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Fiber Footprints
Footprints in the Snow
Two days before St Valentine's Day, we had first real snow at Harbourfront. And of course 'we' took a walk ...

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Snow and Yarn
Now Ms Winter is officially here ...
(not that I missed her very much :-)
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Sweet Valentine
These boots were made for my sweet Amelia in 2015. 
Happy Valentine's Day!
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Fiber Footprints
I made this yarn snowflake last year as a denim jacket accessory ...
for a snowman ...
Click on image to see how it worked out  
Walking in the Snow
Walking in the snow can be fun. You just need a warm and comfortable - knitted :-) outfit!!!
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Red Sweater
This sweater was made 20 years ago. 

Click on image to see other sweaters.
Colourful Skirt
The skirt was my first knitting project in Canada.

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Happy knitting and walking in the snow :-)
And check out my new website!
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