing in my home or in my parents home. I have a right to say no.
I will have to sue in court every agency involved in interfering causing pain problems on holidays over 4 years. Hopefully, at my parents or might be ok today, noir sure.
They are not telling me what to do with my home, my things, what to focus on, what to say to my parents, what they should say to me. These people, men, women using the devices are not telling me what to do on our holiday.They are not telling me what to feel.They are not telling me what to buy.They are not telling me what to eat or drink.They are not making me eat or drink at any hour. Its my choice my decision. They have no right to gangstalk me in my fathers car and use a silver Taurus, white van with pink ladder, white van, minibus, black jeep, red jeep, trucks with silver boxed chests in back of truck, cops, firemen, ambulance drivers, emts, etc. speed up to us on road, or passed my parents home, on a quiet block, forcing eyes to notice, to create anxiety , stress, intimidation, on a holiday, that should be peaceful, and not disturb me, my father, and mothers health.
My mother has copd, oxygen 24/7and doesn't deserve stress on a holiday or me and my father, brother, sisters. The men doing this to me are not allowed to be in my eyes brain body experiencing anything, expecting anything, trying to get my reactions, responses, and of family members. They are not allowed to interfere involve create conversation for us create and manipulate their ideas into our brains and block our ideas, feelings, peace, of the day.or create experiences, and memories for us, we can think choose make decisions for ourselves, as our right,as humans, competent people.  We don't have to use their logic,or method, views, beliefs, thinking, ideas, or feelings, for our family. we don't have to use past experiences, past holidays, on this holiday.
Every holiday over 4 years, I'm remotely ctrld, monitored, sexually violated, screaming out of shower, and physical pain torture psychological torture, is done to me and at my parents home.They have done forced speech of us, and use my eyes like a camera lens and force them to look at things I don't have to to waste time distract and take away my right to look at what I want to our take interest in at my parents home.They ctrl my eyes hands picking things up without thinking and having to put back down, and use hands to hurt my own skin, trying to make it look self afflicted, when it's not.They illegally involve on a holiday, illegally surveillance, monitor on top of me and parents like a microscope.They crack my bones in hands making unnatural snaps cracks clicks out of body as attacks for sound torture, mental torture.
My morning in Riverhead NY started by being tortured by the weapons that forced me to wake in early a.m, and the itching creating attack being done to legs thighs arms stomach breasts rectum face, as the handler used my hands, against my will, half asleep, mind ctrl trance, picking ripping off scabs on my body, smearing blood, and making many tiny white fibery substances come out of skin some with string on it.They are torturing my throat body attacking me now trying to force their way and attention,and are not going to tell me what to do, what to spend time on, not making me eat or drink now.
PDF #3: Covert Mind Control and Mass Shootings
Covert Mind Control and Mass Shootings
I would highly advise everyone to look at Judy Wall’s article “Aerial Mind-Control The Threat to Civil Liberties“ published in the newsletter of the MENSA Bioelectromagnetics Special Interest Group, take a look at the CIA’s de-classified Project MK ULTRA program, or read over the 2014 Huff post article entitled Mind Control Is Becoming Reality.
“We need a program of psycho-surgery and political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated…The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective…Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain.” 
--Dr. Jose Delgado (MKULTRA experimenter who demonstrated a radio- controlled bull on CNN in 1985) Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School Congressional Record No. 26, Vol. 118, February 24, 1974
VIDEO: Three things that could be spying on you

Three things that could be spying on you

Published on Dec 7, 2016
These three items could actually be spying on you or your family. You might want to think twice before you bring these into your home!
Message: Subjects needed for research
A message from Dr. Robert Duncan A.B., S.M., M.B.A., Ph.D. and Todd Giffen

December 12, 2016

Subjects needed for research
We have a limited number of prototypes for which we are collecting data to alleviate electromagnetic sensitivity or prove to the government that regulations must be passed to protect a certain population.

In this study we are conducting tests for a double blind study for a particular group which will give us the data we need to proceed with this design.

These are the qualifications that you must meet to participate:

  • You must currently and for the foreseeable future live in a house in the part of the United States that has moist soil. The house is necessary because if it is wired correctly, the third prong of your electrical outlet should be Earth grounded. Trailers and dry soil/sand will not work correctly for this study.
  • You must submit a $200 deposit for borrowing the prototype to ensure that theft does not occur of these prototypes. This is fully refundable – shipping costs within 90 days. We realize that some people may not want to give them back if they work for them.
  • Instructions of use are included with the device. Follow them exactly.
  • Send the survey results back in the pre-paid envelope provided.
  • Important! For this study we need “Targeted Individuals” that fit this profile exactly. The person must have a reasonably good bill of health including mental health other than hearing voices. The voices must say things like “We are giving you cancer. We are going to kill you. We are going to kill your family. You are ugly. Etc.” Typical psychological breakdown techniques. The voices should be somewhat mild to moderate. This is due to the sensitivity of the individual. The dampening algorithm and field cannot fully detune the fully tortured and scrambled individual. We need this data pure so please be honest or you will destroy the truth that we seek for further progress.
If you fit this profile and would like to participate in this study, send your name, email address, physical address, phone #, and a one paragraph description of your symptoms to Your information will be recorded so you must feel comfortable with that.

Prick your finger. It is done. The moon has now eclipsed the sun. The angel has spread his wings. The time has come for better things.

Webpage: Mind Control and Ritual Abuse
PDF:  Bluebird and Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personalities


Stop Mind control + Pineal Gland Cleanse, Healing, Repair, Activation + DNA RNA Healing, Repair--

IMPLANTS:  The Ethics of Brain Chips
 Ethical Assessment of Implantable Brain Chips
Computer scientists predict that within the next twenty years neural interfaces will be designed that will not only increase the dynamic range of senses, but will also enhance memory and enable "cyberthink" — invisible communication with others. This technology will facilitate consistent and constant access to information when and where it is needed. The ethical evaluation in this paper focuses on issues of safely and informed consent, issues of manufacturing and scientific responsibility, anxieties about the psychological impacts of enhancing human nature, worries about possible usage in children, and most troubling, issues of privacy and autonomy. Inasmuch as this technology is fraught with perilous implications for radically changing human nature, for invasions of privacy and for governmental control of individuals...
Book: TI's Technical Information

Targeted Individuals: Technical Information Kindle Edition

This author has been researching the claims of Targeted Individuals since January 2016. There are two signals that are being used from satellites in geosyncronous orbit; (1) Geolocation and tracking frequency of approximately 3648 MHz, (2) Harm frequency of approximately 3921 MHz, (3) Analog voltmeter readings of 0.8 millivolts to 10.0 millivolts on the top of the person's head; (4) Confirmation of frequency spectrum assignments from the FCC Frequency Table showing “Fixed Satellite (space-to-Earth) communications,” in agreement with the measured frequencies. In theory, it may be possible to jam these frequencies using readily available hardware kits from companies such as Alternate jamming frequencies may be possible using a sweep of 4 to 300 Hertz, which would confuse the return signal identification.
Thousands of people worldwide are being tortured by these vicious attacks. This technology was developed under the CIA's MK-Ultra program and put into orbit under President Reagan's Star Wars project. If these satellites can track a missile at 10,000 mph, and disable the guidance electronics with focused microwave beams, then it can easily track a person walking on the ground and hit them with microwaves. One individual reported that the microwaves were used to increase heart rate and blood pressure about 30 to 50% on a continuous basis, 24 hours per day. The apparent goal is to cause heart failure. One individual reported the hacking of his vehicle, including start interrupts, music system scrambling, repetitive electric window failures, etc. Any electronic device with a battery was particularly susceptible, and this is part of the harassment.
For a complete list of my published ebooks, see “Ebooks published on Smashwords and Lulu by Richard Lighthouse;” ISBN 9781370721948 and ISBN 9781365440090.
Article: Directed Energy Atmospheric Lens in Future Battlefields

Future concepts from BAE Systems: Atmospheric Lens

Directed energy atmospheric lens could revolutionise future battlefields

LDAL is a complex and innovative concept that copies two existing effects in nature; the reflective properties of the ionosphere and desert mirages. The ionosphere occurs at a very high altitude and is a naturally occurring layer of the Earth’s atmosphere which can be reflective to radio waves – for example it results in listeners being able to tune in to radio stations that are many thousands of miles away. The radio signals bounce off the ionosphere allowing them to travel very long distances through the air and over the Earth’s surface. The desert mirage provides the illusion of a distant lake in the hot desert. This is because the light from the blue sky is ‘bent’ or refracted by the hot air near the surface and into the vision of the person looking into the distance.
VIDEO:  Parasite Cleanse Frequencies
General Rife Parasite Cleanse

Parasite Worms Cleanse Frequencies
Heavy Metal Detox Frequency-Get rid of mercury, Lead, Aluminum
Quantum Detox-Full Detoxification Rife Frequencies
Parasite Cleanse 1
AGING: TZAP-New Protein discovered that controls aging
Newly-discovered protein keeps your biological clock running DNA segments called telomeres play a crucial part in our aging process, but new research has discovered a protein that acts as a kind of cellular timekeeper, regulating the length of telomeres to maintain healthy cell division and prevent the development of cancer.  Each time a cell divides, a tiny section of DNA is lost, and while this could be devastating to the cell, our bodies have a natural defense against the loss of any important genetic information. Telomeres are little caps made of repetitive sections of DNA at the end of each chromosome, and whenever a cell divides they take the hit. The problem is, telomeres have a set length, and as they degrade over time that buffer zone eventually stops protecting the important bits of information, leading to the well-known bodily wear-and-tear we associate with aging.
"Telomeres represent the clock of a cell," says Eros Lazzerini Denchi, corresponding author of the study. "You are born with telomeres of a certain length, and every time a cell divides, it loses a little bit of the telomere. Once the telomere is too short, the cell cannot divide anymore."
  In 2010, a Harvard study was able to slow and even reverse the aging process in mice by manipulating telomerase, an enzyme that helps replenish telomeres. Breakthroughs on the road to applying the process to human cells followed, with the discovery that telomerase can function like an "off" switch, and a new procedure to extend the life of lab-grown cells.
Until recently, scientists thought they knew of all proteins that bind to telomeres: namely telomerase and Shelterin, a protein complex that helps protect telomeres and regulate telomerase. But now scientists from the Scripps Research Institute have discovered a new protein, called TZAP.  
TZAP's role is to control a process called telomere trimming, which keeps the telomeres within that sweet spot of proliferation: long enough to be healthy, but below the risky upper limit. While the discovery may not have a direct application to increasing overall human lifespan yet, improving our understanding of these crucial processes can help pave the way for these kinds of advances in future.
The research was published in the journal, Science.
Source: The Scripps Research Institute
ENVIRONMENT:  Massive Microwave Pulse Goes to Core of Earth to cause Earthquakes
257 Earthquakes Over Magnitude 5 in 9 Days – What are We Not Being Told About This Energy Influx?
Luke Miller, Truth Theory
Posted on
There has been an influx of earthquakes over the globe with the latest being a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Chile. There has been a large wave of energy that was unintentionally picked up by the MIMIC TPW microwave background imagery.
The glitchy curved lines that appear across the screen are the large waves of energy in question. In the video from Dutchsinse.Com he has said:
“This system usually only shows precipitation / water vapor , yet in some rare instances large energy returns can be seen when solar, spaceweather, and other energy events impact the planet.
“We have seen examples of X class flares, and large Earth facing Coronal Mass Ejections cause large disruptions of this very same feed — however this “wave” of energy produces a return that crosses the same bandwidths detected (and used by) the MIMIC microwave background system.
“The energy spans the planet on both (all) sides over several hours time. This wave of energy started to form on 12/18 at about 15:00 UTC, and is currently ongoing.
“A check of the X-ray flux monitors from GOES shows low activity, minor solar winds, no major solar storms, Total Electron Content in the ionosphere shows “minimal”…. thus the source / cause of this event is still “unknown”.
“If this “event” really occurred (if it’s “real”) then we’re looking at a huge amount of energy impacting the planet causing a planet wide microwave return going off the scales.
“Microwaves convert to DC energy in a natural “rectenna” process when the waves become trapped in the Earth’s magnetosphere– the radio waves convert to DC power, and are taken to ground. Ground ultimately being the core of the Earth.
“If the event is really occurring, then the potential amount of energy going to the core of the planet would be tremendous — this of course could increase volcanic activity, and cause large earthquakes."
However since this event there has been an influx of earthquakes over the globe with the latest being a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Chile at 14:22 Christmas day local time. But this is not the only event since this activity has been picked up. There have been 257 earthquakes over magnitude 5 and many more very close to this number. Just to put this into perspective on average there is an estimated 3.6 earthquakes of a magnitude of 5-5.9 a day, in the last 9 days there have been an average of 24.8 nearly 7 times what is usual. It is estimated there is a  6-6.9 magnitude earthquake every 3 days, we have had 2.6 a day for the last 9 days. Lastly for the big earthquakes of magnitude 7-7.9 you usually get 1 every 25 days (estimate) there have been an average of 1 a day for the last 9 days.
You can view the earthquake reports here
HEALTH: Lugol's Iodine to Detox
Lugol's Iodine:  An Important Detoxification Tool
By Thomas S. Lee, NMD
The thyroid uses the iodide form of iodine which occurs in sea life and in crops cultivated with fertilizers that include composted seaweeds.  Iodide also occurs in soils located on ancient seabeds.  You can maintain a healthy iodine level in your body by eating clean seafoods and sea vegetables.  You can also use Lugol's Iodine orally (you only need a few drops in water each day) for the most affordable form of iodine protection.
Iodine is a valuable detoxification tool, particularly for the toxic halogens in our food and water.  The traditional form of Lugol's Iodine that has been in use since 1880 is a natural, balanced form of 5 percent elemental iodine in a 10 percent solution of potassium iodide.  The benefits of using Lugol's Iodine include increasing the metabolism, strengthening the immune system, and calming and relieving nervous tension.  Used topically or orally, its antiseptic properties counteract a broad spectrum of germs (fungal, viral, and bacterial).
Please read the information in the NaturoDoc Store for more specific information on the beneficial effects of Lugol's Iodine.
LYME/MORGELLONS: A biological warfare weapon
Formal Statement on the Mechanism of Action of “Morgellons”
by Don Mau. submitted to the CDC's vector borne disease unit in Fort Collins, Colorado on 12/8/2016

A fibroblast is a type of cell that synthesizes the extracellular matrix and collagen. Fibroblasts are involved in tissue repair during an injury, they activate platelets which then release chemical signals called “Growth Factors”. FGF or Fibroblast Growth Factor then stimulates Fibroblasts by linking with receptors on the cell surface generating proteins for cell growth and tissue repair. In other words the FGF delivers a chemical signal to the cell receptor telling the cell how to perform.

If there is an induced gene mutation in either the FGF or the receptor then the information delivered to the cell will cause mutated results.

Bartonella infection causes changes in multiple growth factors including FGF.

[Infection and angiomatous cutaneous lesions]

“these are associated with multifocal tumorous proliferations (of endothelial and fusiform cells) affected by angiogenic growth factors (PDGF, FGF, IL6, alphaTGF, HIVtat, androgens”

Bacteria normally use Horizontal Gene Transfer or Lateral Gene Transfer among themselves, Prokaryotic Cells without a nucleus are bacteria. Human cells or eukaryotic cells that have a nucleus can not normally have their DNA altered  by bacteria. However there two bacteria known to science that can insert DNA into human cells. One of these bacteria is Agrobacterium and is used to GM the food supply because of that ability. The only other Bacteria known to science that can accomplish the insertion of DNA into our cells is Bartonella which is closely related to Agrobacteria and also has the T4SS needed for HGT

“Conjugative DNA transfer into human cells by the VirB/VirD4 type IV secretion system of the bacterial pathogen Bartonella henselae”

“Bacterial type IV secretion systems (T4SS) mediate interbacterial conjugative DNA transfer and transkingdom protein transfer into eukaryotic host cells in bacterial pathogenesis. The sole bacterium known to naturally transfer DNA into eukaryotic host cells via a T4SS is the plant pathogen Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Here we demonstrate T4SS-mediated DNA transfer from a human bacterial pathogen into human cells. We show that the zoonotic pathogen Bartonella henselae can transfer a cryptic plasmid occurring in the bartonellae into the human endothelial cell line EA.hy926 via its T4SS VirB/VirD4”

Fiber production is a symptom of Bartonellosis caused by a gene mutation induced by the infection. The fibers have shown numerous times to be composed of Collagen and Keratin and these are the proteins that fibroblasts create.
"identifying the filaments found in MD as keratin and collagen based and furthermore associated with spirochetal infection."  The spirochetal association makes sense put into the following context.
“The knowledge base about both Bartonella testing and treatment borders on the disastrous. Bartonella is one of the most common infections in the world. Calling it a "coinfection" is nonsense; if anything, Lyme is the "coinfection." It is found in vast numbers of common vectors, including dust mites, fleas, flea feces, pet saliva, and ticks. Amazingly, it can turn off or lower antibodies to Lyme disease, Babesia, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma, and even itself. Bartonella floats in blood and also enters all blood vessel walls without causing a fatal fever, and indeed actually lowers fevers. It is the ultimate stealth infection. It turns off antibodies, fevers, and immune function defense chemicals as it damages organs in 20 to 60 ways.”
"Crucial role of fibroblasts in regulating epidermal morphogenesis"
Since Bartonella can receive DNA from other  bacteria and evolve it's abilities in this way then it should be noted that it is special in it's ability to also be able to transfer DNA into humans and it is possible that acquired DNA has upgraded a strain of Bartonella to become the "Morgellons" pathogen.
"Evidence of Transfer by Conjugation of Type IV Secretion System Genes between Bartonella Species and Rhizobium radiobacter in Amoeba"
"Conclusions Based on this, we speculate that amoeba favor the transfer of genes as phagocytic protists, which allows for intraphagocytic survival and, as a consequence, promotes the creation of potential pathogenic organisms.]
"Formation of stress fibres in human endothelial cells infected with Bartonella bacilliformis is associated with altered morphology, impaired migration and defects in cell morphogenesis"
"A large number of illnesses and diseases are caused by mutations in alleles of the genes that regulate the production of actin or of its associated proteins. The production of actin is also key to the process of infection by some pathogenic microorganisms."
Update 12/13/2016 the CDC has acknowledged receipt of this info  [ ref:_00DU0YCBU._500t04NWIU:ref ]
Don Mau
Keep Your Spiritual Thoughts
2 Corinthians 5:17-21 (MEV)
Therefore, if any man is in Christ, he is
a new creature.  Old things have passed
away.  Look, all things have become new. 
All this is from God, who has reconciled
us to Himself through Jesus Christ and
has given to us the ministry of reconciliation, 
that is, that God was in Christ reconciling
the world to Himself, not counting their sins
against them, and has entrusted to us the
message of reconciliation. 
COMMENT:  God creates, restores, makes
new.  He doesn't dwell on things that have
passed.  He is a forward moving God.  Do
not get stuck in regrets and things of the
past.  Give those things to God and move
SHIELDING:  Linqstat
Please email Neal to order.
If you have a tent, you can just tape some pieces of Linqstat together and drape them over the tent. You could make it the exact shape as the rain cover. You can ground it to an outlet, to a ground with a banana clip or attach a TENS electrode to it to create an energy field through the material. Using a tent structure that's already got places to attach the Linqstat make it a lot easier. You can even get a simple one and put it on your bed to drape the Lingstat over. Completely covering an already-made tent  like this one with Linqstat is pretty easy and you can just put the TENS pad on the outside of it and "light it up", keeping the frequencies on the outside. LINK TO GROUNDING CLIPS
This is a very high quality RF shielding material. It should be grounded so that any radio frequency will dead end at the ground. It doesn't out gas, does not break down & is completely nontoxic! Linqstat is a very stable carbon loaded product. It is the carbon which blocks microwaves.
Make payment through PayPal or debit/credit cards at our donate button on our website, or by mail upon request. Be sure to state whether the payment is a donation, membership or Linqstat.
LINQSTAT (≤50,000 ohms/sq) Electrically Conductive Film.
Product Part Number:  LINQSTAT MVCF S-Series 
We have 3 packages available:
Package 1:  6' (ft) x 3' for $ 30.00 (To make an 8 layer hat ).
Package 2: 12' (ft) x 3' for $ 50.00 (To make an 8 layer hat & 2 layer vest)
Package 3:  24' (ft) x 3' for $ 80.00 (To make a hat, vest & over under blanket for where you sleep ).
(Shipping, tracking & insurance is included in the price).
Please email if you wish to add any call to this list. We want as many listings as possible to keep you in touch with the support you need.
 TALKSHOE:  744-7444

     Neal for Citizens Against
     Harmful Technology
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People can call, sign in, or just listen to the show by radio streaming at:
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Chicago, Illinois
The Chicago area Support Group – covering Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin will have their next meeting
Saturday, January 14, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM Central Time
Location: Hammond Public Library
564 State Street
Hammond, Indiana
Organizers are requesting an RSVP to Shavon at

or Candace at
Washington, DC Activism Event
 Rally at the National mall during
President-elect Donald Trump's Inauguration
Friday, January 20, 2017

 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM Eastern Time
For more information, contact Spencer Carter at:

Seattle, Washington
THE SEATTLE AREA SUPPORT GROUP will have its next meeting on
Sunday, January 22, 2017
Time: 1 - 3 PM Pacific Time
Location: Broadview Branch Library at:

12755 Greenwood Ave.
Seattle, Washington
For more information, you may contact
Laura Solway - 206-365-6139
Curtis Kimble – 817-901-8720
This event is not being sponsored by the Seattle Public Library.

Portland, Oregon
The Portland, Oregon Support Group Meeting that was scheduled for last Saturday Jan. 7, has been rescheduled due to inclement weather to: Saturday, February 4, 2017
3:30 to 5:30 PM Pacific Time
Hollywood District Public Library
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Contact person;  Amy – 971-207-3401
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