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Citizens Against Harmful Technology
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Citizens Against Harmful Technology Newsletter
Actively Participate In Educating the Public
April 2, 2017

We had three new members this week.  Thank you all for your support. Many people have also contributed their stories, so many in fact, they can't all be included here, but we will save them for the next issue. Many blessings to you all!
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Please share your stories, it doesn't have to be your whole life story, just an incident. What are your torturers doing to you today? Have you been diminished in artificial ways with microwave technology?  Are you having problems with doctors?  Also, please send copies of your injuries, burns, etc. so we can publish.
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The US has been using directed energy weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are using them in the US also on us. This brochure explains directed energy assaults, implants, body sensor networks and phone stalking. Free download on
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BROCHURE: Free to Members and for Events!
NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Targeted Individual Testimony
DARPA: Brain Implant Powered From Spine
PDF#13 Wireless Communication Inside Human Body
TI ADVICE:  DELETE BLUETOOTH FROM COMPUTERS AND PHONESBluetooth is used to communicate with implants.
PDF#14  Smartphones changing mobile healthcare
VIDEO: Interscatter Wireless Communication
VIDEO: Each cell phone is a cell tower!
ARTICLE:  Stalking by Cell Phones/Tablets/Devices
ARTICLE:  ICT Implants, nanotechnology and reasons for caution
TI TESTIMONY: Well Written Testimony
Keep Your Spiritual Thoughts
Activism/Support Groups
SHIELDING:  Linqstat
NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Targeted Individual Testimony
New Video of main with plastic face, or a mask. At first it looked like he might be a burn victim, but the fact that his arrival was planned to coincide with Targets at a particular destination, was uncanny, as usual when arriving here and he's carrying a device and pretends to not notice any other human being like a creepy zombie.
Also, following him was a woman with an extraordinary device in her shirt pocket, with a huge camera and it was facing outwards as if she were taking pictures as she came towards Targets.
To maintain your evidence, make 2-3 copies and place it in different places, on external hard drives, cloud storage or disks. You can also create an email address just for pictures and attach them to emails and send them to yourself. The evidence you gather is very important.  So please share your story and pictures at

Thank you for putting your e-mails together and keeping us informed.  I can't afford to subscribe because my targeting has been so severe for so long that I can barely afford to eat and get the basics. 
Nevertheless, I can provide information based on my experiences.  You are asking how they get into your room/house when you have put so many security measure in place.  Yes, I think they are using time/space manipulation.  My stalkers usually walk past on the path outside my house and sort of jeer a bit.  I notice that the room goes colder and it is as if there is no glass in the window.  For many months they used to flick a pellet of soil at the window to express their desire that they would really like to put a brick through them but that would be a crime that they could be collared for.  So a few weeks ago there was the usual jeering and then a few minutes later someone flocked something against the curtain (night time) from inside the room as if they were stood a couple of foot away behind me over my left shoulder.  What is more I have a photograph of one of them in this inbetween state - oh yeh - after all these years and only because my camera malfunctioned I think.  The camera on your mobile phone will get the orbs with faces in them and the ones that infest the house but only with the flash on.  The video camera works in a slightly different light spectrum because when it is running it shines a red light next to the lens. (Nokia N8)  I have used this function to look around at night and have had a little red devil being sat on the garden steps a few feet away facing me but was not able to get a recording of it. 
At the beginning of the month there were some strange lights in the sky one night and I was taking photographs to load onto my PC and zoom into.  (All sorts up there!)  As the shutter went there was a red flash as if the video camera had blipped in and lo, I have a photograph of a person I recognise in their everyday state (name not known but showed themselves by hanging around the cashpoint in the evening at about the time my cash was being stolen but I couldn't prove it)  In this picture though they are hologram sort of.  The picture displays the intent to sexually abuse me which happened a couple of nights later.  But the strange thing is that this picture will not load up onto my PC so as yet I cannot share it and I really would like it to go somewhere as at the moment there is nothing to stop them from deleting it from my phone when they 'visit' one night.  I think you are in U.S.A. so have no idea what it would cost to send phone to phone - but I just think I should get word out and that it is an important picture.
I also have the tampering with my socks - even had a dirty one abducted for a few days.  I think in their mind a sock represents a condom and since many abductees report having eggs or semen taken that that is what the fascination with socks is.  I have been raped without one many years ago.  I also had a troll on YT who had a few accounts to follow me around from place to place whilst I was researching my predicament and one of their accounts went by the name of 'Crusty Sock'. 
The other thing you were concerned about was whether this goes on in your bed or whether you are lugged off to somewhere.  Both I think.  I have sort of 'come to' in the middle of abductions twice and in the one I was in my own bed and it was a sunny early dawn.  There were a few people there - women and one man who was sticking something onto my temple.  I reached up to get it off and they realised I was coming around and scurried out of the room.  They were really there and left in the traditional way by the door, except for the man who was putting the thing on my face who just seemed to fade away and not be there any more. 
So one person in the altered state can teleport into your house and let a lot of others in.  In their haste to clear off they left some physical evidence behind because I immediately went to pull the whatever-it-was off the side of my face and it felt like plastercine and came away in bits.  The largest piece was taken from my hand as they left but a bit was left behind and in my drowsy state I just rolled it between my fingers and flicked it against the wall before going back to 'sleep'.  But when I properly awoke later on it was the first thing on my mind - did that really happen - so I looked towards where I had flocked this stuff and sure enough there was the little brown pellet I had rolled and flicked.  It had dried to be quite hard and I treasure it even now as comforting proof of my sanity!  After a few days the powder outer casing came away to reveal a seed.  I don't know what it is and keep it with me so that I can compare it against anything I find like it - but I think it is Laburnum which is poisonous.  My stalkers have a hippy/drop out/alternative therapy department and I have been poisoned in the past. 
On a separate occasion one night when I plucked up courage to sleep with the lights off I found a piece of electrical wiring - normal household stuff, green and yellow striped - but it was fluorescing.  That is also in my little bag of evidence!.
On the other occasion I was abducted I was somewhere else, unknown. Yet again it was a bunch of women and I was in a sort of ante-room in a sort of a hospital but it was also like a parcel delivery bay (I had just had my self employed van courier business ended by the stalking the wrecking of my van which is what makes me question this a bit).  I was stooped over facing the wall but looked down at these parcels and noticed that one had plastic packing tape around it advertising a local company. so I said, "oh - you have ******** here" as if in this altered state I knew where I was.  In my everyday state I have no idea where I was.  Anyway my remark caused a reaction amongst these women and one came and got me saying something like "never mind that now".  I was led towards some double doors such as they have in hospital for barging through with operating trolleys and I can remember that I didn't want to go and really wanted to cry but I was physically unable to do anything except shuffle and stoop in the intended direction of the double doors.  The floor was grey flecked and there were rounded corners at the bottom of the walls and there was no natural light coming in anywhere but I have the feeling that there were windows somewhere further along from the double doors as if I did know where I was.  Yet again it was a bunch of women and by my impoverished standards they were high maintenance types - certainly not feeling dirty and abused. 
Injection marks on the inside of my elbow I don't always bother to photograph - quite frequent.  A few weeks ago I discovered a bruise on my thigh that wasn't there when I got up in the morning but in the evening it was yellow/green/brown and fading and it developed in reverse over 24 hours and then was gone. 
They have put the vibrating/bussing implants in me too and this is to try to sexually stimulate me ahead of abuse.  Because they must know that I feel dirty and degraded and very often quite ill and that sex is just about the last thing on my mind I think they do this when I am asleep ahead of sexual abuse to kid themselves that I like it.  Occasionally they start it up when I am still awake and I say out loud - "I am still awake" and it stops - until later I suppose.  My abuser has sized me down inside quite severely and uncomfortably to suits his proportions.  It is the internal 'trussing' that makes me want to walk with a stoop sometimes.
I should say - and this is probably the most important part of my communication - that  once you get into the gang stalking/abduction, conspiracy side of YouTube and research that sooner or later you get to 9/11.  And on YouTube the clip called 'Where Did The Towers Go' invariably comes up as a recommended watch.  This because New Yorkers reported that very little was taken to Staton Island considering how big the towers were and what quantity of stuff there should have been to be sifted through.  Mostly, apparently, it was powder.  So 2 + 2 makes 4 - what people are reporting to be the contents of chemtrails are exactly the same components of the powder of the Twin Towers, including hologram technology which Morgellons sufferers are reporting coming out of their skin and hair after they have unavoidably breathed the chemtrails in.  They are also reporting in some area that the chemtrails contain dried blood and tissue.  So that all makes sense to me.  I am in UK and we are not getting so much of it being dropped by hologram planes but we are getting the geoengineering and clouds being made into pictures etc - or at least I am noticing them.  A little of that dust goes a long way I should think.  But the 'still' photographs of the towers collapsing immediately came to mind when I took the photograph of the infra-red abuser peeping around the corner of the house next door to see the effect of what he had thrown. 
As I said I was trying to get a photo of a strange light in the sky and didn't know that I had captured my stalker throwing this at me in the frame before the accidental infra red one.  I couldn't see this powder with the naked eye but due to the aftertaste know now that I have had this thrown at me many times before if I venture out to the corner shop in the dark.  This time though he was very close and I started with an eye infection a few days later but not before I had unthinkingly rubbed my eyes when they stung and consequently embedded tiny aluminium/fibre glass shards that have not all come out.  I have examined the eye cake under a microscope and there are multi coloured clumps in there which must surely be fibreglass.  My sight has worsened to double vision and I now have silver grey stuff billowing around in my pupils and after a hasty visit to an optician yesterday it is also billowing around everywhere behind my iris and lens that should be full of a natural eye juice (can't remember the proper anatomical word!)  So they have used this time'/space manipulation technology to get the twin towers powder inside my eye.  I should also say that this stalking department comprises local gypsy families who have settled and stayed in the town for a couple of generations now.  They masquerade as landscape gardeners which gives them plenty of opportunity to be 'casing' out people's houses for occupancy and contents value etc.  Yet my neighbor contracted them to cut down some trees/shrubs in his garden (UK brick terrace house) and they didn't immediately have a vehicle to haul away all of the felled trees.  I wasn't around when they did manage to get it away from there but the next weekend when I was going out of town by road there were the large builders bags on the side of the road - the ones with the handles on for a lorry crane to lift off a pallet of goods - full of garden cuttings of the same species that my neighbor had.  Right there on the side of the road - not hidden in any way!  In the UK we call this 'fly tipping' and a bloody nuisance it is!  So the Twin Towers are being 'fly tipped'  - hence the illusion of planes dropping chemtrails.  It's a play on words.  I have a sense that I am being recruited by this 'gang' and that is their reason for financially crippling me.  A small motorhome has been parked up opposite my house for a good few weeks now and no one goes into it or out of it - it's just there.
My heart is squeezed, and my uterus hurts very bad. I was physically raped so much I lost control I could not urinate July 2016.

I am in a custody battle. The state of I'll is trying to make me look mentally incompetent through deceitful custody evaluations. My upstairs neighbor is a retired man with a masters in public health. You are the ONLY people I've told.

I simply looked up electronic rape without knowing of your site or anything about this, as I have been suffering in silence, and had no explanation for this rape, except for the physical experience, not knowing how it was happening to me. Low and behold, what I see on your site is what's happening to me.

The local police and now state police, and department of health have all been involved with my custody battle.
Ive ordered emf protective clothing. But I'm not confident it will arrive fast enough. I downloaded an emf detector on my phone. I don't check it. I check it only if I have symptoms. That is when the readings go up.

I left the house the Spring of 2016 through August not knowing how these things were happening to me. I have not told my family yet, but I do fear for my safety and need to reach out.
I hope you are a safe place. Please help.

I have arranged to move but I don't know if I will get out in time without damage to my body.
My 12 year old son is innocent and needs me. His father has sole custody, the police defend the father at the custody trial, and get involved in our case too much.

My only recourse is to suffer in silence. I feel I could die in the night, and know one would know how, and a stroke or uterine or brain cancer is natural cause. Symptoms get stronger when I reach out for help. If you are trying to help people then you would make my post public. In which case you would have to contact me. If you do that, then I can trust your intent to help. This is all about EMF technology, which I've read stimulates muscles and nerves.
DARPA: Brain Implant Powered From Spine
Steve Watson | - February 18, 2015

The secretive US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing a device that will plug directly into the brain and transmit images, bypassing the optical system altogether, according to reports.

Under the guise of developing a “cortical modem”, to enable blind people to see, DARPA researchers say that the device may also eventually replace all virtual and augmented reality technology.
Projects such as Google Glass and the Oculus Rift may be superceded by DARPA’s program which aims to create high-definition images directly within the human brain, according to researchers.  Much like in the action film, the Matrix, the device would be powered by a spinal implant.
PDF#13 Wireless Communication Inside Human Body
Bluetooth is used to communicate with implants.

I think its pretty clear from this illustration, that a person with implants can be monitored as a part of the house with the information being relayed through the SmartMeter Gateway. We are being assaulted using Bluetooth, Zigbee and Wifi. RFID chips are operated with remote Bluetooth frequencies. GPS is used in conjunction with these other technologies to locate and carry the frequency. Some devices stalkers carry are cell phones that relay GPS location, but some devices that look like phones actually are RFID readers. Some also read frequencies from your body called Evoked Potentials.
Bluetooth RFID Reader with iPhone

Invengo XC-1003 UHF RFID Mobile Phone (902-928 MHz)

125KHz RFID Advanced Long Range Reader

ZigBee is an IEEE 802.15.4-based specification for a suite of high-level communication protocols used to create personal area networks with small, low-power digital radios, such as for home automation, medical device data collection, and other low-power low-bandwidth needs, designed for small scale projects which need wireless connection.
The technology defined by the ZigBee specification is intended to be simpler and less expensive than other wireless personal area networks (WPANs), such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Applications include wireless light switches, electrical meters with in-home-displays, traffic management systems, and other consumer and industrial equipment that requires short-range low-rate wireless data transfer.
Its low power consumption limits transmission distances to 10–100 meters line-of-sight, depending on power output and environmental characteristics. ZigBee devices can transmit data over long distances by passing data through a mesh network of intermediate devices to reach more distant ones. ZigBee is typically used in low data rate applications that require long battery life and secure networking (ZigBee networks are secured by 128 bit symmetric encryption keys.) ZigBee has a defined rate of 250 kbit/s, best suited for intermittent data transmissions from a sensor or input device.
ZigBee was conceived in 1998, standardized in 2003, and revised in 2006. The name refers to the waggle dance of honey bees after their return to the beehive.
PDF#14  Smartphones changing mobile healthcare
How smartphones are changing the face of mobile and participatory healthcare: an overview, with example from eCAALYX

The latest generation of smartphones are increasingly viewed as handheld computers rather than as phones, due to their powerful on-board computing capability, capacious memories, large screens and open operating systems that encourage application development. This paper provides a brief state-of-the-art overview of health and healthcare smartphone apps (applications) on the market today, including emerging trends and market uptake. Platforms available today include Android, Apple iOS, RIM BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows (Windows Mobile 6.x and the emerging Windows Phone 7 platform). The paper covers apps targeting both laypersons/patients and healthcare professionals in various scenarios, e.g., health, fitness and lifestyle education and management apps; ambient assisted living apps; continuing professional education tools; and apps for public health surveillance.

Among the surveyed apps are those assisting in chronic disease management, whether as standalone apps or part of a BAN (Body Area Network) and remote server configuration. We describe in detail the development of a smartphone app within eCAALYX (Enhanced Complete Ambient Assisted Living Experiment, 2009-2012), an EU-funded project for older people with multiple chronic conditions. The eCAALYX Android smartphone app receives input from a BAN (a patient-wearable smart garment with wireless health sensors) and the GPS (Global Positioning System) location sensor in the smartphone, and communicates over the Internet with a remote server accessible by healthcare professionals [and criminals in government] who are in charge of the remote monitoring and management of the older patient with multiple chronic conditions. Finally, we briefly discuss barriers to adoption of health and healthcare smartphone apps (e.g., cost, network bandwidth and battery power efficiency, usability, privacy issues, etc.), as well as some workarounds to mitigate those barriers.
VIDEO: Interscatter Wireless Communication

UW: “University of Washington researchers have introduced a new way of communicating that allows devices such as brain implants, contact lenses, credit cards and smaller wearable electronics to talk to everyday devices such as smartphones and watches.
This new “interscatter communication” works by converting Bluetooth signals into Wi-Fi transmissions over the air. Using only reflections, an interscatter device such as a smart contact lens converts Bluetooth signals from a smartwatch, for example, into Wi-Fi transmissions that can be picked up by a smartphone.
Due to their size and location within the body, these smart contact lenses are too constrained by power demands to send data using conventional wireless transmissions. That means they so far have not been able to send data using Wi-Fi to smartphones and other mobile devices.
Those same requirements also limit emerging technologies such as brain implants that treat Parkinson’s disease, stimulate organs and may one day even reanimate limbs.
The team of UW electrical engineers and computer scientists has demonstrated for the first time that these types of power-limited devices can “talk” to others using standard Wi-Fi communication. Their system requires no specialized equipment, relying solely on mobile devices commonly found with users to generate Wi-Fi signals using 10,000 times less energy than conventional methods.
“Instead of generating Wi-Fi signals on your own, our technology creates Wi-Fi by using Bluetooth transmissions from nearby mobile devices such as smartwatches,” said co-author Vamsi Talla, a recent UW doctoral graduate in electrical engineering who is now a research associate in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering.
The team’s process relies on a communication technique called backscatter, which allows devices to exchange information simply by reflecting existing signals. Because the new technique enables inter-technology communication by using Bluetooth signals to create Wi-Fi transmissions, the team calls it “interscattering.”

Our Biometric Future: Facial Recognition Technology and the Culture of Surveillance (Critical Cultural Communication)

Since the 1960s, a significant effort has been underway to program computers to “see” the human face—to develop automated systems for identifying faces and distinguishing them from one another—commonly known as Facial Recognition Technology. While computer scientists are developing FRT in order to design more intelligent and interactive machines, businesses and states agencies view the technology as uniquely suited for “smart” surveillance—systems that automate the labor of monitoring in order to increase their efficacy and spread their reach.
Tracking this technological pursuit, Our Biometric Future identifies FRT as a prime example of the failed technocratic approach to governance, where new technologies are pursued as shortsighted solutions to complex social problems. Culling news stories, press releases, policy statements, PR kits and other materials, Kelly Gates provides evidence that, instead of providing more security for more people, the pursuit of FRT is being driven by the priorities of corporations, law enforcement and state security agencies, all convinced of the technology’s necessity and unhindered by its complicated and potentially destructive social consequences.
RFID MICROCHIP IMPLANTS ARE HERE - Era Of Widespread Biometric Identification
Teknoloji 8 Nisan 2016 Yorum yapın
Picture: The most visible and common TI-symptom, especially in the first stages when the attacks are uncontrollable and the body has not coped with them yet, are the red eyes.
Here we try to classify all kind of symptoms that targeted individuals experience on one page.  We refer to “symptoms” as both “effects” and “control mechanisms”. They have both functions at once.
Mind Control
Control and manipulation of thoughts, feelings and ultimately behavior
  • Control of thoughts and thought patterns; feelings and their expression; behavior control.
  • Dark NLP and gang stalking (street theater) that anchor feelings to certain words, and sometimes colors, certain types of people or objects… Creating the illusion of ”guilt”.
  • Hypnotic ”trigger words” that results in specific sensations, feelings or behaviors.
  • Monitoring attention both where to look but also what to think about and in what terms.
  • Real time mind reading before it becomes aware; erasing thoughts and memories; short time memory problems.
  • Induced memories and ”synthetic” associations (that are believed to be made by a computer that is aware of the context).
  • Induced dreams or manipulation of dreams.
Social Control
Isolation of individuals through social and societal systems of control.
  • Fabrication of false evidence that justifies ”Crime prevention” (fabrication of evidence of crime and rumor spreading); In almost every case, Targeted Individuals are accused of a sex crime with no chance to defend oneself.
  • Sudden unemployment.
  • Loss of friends, because of rumors or direct control.
  • The perpetrators take over the friendship and social life of the TI. They are always rude, and manipulative and not real friends.
  • Creating ”symptoms” of Mental Illness (voices in the subcounscious, V2K; trying to describe what is happening for others) putting the individual in psychiatric care.
  • Creating ”symptoms” of Substance Abuse (tampering food with drugs, poisons or medications; blurred vision; red eyes; disorientation; head aches; memory loss; difficulty talking or making sense) destroying the targeted individuals reputation;
  • Creating ”symptoms” of Insuline related diseases (pain in the spinal cord, back of the head, terrible head aches, high blood sugar levels, enormous fatigue) creating early retirement or poverty because of inability to work.
  • Creating “symptoms” or dementia because of apparent difficulty, sometimes, to express one’s feelings and thoughts; memory problems when the “attacks” are enormous.
  • Thought surveillance. TI:s thoughts are read in real time.
  • Looking though Targeted Individuals eyes and seeing what the targeted individual sees. Knowing where the targeted individual directs attention.
  • GPS surveillance. The Targeted Individual is tracked down at any time, in real time.
  • Remote Neural Monitoring: Some targeted individuals claim that a person’s brain can function as a fingerprint and that can be picked up by satellites. That enables both surveillance of the individual and thoughts.
  • Gang stalkers often let the Targeted Individual know that he / she is under surveillance and can’t escape. They can come up and insult the TI, or say something that is only known by the Targeted Individual, as an indication of ”remote (real time) mind reading”.
  • Financial surveillance. It looks like every penny a Targeted Individual has is counted and only a certain amount is allowed for the Targeted Individual to gain.
Torture: Physical, Mental & Psychological
The Human Body
Psysical pain due to ICT-Implants or non-lethal weapons
  • Direct pain in the body around the clock and that only gets worse and worse due to ICT-Implants or other kind of devices, often labeled by Targeted Individuals as non-lethal weapons, Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) or simply radiation.
  • Pain in the spinal cord.
  • Pain in the back of the head.
  • Pain in the “amygdala” or the limbic system.
  • Pain in the forehead.
  • “Cooked” brain.
  • Electroshocks in the brain.
  • Pain in the chest.
  • Tooth ache.
  • “Heart attacks”
  • Pain in vital organs: liver, stomach, heart, lungs, eyes.
  • Iching eyes – leading to tears and red eyes.
  • Food is poisoned.
  • Electronic sexual “rapes” during sleep or while awake, probably with ICT-implants.
Hypnotical trigger words
  • Can mimick any of the above symptoms: radiation, pain, bad tastes, head aches, and so on or trigger unbearable fatigue.
  • The trigger words come in whole sequences, like they were taking out of a dictionary with all synonims and all words that sound alike.
  • While some trigger words have effects on the mind and body, other’s have emotional effects only (sensibilisation of the Targeted individual to certain words, that trigger negative emotions, like disgust, fear, anger).
  • The trigger words are sometimes reinforced through dark NLP and gang stalking.
  • Trigger words are in the beginning very difficult to discover because they are coupled with the TIs routines. The brain can’t differentiate always between what it is made to believe and what really happens.
  • Once discovered, they are “released”; becoming aware of the “truth” wins over the lie that the mind has been told. When they are discovered, new trigger words will be programmed into the subcounscious.
Mental pain
  • Loud syntethic telepathy. The attackers talk with some of the victims 24/7. They use interrogation techniques that are only used in the CIA or secret service. That is labeled also V2K (voice to skull, or loud synthetic telepathy). A learning computer with a synthetic voice that can be modulated in any voice, can take over partially or full time, after the initial stages. This keeps the victim awaken and always tired.
  • Silent synthetic telepathy. The victim doesn’t hear the attackers but there is thought manipulation, directing their attention.
Psychological pain
  • Bullying at work, friends and family suddenly lost leading to Isolation. Bullying in general.
  • Because of what appears, as social problems with other people, the Targeted Individul moves to a place where the “attackers” and the “manipulators” can spread around any kind of rumor for people in the neighborhood and can take control in another way.
  • Gang stalking (rude people in crowds that appear and insult the individual, using both verbal and non-verbal communication). Having 20 people, or more, strategically placed to for example look with a hateful look at the Targeted Individual. They are all strangers, they are all rude. They appear every time the TI is outside, and it can take many different expressions. Sometimes it looks like they have some kind of scheme and the harassment follows a pattern, and when it achieves a certain stage, they reset themselves and it startes all over again.
  • Street Theater: A group of people playes a whole show for the individual, and it appears to follow a predetermined plot.
  • Following the Targeted Individual’s thinking. The thought surveillance is perceived as humiliating.
  • The home is entered and the perpetrators don’t steal things, but can destroy them or they can leave objects that don’t belong there. They often seem to enter with a key, because the doors are not forced.
  • Thefts in town, at airports: money of belongings.
  • Destroyed means of transportation: car or bike.
Total lack of support
  • When the Targeted Individual meets health professionals they are not interested in what the TI tells them. Symptoms are treated in the “old fashioned” way. Many times TIs are forced to take the wrong medication and to agree to sometimes stigmatizing labels in order to receive their pension.
  • In certain countries, the TI, can be forced into psychiatry, where total loss of human rights occurs.
  • Blacklisting often leads to inability for the TI to find work, or has to accept a job way under their specialization. At the new job, the TI is constantly under harassment and is bullied.
  • The police participates in the harassment and is totally insensitive to what the TI goes through.
  • The media ignores the TI-cause.
Other symptoms
  • Strange coincidences happen all the time, several times a day.
  • The TI can in his thoughts intercept what it’s going to be on TV in a while, depending on subject of interest. Some TIs are sure that the people on TV are copying them or harassing them.
  • “What you think about becomes reality”
  • Expectations turn out exactly to the opposite leading to cognitive dissonance.
VIDEO: Each cell phone is a cell tower!

GPS triangulation and tracking software (Use with any phone or ipad with or without GPS)
ARTICLE:  Stalking by Cell Phones/Tablets/Devices
Phone companies know where their customers' cell phones are, often within a radius of less than 100 feet. That tracking technology has rescued lost drivers, helped authorities find kidnap victims and let parents keep tabs on their kids.
But the technology isn't always used the way the phone company intends. One morning last summer, Glenn Helwig threw his then-wife to the floor of their bedroom in Corpus Christi, Texas, she alleged in police reports. She packed her 1995 Hyundai and drove to a friend's home, she recalled recently. She didn't expect him to find her. The day after she arrived, she says, her husband "all of a sudden showed up." According to police reports, he barged in and knocked her to the floor, then took off with her car.
The police say in a report that Mr. Helwig found his wife using a service offered by his cellular carrier, which enabled him to follow her movements through the global-positioning-system chip contained in her cell phone [and tablets or any device with mobile phone/gps capability]. The allegations are a stark reminder of a largely hidden cost from the proliferation of sophisticated tracking technology in everyday life -- a loss of privacy.
Global-positioning systems, called GPS, and other technologies used by phone companies have unexpectedly made it easier for abusers to track their victims. A U.S. Justice Department report last year estimated that more than 25,000 adults in the U.S. are victims of GPS stalking annually, including by cell phone.
ARTICLE:  ICT Implants, nanotechnology and reasons for caution

ICT Implants, nanotechnology, and some reasons for caution

By Y. J. Erden, Research Fellow in Ethics and Emerging Technologies, CBET, SMUC

Artificial implants can serve important medical functions in humans and, at least historically, have tended to be passive medical devices. Artificial valves and joints are some of the more common examples. This area is expanding however, with the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), as well as nanotechnologies, in the development of more sophisticated, primarily active, medical implantable devices (Nsanze, 2005, pp. 119–120). There are a number of significant ethical and philosophical issues arising from the latter category in particular, many of which require immediate attention. 

Brain prosthesis

One example that brings to the fore key conceptual and ethical issues is the recent development of an ‘artificial hippocampus’. A vital region of the mammalian brain, responsible for consolidating information, the hippocampus is often an early region to suffer damage from Alzheimer’s Disease. The brain prosthesis would supposedly mimic hippocampus function, rather than simply stimulate brain activity, and as such the ‘silicon chip implant will perform the same processes as the damaged part of the brain it is replacing’ (Graham–Rowe, 2003). Whether the chip can achieve this aim remains to be seen, but in 2009 the research team leading this innovation, led by Theodore Berger, was awarded a 4–year $16.4 million DARPA grant to further their research into restoring lost memory function. This follows a hefty $24 million investment into similar research on Brain Computer Interface (BCI) programs, split between six different laboratories (Nsanze, 2005, p. 145). In financial terms the potential to repair or enhance the brain is being taken seriously.

Mood control

It cannot be denied that our identity is formed by a multitude of experiences, emotions, memories and so on. This includes those experiences or emotions that may cause us pain, such as depression or bereavement. While I would not wish to claim that those who are suffering ought to continue to do so, I remain sceptical of those who would simplify such conditions to the purely medical, and develop technologies accordingly. Particularly when their role in our lives and formation of identity remains so complex and uncertain. As Fiedeler and Krings (2006, p. 1) rightly point out, there is sometimes ‘a technological optimism’, which is problematic, not least because of the tendency of some research to view the brain as ‘just a complex but physico–chemical determined machine’.

Enhancing memory

To understand the ramifications of this question let us return to the example of an artificial hippocampus. Since the hippocampus is key in the formation of new memories, this artificial prosthesis could be used to both restore and enhance memory. In areas like nanotechnology and ICT, presuppositions about our identity inform what sort of contributions these technologies can make to our lives and well–being. Progress is presumed based upon what may in fact turn out to be significant misunderstandings regarding the complexity of identities and identity–formation.

Convergence and ICT implants

In the field of bio–medical engineering, nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes can be used for the bio–nano neural interface. Yet the possible health implications of such implants are uncertain. One may raise questions about possible damage to DNA (even inter–generational), the immune and hormone system, protein–folding and generally about biocompatibility and bioaccumulation. The potential for so–called ‘nanomachines’, and the possible control of such machines using swarm intelligence is also currently being investigated (cf. Eberhart and Shi, 2001). Nanotechnology offers the potential to break Moore’s Law, and with the speed of such developments comes the risk that we will not have time to develop strategies, nor gather knowledge about associated risks and assess potential harms in relation to benefits.

A threat to human dignity and democratic society?

The EGE report (2005, p. 2) states: ‘In its Opinion, the EGE makes the general point that non–medical applications of ICT implants are a potential threat to human dignity and democratic society’. In this account, dignity ‘is used both to convey the need for absolutely respecting an individual’s autonomy and rights and to support the claim to controlling individuals and their behavior for the sake of values that someone plans to impose on other individuals’ (EGE, 2005, p. 16). They further add that human dignity ‘concerns the self as an embodied self’ (EGE, 2005, p. 28). As such, this is an area requiring regulation, they claim, since at that point (in 2005), and until now, ‘non–medical ICT implants in the human body are not explicitly covered by existing legislation’ (p. 2), despite which, ICT implants may, in the future, lead to the transformation of the human race’ (p.28). Perceptions of the human body as data, as opposed to complex social, cultural and natural beings, with the potential for transformation, has, they claim, ‘large cultural effects’ (p. 27):

particularly as it precludes higher level phenomena such as human psyche and human language or conceives them mainly under the perspective of its digitization, giving rise to reductionism that oversimplifies the complex relations between the human body, language and imagination.

TI TESTIMONY: Well Written Testimony
The world is learning that in the last half of the  twentieth century, scientists developed a device/method that allowed them to  locate, focus on, and lock onto a person’s brain by remote to manipulate that  person’s thoughts and thus his actions. Mind control assaults now loom as one of  the main challenges to human rights in the 21st century. The targeted  person often never discovers that he has become a mind control victim, and he ends up hurting others, taking his own life, or simply becoming another “Alzheimer” statistic. This paper discusses some of the elements of what I call electronic stalking and mind control (ESMC). I am one of the targeted  individuals (TIs) of those activities.-Max Williams
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COMMENT:  It is amazing to know that before we ever knew God, He loved us. God's heart is so kind and gracious towards us. He wants our hearts to be kind and gracious towards each other.
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