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Citizens Against Harmful Technology
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Citizens Against Harmful Technology Newsletter
Actively Participate In Educating the Public
March 12, 2017

CAHT had two requests this week for personal assistance and we were unable to meet those entirely. Please feel free to help individual TI's if you have the means by donating for that specific purpose. Your donations are appreciated.
If you are having problems receiving your newsletter, submit your name again. We have had some compromises to our account info.
Also, look in spam or trash folders or change settings in your email.
Please print a copy of this newsletter and any newsletters you wish to maintain.  Just having them in your email won't save them. You can also copy them into a Word Document with .2 margins. The bad guys are trying to erase the Targeted Individual Testimony evidence of the criminals they hire to hurt us and delete the images of the stalkers who violate our brains, bodies and properties. Please preserve these newsletters. They document our struggle.

TALKSHOE:  Sunday at 8:30 P.M. East Coast, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 W Coast

(724) 444-7444, Call ID for CAHT: 134999 Pin 1#, Moderator: Neal

PO BOX:  FEDEX PO Box 328, 538 Canal Street, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

If you send a donation in the form of a check or money order, please send an email ( to announce your mailing so we can tell if any mail is missing. Or maybe put a tracking number on the envelope. DO NOT SEND CASH.

MEMBERSHIPS:  Membership is $25 per year.
Membership DOES NOT include mailing of hard copies of the newsletter. Please arrange a payment for hard copies by emailing your request to

DONATIONS: Donations can be in any amount and can be sent to the PO Box or through PayPal or credit cards.
BROCHURE: Free to Members and for Events!
The US has been using directed energy weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are using them in the US also on us. This brochure explains directed energy assaults, implants, body sensor networks and phone stalking. Free download on
In This Issue
BROCHURE: Free to Members and for Events!
NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL: National Association of Targeted Individuals-Video Testimony of Stalking and Harassment
TECHNOLOGY:  What is a BCI?  If you are a TI, you have one.
ASSAULT:  Are you being hit in the left temple?
SLIDE SHOW: Bio-Electronics
VIDEO: Dr. Terry Robinson, Dr. Duncan, Nick Begich
COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY:  What is the Cloud?
COMPUTER ADVICE:  Disable Bluetooth Apps
VIDEO: Flexible Phones You Wear on Your Wrist
WIKILEAKS: Samsung Smart TV's Spy on You!
ENVIRONMENT: Feel What Mother Earth is Telling Us
TI HEALTH: Astaxanthin
Keep Your Spiritual Thoughts
Activism/Support Groups
SHIELDING:  Linqstat
NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL: National Association of Targeted Individuals-Video Testimony of Stalking and Harassment
These are photos from a video about stalkers who demand your attention. They are sitting in a position YOU HAVE TO RECOGNIZE them. This happens EVERY time you go anywhere, arrive somewhere, leave somewhere, making it stalking -- organized stalking, not with one person following you, but organized stalking with an agent/contractor at the helm, contacting someone in the area; or an automatic system sends a phone alert to anyone within a certain range of you, and tells them what to do and provides them with a picture of who they are stalking. They are a network of stalkers across America, and the world, an army of citizen torturer Nazi brown shirts. On this outing, there were at least 12, possibly more stalkers with phones.

To maintain your evidence, make 2-3 copies and place it in different places, on external hard drives, cloud storage or disks. You can also create an email address just for pictures and attach them to emails and send them to yourself. You evidence you gather is very important. At some point in the future, it will be valuable. There will be an attempt to scrub the internet clean of Morgellons and Electronic Harassment. So please share your story and pictures at so we can share it here.

I've been a TI for over 8 years now. My home is still entered by stalkers who violate my privacy, property and personal space, not to mention my body being implanted with electronic devices by unknown persons.
One thing that happens is manipulation of my clothing. I have woken numerous times and found my shoes or socks removed entirely and organized in a way I would never arrange them.  Sometimes the socks are halfway down. I have put aluminum foil around my feet to cover the implants and during the night, my socks were removed and the aluminum taken off. The removal of the aluminum has happened almost every time I put it on. Here are some pictures of this as evidence. Putting aluminum foil on the outside of your socks helps blocks stimulation of GPS implants in your feet which are always on but can be queried by a frequency in the 433 MHz range.


TECHNOLOGY:  What is a BCI?  If you are a TI, you have one.
A brain–computer interface (BCI), sometimes called a mind-machine interface (MMI), direct neural interface (DNI), or brain–machine interface (BMI), is a direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and an external device. BCIs are often directed at researching, mapping, assisting, augmenting, or repairing human cognitive or sensory-motor functions.

Brain-computer interfaces: a powerful tool for scientific inquiry

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are devices that record from the nervous system, provide input directly to the nervous system, or do both. Sensory BCIs such as cochlear implants have already had notable clinical success and motor BCIs have shown great promise for helping patients with severe motor deficits. Clinical and engineering outcomes aside, BCIs can also be tremendously powerful tools for scientific inquiry into the workings of the nervous system. They allow researchers to inject and record information at various stages of the system, permitting investigation of the brain in vivo and facilitating the reverse engineering of brain function. Most notably, BCIs are emerging as a novel experimental tool for investigating the tremendous adaptive capacity of the nervous system.
Fully Implantable Cochlear Implant With Nasal Insertion Capability
Fully-Implantable Cochlear Implant With Nasal Insertion Capability, Hugh Emmanuel
System for producing artificial telepathy
WO 2005055579 A1
A device is proposed which will provide the user with a form of artificial telepathy, namely the ability to communicate with others with no obvious signs of connection. The system comprises a mobile phone `engine' which interfaces to an existing or future public mobile telephony network. This device also contains a very low-power transponder, which is linked wirelessly to one or more corresponding transponders implanted in the body. Connected to these implanted transponders are implanted transducers, one placed in a position such that it picks up speech from the user and the other placed in a position such that it imparts speech and status signals audible to the user. The transducers may be connected acoustically, either through bone contact or contact with other tissue, or mioelectrically, through electrodes connected to tissue or nerves. In future telecommunications networks, when power level requirements are much lower, the whole device may be implanted and connected directly to a public mobile network. The system is further enhanced by the use of speech recognition technology, which makes operation of the device possible through voice or sound commands without the use of manual actions. A further enhancement of the system would be a capability for image transfer through a device connected visually or electrically to the eyes and a small camera to record what the eyes see. The characteristics of the device will emulate telepathy, in that it will give seemingly invisible voice and image communication with others connected to the network.
[The above may be the system being used. It is an International patent. Also consider this RFID interface which can be used to stimulate bodily functions through the brain. It could delivery information as to whether you are asleep or not so stalkers can come in your house. It could also be responsible for remotely stimulated sneezing and breath and heart manipulation. While you are asleep, a very simple operation would be to just inject you with chips. In the technology below, chips could be quickly inserted into the soft tissue at the back of the throat, right into the medulla. This easy injection method is what these two methods have in common. This must be done easily and quickly while a person is sleeping, without cutting, bleeding, bandages or recovery time.]
SASS 09.pdf at
An RFID tag is injected at the back of the throat, wires go directly into the medulla oblongata, a part of the brain very close to the back of the throat. The medulla oblongata (or medulla) is located in the hindbrain, anterior to the cerebellum. The medulla oblongata is a cone-shaped neuronal mass responsible for multiple involuntary functions ranging from vomiting to sneezing. The medulla contains the cardiac, respiratory, vomiting and vasomotor centers and therefore deals with the autonomic functions of breathing, heart rate and blood pressure

ROBOTS: Robot Copies Your Muscles and Bones

5 Amazing Robots 2016 - The Shape of Things to Come - Atlas, Spot, Cheetah, Pepper, ASIMO

ASSAULT:  Are you being hit in the left temple?

Causes of Pain in Left Temple of Head

Some Targeted Individuals are reporting being pulsed in the left temple with directed energy.  As you know, a perfectly healthy individual can be compromised with microwaving. The effect of being hit with microwaves is to cause disease. The microwave hitting the arteries in the left temple may be meant to cause inflammation in the temporal arteries or cause damage to the immune system. This may be done in conjunction with frequencies to the kidneys which causes pain around the midsection or waist, also meant to cause damage to the immune system.

If you are hit in the head, apply a compress of ice to avoid inflammation.  Keep the area cool as if you had been hit in the head and received any other sort of injury. Be sure to take liquid mineral supplements to replace minerals that leak out of cells when they are hit with microwave heating.

Temporal Arteritis

Temporal arteritis is a problem that usually affects the temporal arteries in the head. These arteries branch out of the neck’s carotid artery. Experts are unsure about the cause of this problem but they feel that faulty immune responses may play a role in the development of the problem. Other symptoms of temporal arteritis include excessive sweating, fever, vision problems, fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite or anorexia, jaw discomfort or pain, muscle aches and throbbing headaches that occur on just one side of a person’s head.
SLIDE SHOW: Bio-Electronics

Bio-Electronics, Bio-Sensors, Smart Phones, and Health Care

Aug 5, 2015 - Geometric scaling in bio-electronics MEMs and Bionic Eyes MEMS ..... to 40 microns Bionic eyes, economist, February 21, 2015, p. 73.
This is a great place to get terms to research implants. Check out page 46.
VIDEO: Dr. Terry Robinson, Dr. Duncan, Nick Begich

Voice of God Weapon, Synthetic Telepathy, Cybernetic Hive Minds MK Ultra

Dr. Robert Duncan:
"I've empowered the dark side. Technology is neutral, it can be used for good or evil. The government is causing voices in people's heads. They are called "Voice of God" weapons.  Its the ultimate weapon.  Citizens are being being worse than abused, they are being tortured with this technology.  Targeted Individuals are not crazy.
Gwen towers match up with the technology used to torture people. They easily could be broadcasting across the country messages to people and causing them extreme pain. That is part of the whole world domination strategy. Control the population, subconsciously to consciously.
Who are the controllers?  These are people within the government, not necessarily our elected officials, because they can't be removed and hard to find, they hide in the dark crevices.  I was naive, I did not know how the technologies were going to click together.  I have no more to do with this and am out to expose it.
What can we do?  It is too late. The technology has advanced too far.
COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY:  What is the Cloud?
Using Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. With an online connection, cloud computing can be done anywhere, anytime.

The notion of network-based computing dates to the 1960s, but many believe the first use of “cloud computing” in its modern context was when Google CEO Eric Schmidt introduced the term to an industry conference in 2006. “What’s interesting [now] is that there is an emergent new model,” Schmidt said:
“I don’t think people have really understood how big this opportunity really is. It starts with the premise that the data services and architecture should be on servers.
The advantages of Cloud storage are numerous:, it gives you flexibility as your data is accessible from any devices (as long as you have an Internet connection), and it gives you a backup if your computer or phone crashed, as your data is stored
A Public Cloud typically delivers a pay-as-you-go model for storing your data on unknown servers. A Private Cloud implies a hardware, storage or network that is dedicated to one person, client, or company only. No data center to store data: this ensures a high level of ownership. You keep total control over your privacy. Private Clouds can be customizable: you can enforce hardware performance, network performance and storage performance. No monthly fees: you own your storage space, rather than renting it.
COMPUTER ADVICE:  Disable Bluetooth Apps
Basically, you need to look through all your menus to see what might be adapted to allowing someone to remotely access your computer.
1.  There are several apps in the Apps on your computer automatically. Go to the Apps and delete anything that has to do with Bluetooth.
2.  Make sure "Airplane Mode" is ON. Do not use WiFi.
3.  Make sure "Remote Access" is OFF.
4.  Make sure "Share Screen" is OFF.
5.  Make sure "Project to this Computer" is OFF.
6. Turn off all "Infrared Access" features.

7.  Search computer for MSN and remove apps that allow MSN users to access your computer. May also use AOL.
8.  Stop all automatic updates. Security updates may contain features that allow remote access. Call the store and ask for technical assistance and they will help you set for no automatic updates if you don't know how, even on Windows 10.

VIDEO: Flexible Phones You Wear on Your Wrist

New Technology Inventions You Need To See | New Invention Ideas

WIKILEAKS: Samsung Smart TV's Spy on You!
Hackers within the Central Intelligence Agency have developed malware which can turn Samsung Smart TVs into listening devices, leaked documents published by WikiLeaks Tuesday reveal.
The malware, coined “Weeping Angel” – released as part of WikiLeaks’ “Vault 7” data dump – appears to have been created during a 2014 joint workshop with Britain’s equivalent spy agency MI5.
The attack, which seems to require physical access to the TV and an infected USB drive, enables a “Fake-Off mode” that allows the microphone to be accessed even after the TV has been seemingly turned off. The malware also suppresses the TV’s LED lights, removing any suspicion that the device is still active.
Weeping Angel can also reportedly extract usernames, passwords and Wi-Fi keys – allowing access to the target’s network and other connected devices.  It can record audio but it does not stream it in real-time to the CIA. Instead it copies it off the TV as files.”

Secret Features Hidden in Your Smart TV
ENVIRONMENT: Feel What Mother Earth is Telling Us
This is a very unusual way of expressing the beauty of the earth that is being destroyed, the animals, the water, the air, the space, the temperature, the magnetic fields, the sky, the rock, the earth itself. I hope you find this an interesting video. It is haunting and amazing.
TI HEALTH: Astaxanthin
HEALTH: Astaxanthin Demonstrates Significant Whole Body Benefits
If you decide to give astaxanthin a try, 4 mg per day is recommended, and working your way up to about 8 mg per day — or more if you're  or suffering from chronic inflammation which is induced by microwave radiation of implants. Taking your astaxanthin  supplement with a small amount of healthy fat, such as butter, coconut oil, TMC oil or eggs, will optimize its absorption.
Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant, offering protection against radiation and promoting skin, eye, brain and heart health. A potent anti-inflammatory, astaxanthin is useful for virtually any inflammatory condition, from joint problems, such as rheumatoid arthritis, to cancer.  It has 550 times more antioxidant power than vitamin E, and is 6,000 times more potent than vitamin C. It's derived from Haematococcus microalgae, which produces astaxanthin as a  protective mechanism to shield the fragile algae from harsh ultraviolet (UV) light and other environmental stressors. 
A sciientific review published in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research in 2011 included the prevention and treatment of: "cancers, metabolic  syndrome,  diabetes, diabetic  nephropathy, gastrointestinal diseases, liver diseases ,male infertility and HgCl₂-induced acute renal failure." 
Astaxanthin protects your heart and cardiovascular system by:
  • Improving blood flow
  • Decreasing blood pressure
  • Improving blood chemistry by increasing high density lipoprotein  (HDL cholesterol), lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and decreasing  triglycerides
  • Decreasing oxidation  of LDLs that contributes to arterial plaque buildup 
The Neuroprotective Effects of Astaxanthin
More than a  dozen studies also show astaxanthin protects your neurons and can slow the  effects of age-related cognitive decline and psychomotor function decline. In one study, they found people taking either 6 or 12 mg of astaxanthin per day  had significantly decreased accumulation of phospholipid hydroperoxides (PLOOH),  which is a marker for dementia. It may therefore also have therapeutic benefit  against Alzheimer's.
Astaxanthin Is a Potent Protector of Vision
Many studies have also  investigated  astaxanthin's  effect on eye health. Some of the early work was done in France, where they  confirmed that astaxanthin can cross the blood-retinal barrier, thereby  providing potent anti-inflammatory protection to your eye and retina. Specifically, astaxanthin has been shown to ameliorate or prevent light-induced damage, photoreceptor cell damage, ganglion cell damage and damage to the neurons of the inner retinal layers.
Keep Your Spiritual Thoughts
Titus 1:15-16 (NIV)
To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted.  They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny Him. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good. 
COMMENT:  To the pure, all things are pure.  That is such a lovely thought. But the opposite is also true.  Those who do evil should not lie to themselves and think they are like God.  They are
nothing like Him. 
Activism/Support Groups
 Los Angeles, California
Call-in Number: 1-724-444-7444
Talkshoe ID: 139780

Pin Number:  1#

Chicago, Illinois
The Chicago area Support Group – Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin
Location: Hammond Public Library
564 State Street
Hammond, Indiana
  Contact Shavon at

or Candace at
Houston, Texas
  For more information, you may contact
  Tereza Dutta -

Seattle, Washington
Location: Broadview Branch Library at:

12755 Greenwood Ave.
Seattle, Washington
For more information, you may contact
Laura Solway - 206-365-6139
Curtis Kimble – 817-901-8720

Portland, Oregon
Next Meeting: 

Hollywood District Public Library
4040 Northeast Tillamook
Portland, Oregon
Contact person;  Amy – 971-207-3401

South Carolina
  For more information, you may contact
  Gail -

An Announcement To The Whole World By
Chinese Victims Of Electronic And Psychotronic Weapons
Please email if you wish to add any call to this list. We want as many listings as possible to keep you in touch with the support you need.
 TALKSHOE:  744-7444

     Neal for Citizens Against
     Harmful Technology
8:30 p.m. Eastern

3 pm Eastern
     Derrick for PACTS
code 116202
6 pm Eastern

9 pm Eastern
     Su Maya

1 712- 775- 7031
367 668 644#
People can call, sign in, or just listen to the show by radio streaming at:
9 pm Eastern
     Mike Mason
641.715.0632 code 116202
6 pm Eastern


     Dr. Millicent Black
      Church Conference Call


6 pm Eastern
     Ella - Activism call

4 pm Pacific
9 pm Eastern
SHIELDING:  Linqstat
Please email Neal to order.
If you have a tent, you can just tape some pieces of Linqstat together and drape them over the tent. You could make it the exact shape as the rain cover. You can ground it to an outlet, to a ground with a banana clip or attach a TENS electrode to it to create an energy field through the material. Using a tent structure that's already got places to attach the Linqstat make it a lot easier. You can even get a simple one and put it on your bed to drape the Lingstat over. Completely covering an already-made tent  like this one with Linqstat is pretty easy and you can just put the TENS pad on the outside of it and "light it up", keeping the frequencies on the outside. LINK TO GROUNDING CLIPS
This is a very high quality RF shielding material. It should be grounded so that any radio frequency will dead end at the ground. It doesn't out gas, does not break down & is completely nontoxic! Linqstat is a very stable carbon loaded product. It is the carbon which blocks microwaves.
Make payment through PayPal or debit/credit cards at our donate button on our website, or by mail upon request. Be sure to state whether the payment is a donation, membership or Linqstat.
LINQSTAT (≤50,000 ohms/sq) Electrically Conductive Film.
Product Part Number:  LINQSTAT MVCF S-Series 
We have 3 packages available:
Package 1:  6' (ft) x 3' for $ 30.00 (To make an 8 layer hat ).
Package 2: 12' (ft) x 3' for $ 50.00 (To make an 8 layer hat & 2 layer vest)
Package 3:  24' (ft) x 3' for $ 80.00 (To make a hat, vest & over under blanket for where you sleep ).
(Shipping, tracking & insurance is included in the price).
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