- The most important thing young children should learn at school is that learning is joyful and they can be successful at it -
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She approached me before the start of my one-day Love and Logic seminar, saying, "Dr. Fay… my husband and I came here together, and we're hoping that you would have some time to visit with us about our five-year-old."
One of the most gratifying parts of my job is spending extra time visiting with people during breaks. "Of course," I replied, "I stay here in the room during the lunch break and nibble on snacks. If you don't mind watching me eat, I have the time."
Tears ran down Mom's face as she began to describe her young son's struggles in school: "He just hates it. He's always frustrated because he can't do the work. Then he brings home a stack of worksheets for homework. We spend almost every night fighting with him to get them done."
Dad added, “Almost every day he gets sent to time-out for not staying in his seat, wanting to play with the other kids, and talking. He just loves to talk and he has so much energy.”
Almost every place I go, at least one parent of a preschool child shares this same story. Each time I hear it, I share the same response:
   Developmentally appropriate early childhood classrooms are places were kids are encouraged to get out of their chairs, play, and make noise.
   If a young child has difficulty staying seated and completing worksheets, they are normal.
   Attitudes developed about learning and school during these early years have a profound and lasting impact on school motivation, achievement… and enjoyment.
   Find a different preschool for your child, where children are encouraged to engage in playful hands-on learning and experience fun and low stress exposure to basic academic readiness skills. Find a place where the teachers understand that lots of hugs form the foundation of "classroom management."
   Read the book, Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood, Second Edition. Put all of your energy into implementing solid parenting at home.
   Burn any remaining worksheets and replace them with time spent reading to your child. It's best if they're sitting snugly in your lap where they can feel your loving heartbeat against their skin.
The most important thing young children should learn at school is that learning is joyful and they can be successful at it.
Charles Fay, Ph.D. - BiographyThanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.
Dr. Charles Fay
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