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Citizens Against Harmful Technology
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Citizens Against Harmful Technology Newsletter
Actively Participate In Educating the Public
March 26, 2017

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Please share your stories, it doesn't have to be your whole life story, just an incident. What are your torturers doing to you today? Have you been diminished in artificial ways with microwave technology?  Are you having problems with doctors?  Also, please send copies of your injuries, burns, etc. so we can publish.
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The US has been using directed energy weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are using them in the US also on us. This brochure explains directed energy assaults, implants, body sensor networks and phone stalking. Free download on
In This Issue
BROCHURE: Free to Members and for Events!
NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Targeted Individual Testimony
PDF#11 Wireless Communication with Implants
WEBSITE: The Brain Initiative
ARTICLE: ElectRx Project:  Self-Healing Bodies Through Targeted Stimulation of the Nerves
ARTICLE: Are they erasing your memory?
SURVEILLANCE:  Smart Meters and ZigBee
SURVEILLANCE: Zigbee, Smartmeters, Healthcare, Tracking You 
ENVIRONMENT:  A New Glass Battery by John Goodenough (94 yrs old)
Keep Your Spiritual Thoughts
Activism/Support Groups
SHIELDING:  Linqstat
NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Targeted Individual Testimony
Stalked at Staples. Employees of stores stalk you as part of their jobs. Obviously they cooperate in this dark agenda of torture and murder, just like citizen Nazis who carried out Hitler's instructions to torture and kill people as their duty as citizens.  Their guilty looks show their obvious interest in their Target. This is an interesting video because there were some unusual things on the car camera and there were two very obvious phone stalkers inside the store, one being an employee and one in a while sweater with a hood, but it wasn't clear if he was an employee or not, but he was being obvious with his Zombie phone stalker poses.

The car camera shows a creepy guy in a big jacket with a hood. The temperature outside did not require a coat and the hood is obviously worn to conceal his face. He's the kind of person who lurks around in parking lots and gets in your car when you're in the store and breaks things or steals things or moves your seats and steering wheel to different adjustments to cause trauma to TI's.

Then there is the short haired blond woman who does something very unexpected in the middle of the street, making a gesture across her neck to "cut it", or to stop some planned or intentioned activity.

Outside the store, while the two men were GPSing their TI victims with their phones, there was a third person outside, just on the other side of the wall from them, using a phone. Who knows if they were involved, but it might have just been a coincidence. Its included here as an example of possible triangulation.
To maintain your evidence, make 2-3 copies and place it in different places, on external hard drives, cloud storage or disks. You can also create an email address just for pictures and attach them to emails and send them to yourself. The evidence you gather is very important.  So please share your story and pictures at

TI was walking the morning of 3-19-2017 when this dog came out of this house unexpectedly and rushed at TI. TI grabbed a big stick laying on the side of the street and banged it on the ground and yelled at the dog.
At first, this may just seem like a dog that accidently got out of the house for a moment until you know that a white truck just drove by, the same one that appeared the previous two times TI went for a walk; AND immediately afterward, the dog out the front door of this house where a man lives who has harassed TI before and told her not to continue walking down the street. He let the dog out on purpose. The handlers would have told the man that TI was about to pass the house, as she was returning from her walk.  The man let the dog out, and then stated its not his problem. His very words were, "Its not my problem."  No apology. He would gotten a call on his cell phone immediately before this incident, to instruct him to let the dog out.
The man who lives here is related by family to police. On the night after the hurricane in 2016, TI was taking a walk, when he came rushing out of his house, and stopped TI and wanted to talk. He said there were very bad people about and that TI shouldn't walk any further. I.e., he intended to stop TI from walking down the street. Then he started to show off, bragging. He said he attends parties with the police of Volusia County and he knows all of them are criminals. He said they know there is a drug operation on this street and the people who go up and down this street on bicycles buy, sell and deliver drugs and break into people's houses. TI said, "I counted you as one of those because I saw bicycles coming and going from your house." TI was right, verified by this dog event.
As we were standing there the night after the hurricane, TI was standing in the street, he was standing right near the street with his phone, a person on a bicycle passed behind me. He said, "there's one right now."  TI asked him why the police don't do something about the drug traffic on this street and he said, "People have rights and just because they are on a bicycle, we can't stop them and search them, we have to have a just cause."  Well that is more than they give Targeted Individuals who have absolutely no rights at all, not even to walk peacefully down the street. The drug traffic just goes on and on and on and is obviously approved by the police department. Several police LIVE on this street so they have to KNOW.
Back to the dog that threatened TI in the street. TI continued videoing this dog, and videoed the house looking for a number, there was none. There was only a vehicle with a number that could be seen -- HMI H32.  While TI walked on, the owner came out and he said, "Its not my problem."  What?  He just sent his dog out into the street to threaten to attack TI and he has nothing to do with this?
The man came out and called his dog and it went in the house.  TI made a call to 911 and told them a black dog was in the street threatening to bite people. TI got the address off Google because the house had no address number on the house. The police said there was no such address. The location of the house had to be described because there was no number. Cities always require house numbers on houses just for this reason, yet this man doesn't have to meet this requirement.

These implant systems include MEMs for sure and they are below, but they may include haptic implants which could explain phantom touch as well, so this information is here for your consideration. MEMS include the accelerometer and gyroscope, put in the ankle to monitor position in space, sitting, laying down.

Haptic technology - Wikipedia

Haptic or kinesthetic communication recreates the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, ... Such systems tend to be "one-way", meaning external forces applied like a shock or a kick.
Haptic or kinesthetic communication recreates the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user. This mechanical stimulation can be used to assist in the creation of virtual objects in a computer simulation, to control such virtual objects, and to enhance the remote control of machines and devices (telerobotics). Haptic devices may incorporate tactile sensors that measure forces exerted by the user on the interface.
Most researchers distinguish three sensory systems related to sense of touch in humans: cutaneous, kinesthetic and haptic. All perceptions mediated by cutaneous and/or kinesthetic sensibility are referred to as tactual perception. The sense of touch may be classified as passive and active, and the term "haptic" is often associated with active touch to communicate or recognize objects.
Haptic technology has made it possible to investigate how the human sense of touch works by allowing the creation of carefully controlled haptic virtual objects.
The word haptic, from the Greek: ἁπτικός (haptikos), means "pertaining to the sense of touch" and comes from the Greek verb ἅπτεσθαι haptesthai, meaning "to contact" or "to touch".

MEMS thermal actuator - Wikipedia
A MEMS thermal actuator is a micromechanical device that typically generates motion by thermal expansion amplification. A small amount of thermal expansion of one part of the device translates to a large amount of deflection of the overall device. Usually fabricated out of doped Single Crystal Silicon or Polysilicon as a complex compliant member, the increase in temperature can be achieved internally by electrical resistive heating or externally by a heat source capable of locally introducing heat. Microfabricated thermal actuators can be integrated into micromotors.

A microelectromechanical system artificial basilar membrane based on a piezoelectric cantilever array and its characterization using an animal model

We proposed a piezoelectric artificial basilar membrane (ABM) composed of a microelectromechanical system cantilever array. The ABM mimics the tonotopy of the cochlea: frequency selectivity and mechanoelectric transduction. The fabricated ABM exhibits a clear tonotopy in an audible frequency range (2.92–12.6 kHz). Also, an animal model was used to verify the characteristics of the ABM as a front end for potential cochlear implant applications. For this, a signal processor was used to convert the piezoelectric output from the ABM to an electrical stimulus for auditory neurons. The electrical stimulus for auditory neurons was delivered through an implanted intra-cochlear electrode array. The amplitude of the electrical stimulus was modulated in the range of 0.15 to 3.5 V with incoming sound pressure levels (SPL) of 70.1 to 94.8 dB SPL. The electrical stimulus was used to elicit an electrically evoked auditory brainstem response (EABR) from deafened guinea pigs. EABRs were successfully measured and their magnitude increased upon application of acoustic stimuli from 75 to 95 dB SPL. The frequency selectivity of the ABM was estimated by measuring the magnitude of EABRs while applying sound pressure at the resonance and off-resonance frequencies of the corresponding cantilever of the selected channel. In this study, we demonstrated a novel piezoelectric ABM and verified its characteristics by measuring EABRs.
Micro-Electical Mechanical Systems
PDF#11 Wireless Communication with Implants
How do wireless communications operate your implants?
With the increased sophistication of medical implants, there is a growing need for flexible high-speed communication with the implant from outside the body.  Today the communication is done by an inductive link between the implant and an external coil at a low carrier frequency. Extended range and communication speed are possible to achieve by increasing the carrier frequency and the bandwidth. One frequency band that is available for this application is the
newly standardized 400 MHz MICS band, which has the benefit of being reserved mainly for medical and metrological applications.
In addition, the 2.45 GHz ISM band is a possibility, but has the drawback of being heavily used by other applications, such as wireless computer networks and microwave ovens. In order to assess the usability of wireless communication with medical implants, we have investigated the design of implantable antennas to be used in the body.
WEBSITE: The Brain Initiative
Stop Action
This glowing cascade of specialized off-switches was created using fluorescent dyes that react with laser light. These particular nerve cells monitor other off-switch nerve cells, shutting them down when needed.
PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, convinced that the brain represented the next frontier of innovation, launched the BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) Initiative in 2013. As its momentum builds, it is creating a quiet revolution in neuroscience research by driving interdisciplinary collaborations and delivering new research tools on a massive scale.
The scope of the effort continues to grow. Investment in the BRAIN Initiative has more than quadrupled, from some $100 million for fiscal year 2014, to a proposed $434 million–plus in fiscal year 2017. Its reach encompasses multiple federal agencies — National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), the Food and Drug Administration, and the Department of Energy (DOE) —  as well as private funders, such as The Allen Institute for Brain Science, The Simons Foundation, and The Kavli Foundation. The tools and technologies already emerging from the Initiative will help drive brain research into the 21st century and allow researchers to grapple with the driving questions in the field, such as the search for a unifying theory of how the brain works.
ARTICLE: ElectRx Project:  Self-Healing Bodies Through Targeted Stimulation of the Nerves
This technology is touted as being for soldiers or veterans. Its an outright filthy lie and an insult to Targeted Individuals. Targeted Individuals know it is being used to force people to commit suicide.
ElectRx, a $78.9 million research program to develop minimally-invasive neurotechnologies to treat all kind of diseases, from rheumatoid arthritis to epilepsy and PTSD. was announced by Pres. Obama in 2014.

Managed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), its aim is to develop "new, high-precision, minimally invasive technologies for modulating nerve circuits to restore and maintain human health". Put it simply, the idea is to implant in people's bodies ultraminiaturized devices that could hook into the brain and modulate the peripheral nervous system's response to infections, injuries or other imbalances.
Injected with a needle, this tiny chips - DARPA's project manager Doug Weber said in a statement - "would continually assess conditions and provide stimulus patterns tailored to help maintain healthy organ function, helping patients get healthy and stay healthy using their body’s own systems.”
The goal is to make soldiers' bodies able to heal themselves through the creation of a closed-loop system of "intelligent pacemakers". Simple implantable devices for management of chronic inflammatory diseases and other disorders are already in clinical use, and "brain pacemakers" have been tested on patients with Alzheimer.
The $78.9 million funding will be used, among other things, to develop new, advanced biosensors and electromagnetic devices that can target relevant nerve bundles with nanometric precision.
  The money comes from the White House's Brain Initiative, which is already supporting other projects related to the understanding and treatment of neuropsychological illnesses, like the Systems-Based Neurotechnology for Emerging Therapies (SUBNETS) program to pursue advances in neuroscience and neurotechnology that could lead to new clinical understanding of how neuropsychological illnesses manifest in the brain or the Reliable Neutral Interface TILE +0.00% Technology, to manufacture robust sensing systems for neurotechnology applications.
Even before the Brain Initiative started, the Defense Agency was looking at the use of nanosensors for diagnostics: the In vivo Nanoplatforms (IVN) program, for instance, was launched in 2012 to develop biocompatible chips for continuous measurement of large and small molecules in the living tissue of animals and plants.
As in ElectRx, the purpose was to create a system for the sensing and physiologic monitoring of warfighters [is that TI's in a war?]; but the project announced this week goes even further, beyond the monitoring and into the healing game.

ARTICLE: Are they erasing your memory?

MIT discovers the location of memories: Individual neurons

Sebastian Anthony on March 23, 2012
Update 12/2/15: We’ve now followed up on this story: The more we learn about memory, the weirder it gets.

MIT researchers have shown, for the first time ever, that memories are stored in specific brain cells. By triggering a small cluster of neurons, the researchers were able to force the subject to recall a specific memory. By removing these neurons, the subject would lose that memory.
As you can imagine, the trick here is activating individual neurons, which are incredibly small and not really the kind of thing you can attach electrodes to. To do this, the researchers used optogenetics, a bleeding edge sphere of science that involves the genetic manipulation of cells so that they’re sensitive to light. These modified cells are then triggered using lasers; you drill a hole through the subject’s skull and point the laser at a small cluster of neurons.
Degenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders, are mostly caused by the (faulty) interaction of neurons. “The more we know about the moving pieces that make up our brains,” says Steve Ramirez, co-author of the paper. “The better equipped we are to figure out what happens when brain pieces break down.”
This research follows on from MIT’s discovery last year of Npas4, the gene that controls the formation of memories; without Npas4, you cannot remember anything.
See:  how images are encoded by the optic nerve.
SURVEILLANCE:  Smart Meters and ZigBee

Onzo, Possibly A Utility Customer’s Worst “Friend”?

March 18, 2017
By Catherine J. Frompovich
Admittedly, I’ve heard utility companies claim they don’t track consumers’ utility usage, e.g., electric power.  However, the ZigBee radios installed in each AMI Smart Meter is there for the specific purpose of interacting with all the ‘smart’ appliances within a home in order to gather specifics regarding consumption, patterns, time of use, etc. – then selling that data to customer-unknown, third parties without customer permission!  Plus power shut off capabilities consumers can’t control!
A very brief, but intensively-packed, infomercial about Onzo’s abilities to provide explicit utility usage of in-depth customer profiles, finally may awaken consumers to the Orwellian fact the conspiracy false news networks – U.S. corporate-controlled media – is not providing information consumers should know, which not only will affect consumer privacy, but consumers’ pocketbooks.
Listen most intently to understand what’s being said – and even acknowledgedabout customers’ invasion of privacy (disregard of constitutional rights) and the sale of personal information U.S. utilities AMI Smart Meter suppliers won’t tell you, nor acknowledge is happening.  Denial is very real, but here we learn what some of the hardcore realities of ‘smart’ technologies are all about—control.
SURVEILLANCE: Zigbee, Smartmeters, Healthcare, Tracking You 
Why are these subjects related?  Because these technologies are linked together for locating you in your home. Zigbee nodes are imbedded in the home to track and follow you from room to room. (Installation).
Your SmartMeter™ has two radios. The first relays your consumption and meter status back to PG&E to help us deliver your energy reliably and efficiently. The second radio is for Home and Business Area Networking, and is turned off by default. When you sign up and activate this second radio, your SmartMeter™ can take the electricity use information it already gathers and make it available to your selected compatible device securely, and in real-time. [If you do have a Zigbee surveillance system active in your home, this second radio will be active.]

Slide - Computer Science - Georgia State University

The intersection of several fields including computer science, healthcare, and ... Smart computing; Wearable computing; Sensors; RFID; Wireless LANs ... Bluetooth and ZigBee; Satellites; Characteristics: Indoor vs outdoor, real time ... Location tracking of ... As high as 600 Mbps and up to 70 meters (indoors) and 250 meters ...

A Survey on Ambient Intelligence in Health Care - WSU EEC

Frequencies for the Body Area Network that communicates with Zigbee, Smart Meters and Cell Phones:
There are alternatives to 3D Tracking, here's one:

3D Human Tracking for Visual Monitoring


In this article, we introduce a three-dimensional (3D) human tracking system for visual monitoring. It tracks human movement in three dimensions with high accuracy. A 3D environmental model that replicates the 3D structure of the real world is introduced to handle cases in which some objects obstruct the camera's view, i.e., occlusions. Experiments show that our system can stably track multiple humans who interact with each other and enter and leave the monitored area. This system is expected to be useful not only for surveillance but also for collecting marketing data.
ENVIRONMENT:  A New Glass Battery by John Goodenough (94 yrs old)

How a 94-Year-Old Genius May Save the Planet

Posted on
John Goodenough (94 yrs old) in early March announced that he and his team at the University of Texas at Austin had invented a glass-based battery that blows away the performance of every previous kind of battery, including lithium-ion batteries—which were invented in the 1980s by him and are now powering your smartphone, laptop, electric toothbrush, Tesla and any other rechargeable electronic thing you own.

Goodenough’s new battery can store three times more energy than a comparable lithium-ion battery, according to the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). The new battery won’t catch fire and they are able to soak up in minutes as much charge as a lithium-ion battery gets in hours.
This breakthrough could finally make gasoline-powered, emission-spewing cars obsolete, enabling electric cars to travel 600 miles on a charge. Recharging would take about as long as a stop for breakfast at a Waffle House. “I think we have the possibility of doing what we’ve been trying to do for the last 20 years,” Goodenough told the IEEE. “That is, to get an electric car that will be competitive in cost and convenience with the internal combustion engine.”
Keep Your Spiritual Thoughts
Psalms 141:1-4
O Lord, I cry out to you, "Come quickly."  Open Your ears to me when I cry out to  You.  Let my prayer be accepted as sweet-smelling incense in Your presence.  Let the lifting of my hands in prayer be accepted as an evening sacrifice.  O Lord, set a guard at my mouth.  Keep watch over the door of my lips.  Do not let me be persuaded to do anything evil or to become
involved with wickedness, with people who are troublemakers.  Do not let me taste their delicacies. 
COMMENTS:  May God be quick to hear our prayers, accept our worship and guard us from being seduced by evil. 
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An Announcement To The Whole World By Chinese Victims
Of Electronic And Psychotronic Weapons

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SHIELDING:  Linqstat
Please email Neal to order.
If you have a tent, you can just tape some pieces of Linqstat together and drape them over the tent. You could make it the exact shape as the rain cover. You can ground it to an outlet, to a ground with a banana clip or attach a TENS electrode to it to create an energy field through the material. Using a tent structure that's already got places to attach the Linqstat make it a lot easier. You can even get a simple one and put it on your bed to drape the Lingstat over. Completely covering an already-made tent  like this one with Linqstat is pretty easy and you can just put the TENS pad on the outside of it and "light it up", keeping the frequencies on the outside. LINK TO GROUNDING CLIPS
This is a very high quality RF shielding material. It should be grounded so that any radio frequency will dead end at the ground. It doesn't out gas, does not break down & is completely nontoxic! Linqstat is a very stable carbon loaded product. It is the carbon which blocks microwaves.
Make payment through PayPal or debit/credit cards at our donate button on our website, or by mail upon request. Be sure to state whether the payment is a donation, membership or Linqstat.
LINQSTAT (≤50,000 ohms/sq) Electrically Conductive Film.
Product Part Number:  LINQSTAT MVCF S-Series 
We have 3 packages available:
Package 1:  6' (ft) x 3' for $ 30.00 (To make an 8 layer hat ).
Package 2: 12' (ft) x 3' for $ 50.00 (To make an 8 layer hat & 2 layer vest)
Package 3:  24' (ft) x 3' for $ 80.00 (To make a hat, vest & over under blanket for where you sleep ).
(Shipping, tracking & insurance is included in the price).
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