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January Red Rooster Jacket
Great Start
I started knitting this jacket in November 2016. The yarn I used for it had been bought two years before when I was travelling in the Canadian Maritimes. I bought it in a wonderful yarn store called Yarn Shoppe in Kensington (P.E.I.) The yarn company is from Nova Scotia - Fleece Artist.
Blue Face Leicester DK
MO(one if the thickest types of mohair):
78% Kid Mohair, 
13% Wool
9% Nylon
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Red ... Fire ... Rooster ...
Probably too much of the red colour  ... but it's the year of the
elements of fire ...
They recommend to use auspicious (suggesting a positive and
successful future) colours
in our daily life to
improve everything we want.
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Fire and Earth Colours
But they also say we should not use red colours in the year of the rooster... (too late, it's done!).
Instead, they say, we should use colours that complement the red and fire element - earth colours like brown and yellow. Can you see these colours in this melange palette? Yeh! I added brown and some shades of yellow. 
The amount of yarn I bought was meant for a couple of mittens - the kit was called Favourite Soft Mitts
It was not enough for a jacket, so I added all the leftovers I had of similar colours. 
Click on image to see other knits made of pink wool.
Born in the Year of Rooster
One of my models for all these newsletters and my website is my daughter Anna ... who was born in the year of rooster! Let this year be lucky in your life, Anna, against all odds !! 
Click on image to see other knits made of brown wool.
I experimented with different patterns, both knitting and crochet:
- stockinette stitch
- ribbing stitch
- moss stitch 
- bobble stitch
- single crochet stitch
- double crochet stitch
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The lining for this super warm jacket is a cotton blouse which now is used to cover the inside surface.
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more pink knits
Play with Yarn
Combination of knitting and crochet...
Soft and luxurious yarn ...
Wonderful colours ...
Various patterns ... 
Nice design ...
What else do we need to enjoy the process?!
Happy winter knitting!
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