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Sintra Inspired Tea Cozy
Sintra, Portugal
March break in Europe is great. You get the sun that you missed in the winter and you get ... history... and sightseeings ... and beautiful nature ... and lots of knitting on the road :-)

Visiting Sintra is a must if you are in Portugal.
Click on image if you want to learn more about it
Knitting on the Road
Crocheting small colourful blocks is the best craft on the road. You can make one while you go from one place to the other.

 Spanish speaking country again!
It reminded me of my 2013
travelling and crafting
in South America.
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Colour Choice
After the trip to Sintra, it was clear to me what colour the background of the blocks could be.
I had some yarn leftovers with me, and I also bought some yellow yarn in Lisbon.
Some other yarn stores are here
I was just making blocks enjoying the combination of bright sunny colours.

Almost all squares are made by a single crochet stitch.
You will find some more crochet here. Click on image
Good Luck Rooster
You can see the rooster of luck and happiness like this in many places in Portugal.
Wait! 2017 is the year of the Rooster! Happy New Year again! Good Luck!!
Crocheted Rooster
Why not make one from the yarn?

Click on image for more rooster stuff
Some blocks were less colourful than the others ... I could not let it happen! So I added some decorating elements.

Putting it All Together
I put all the blocks together on the plane on the way home.
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Tea Cozy
Let's have some tea!
This colourful tea cozy reminds me of the beautiful Sintra.
Happy spring and happy knitting!
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