I2017 New Year Message

                         News and  Event Updates

Important  Notice to All Registrants
 There will be a mandatory  special course of new knowledge  for all registrants . The course of classes will be  held over 5 weeks -once a week. Starting   March 10th- April 7th. class not open to the public. Registration is open now. Exchange 50.00 a week
                            Clearing Karma time
        Building Emotions- for life instead of KARMA!!!!  
A new cycle has begun for our hemispheres life cycle, transition is upon us.jj
This year 2017, the emotions of Earth  life consciousness  will be even stronger than last year  The ability to use thru  manipulations of the emotions for life consciousness  will  stop. . KARMA for the mis- use of Life is upon us. . Life of Earth is breaking its emotional  repression to be emotionally free.!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAA!
 The time has come to address  Our   collective Karma to America. Its time to face and clean up our KARMA
 Update :  Let's Set the Record Straight- February 11th cancelled

                 LIVE  show    Sunday February 18th ,3pm https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/962217277 and follow instructions. call in number 1-877-240-3412  id # 962217277 audio pin 5. 
                                        Topic of the Year-Clearing Karma
 February : Topic of discussion:  What is the message from the United States to the people of  America. What are our options?  What to do now.?

and much more
                                       Join us this Sunday

 Indigenous New Year  starting April 1st, 2018 Calendar of Events-
   The   opening ceremonies for the new 2018 season at Yumwija. i

April 1st –Indigenous New Year
May 25th-28thrd –Life on Earth Renewal Ceremonies
June 9-10th, Conversations with Ambassador RaDine America
July 6-8th   Sat- Sacred Feminine Conclave and Sunday The Divine Masculine Conclave
August 9th – International day of Indigenous peoples.
 August 10-19th   Indigenous Living  Summit  is our Christmas season!!!!!
September 8-9th-Conversations with Ambassador RaDine America

October 26th – 28th- Harvest time/Final celebrations before time  to rest.
                       We  have something for everyone,

         Interactive dialogue & Fireside conversations with 
                      Ambassador RaDine America
Over the  last few years, many people have inquired when will Ambassador RaDine start having lectures.......
.In this regard, Ambassador RaDine will have private dialogue  and fireside conversations for sharing insightful knowledge that will not be revealed to the general public,  about how the Earth  Peoples  of America can return to living with their Earth power as a part of  its organic life consciousness-instead of inorganic living on the Earth as consuming parasites,  learn how to empower ourselves from clearing Karma of the past and she will give answers to all questions, share her insight from her years of research and life travels living with other indigenous peoples of the Earth.
Organic knowledge is what our people need now  to prepare to make decisions today that will effect a positive future for them.
The way to learn organic Knowledge is to be in an Organic space
In this regard all conversations and fireside chats will  held at Yumwija..

Participation is by reservation only- to reserve space send email to
admin @fiaah.org
Topics: the power of the Blood, How emotions with Life work with us
             The new age of slavery-What is contemporary slavery?
Releasing the attitudes and perceptions of  intellectual enslavement- .Getting out of the  Way!!!!! How to save our lives from karma
              Creating New Relationships thru Emotional consciousness- Letting go of past relationship paradigms- How to return to our natural love  connection. and How do we actually heal our lives.
The Secret to our Lives-. How to reverse cancer and all health  dis-functions, and much more!!!!
Important  Notice to All Registrants
                                                                                                                 Clearing Karma time        Building Emotions- for life instead of KARMA!!!!  
 Indigenous New Year  starting April 1st, 2018 Calendar of Events-
         Interactive dialogue & Fireside conversations with                       Ambassador RaDine America
Xmas @ Yumwija   2018  Celebrating our Life  with Earth@ Indigenous Living Summit
2018 Indigenous Living Summit August 12-20th
Annual  America Thanksgiving Celebration  October 29th 3pm
Summer Residency @ Yumwija
What to Bring !!!!!!
What’s New ?
Summer Camp-Life skills for Children-
Institute for Indigenous America Studies
Xmas @ Yumwija   2018  Celebrating our Life  with Earth@ Indigenous Living Summit
Every year indigenous people are forced to watch or participate in European celebrations for unity an renewal during their life season of winter. We the life people of spring and summer tag along. This year was very hard on most indigenous people because they did not have the finances to live the dream promoted by media of a time for gift giving and possible receiving. Celebrating Christmas with Santa can be a very costly affair to say the least.
However Celebrating life with ceremony is a integral and seriously vital part of living with our life blood , as indigenous people for Centuries the purpose of celebration is to for our emotional renewal . Prosperity comes thru our emotions.
In this regard , We encourage our family members to make coming to ceremony a priority,. here are  the dates of indigenous celebration. We as indigenous people must show the same regard for out life renewal celebrations as Europeans take for theirs. Many people skip our life celebrations to go to work. Without emotional renewal we lose our ability to stop the drainage of life energy need to thrive instead of survive thru life, as a result keeps us in a negative position in life as human slaves,.  As conditioned  or cultivated   slaves   a person does not recognize what they need to support the emotions of their life blood.. It is time to change and get charged.

2018 Indigenous Living Summit August 12-20th
                    The Indigenous Living Summit 2017
                              from August 12-20th.
                                                                      i More info click here
more details go to Indigenous Living  Summit tab under Current Events.

Call 304-212-2362or admin@fiaah.org ,

Donation requested 100.00 /sliding fee or mutually acceptable exchange.Indigenous cuisine is included.
For more lodging details read below:
                        Summer Residency @ Yumwija
                                Reserve space Now!!!!


Annual  America Thanksgiving Celebration  October 29th 3pm
All the people of America are welcome to give thanks with our kinfolk to give thanks for life prosperity for the season of 2017. Last ceremony of the season.
from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (312) 878-3081

Access Code: 824-241-946
Summer Residency @ Yumwija
                                                                   The Tent
                                         The importance of the Tent
A tent is a portable shelter- until permanent shelter can be secured. It is your modern day Teepee. It is your  home/ shelter with Earth.
All members must have  an tent/teepee and sleeping comfort, needed to live with Earth. People who do not invest their inorganic money to help rebuild the support system needed for organic comfort will live in what they invest.
learn more:   http://indigenouslivingsummit.webs.com/camping-info
Residency at Yumwija
If a registrant finds they cannot manage their life in the inorganic system and they are members in good standing, they can come and live in a tent   at Yumwija and help with the upkeep of life at Yumwija.
                                         The only thing FREE on Earth is to live with the Earth.
                                             Members in good standing can come to stay with the Earth.
  Yumwija Residency levels;
Visitors- Free
Attending lecture or activity,  receive temporary week-end  residency. Excluding tent, or tent accommodations rental fees.
Tent rental: $25.00 weekend 4 person  dome tent
                        $35.00 mid  size dome tents  sleeps 4-6 people
                         $ 50.00 large cabin Tent sleeps 4-10 people
 Tent bedroom: 50.00 includes 2Oueen size air beds, light, pillows, sheets, water cooler with ice, flash light, private compost toilet. 2 chairs
Temporary Residents- FREE
  Bring your own teepee , access to use a space  of Earth and its Organic resources at  Yumwija. Here at Yumwija we will share organic  support- water, food we grow, but not inorganic support we have to acquire  money  to  pay for. Car, Electricity -phones computers, refrigerator gas cooking washing machines etc. Outdoor kitchen and shower only.
Temporary Residents with privileges;
Members have use of a space, and it organic resources plus use of inorganic resources,  electricity, community house cooking, refrigerator , washing machine if available, .
 Fee: $100.00   a month.$10.00  each additional member over 13 years of age. Payment in advance.
                               Community Residents Open Spaces;
Community  House Deck- open to all residents until 10pm
Campfire Circle-open all night.
Yumwija  Community Alliance- permanent residency at Yumwija
Please brimg coolers for personal refrigeration
1. Depending on the numbers of people- the sacred space will be opened for the Dust to dawn dance ceremony. we have dJs , drums and all musicians who want to play all night, around the fire. People can camp out in the sacred space and dance from dust to dawn.
2. Out door kitchen fully functional
3. to find out more go to indigenouslivingsummit.web.com to register. or call 304-212-2362 after July 15th

What to Bring !!!!!!
Communing with the Earth.  Sitting mat or pillow for sitting on ground, piece of plastic ,if ground is damp.
Bedding: We recommend 6' foam roll up sheets, airbeds  full or Queen, blankets, pillows, bed sheets, please make yourself comfortable.
Food: Ice chest coolers. There is no refrigeration for tents; please keep your personal food in your coolers, We recommend coolers that keep food cold  for 5 days

Showers: there is two outdoor shower stations-  for hot showers ; bring solar shower bags( note-less than 10.00)
Camping chair Portable folding chair 
Clothing:: please bring 2-pants or skirts  2-flip flops, light shoes , bathing suit & towel.4- tea shirts,  towel, 2-socks, shawl, or jacket, warm sleeping clothes , night can get cool due to the high oxygen level,   For workshops; gloves,sun hat, clothes to get dirty in or for painting. Indigenous cultural dressing  for Saturday night dancing.
 Please do not  wear heavy high top shoes  or sneakers, accidents will happen. keep it light Pack light.

That’s it,
What’s New ?
Introduction for children to basic living skills. Leave the children with us, all summer bring a tent if more than one child, the donation is 50.00 a week. . We have a wonderful art director for creative activities for everyone  to develop their emotional abilities..... Starting in June-September,  100.00 for 3 children, includes food , Moneys  donated will be used to pay staff. Parents interested should call the office for  list of what to bring ie air bed, or sleeping bag,pillow,flash light, solar light etc. No electronics..
Yumwija Arts & Culture Departments will consist of individuals who are interested in Enhancing, Educating, Enriching, and Enlightening our people through various arts forms uplifting, healing, educating, enjoying and contributing to the collective development of our culture.
If you are interested in participating in this exciting project and have talent in any of the following areas, we want to hear from you!  This is an opportunity to encourage each other by sharing the talents and gifts we have.   
Listed below are the activities we are planning:
                                          Music, Skits, Storytelling,
                                           Acting, Spoken Word, Drumming
                                           Dancing, Fashion/ Talent Show                                                              Paintings/Drawings, Comedy, MC
If you would like to get involved and have a desire to uplift and contribute to the healing of our nation, then email Aquachi at icyusing@hotmail.com with the following:
                                            Email Address
                                            Telephone Number
                                            How Many People Involved
                                            Why You Are Interested
                                            How Long Is Your Activity
Let’s give back to life, swallow our pride, and demonstrate to our young that we take ownership of Our Life!!!!

Community project; This year  projects are on going and we have so much to accomplish in the summer. All people registered with AHR can come and hang out with Earth at Yumwija and experience living organically.. We  live from the Earth. We have learned to let life create community, in this Building prototype of Earth houses  for Yumwija  community. and beyond. House will be competently Earth friendly  with all amenities,ie, hot water,shower, propane stove, electricity.  and cost effective...Volunteers welcome, Come and learn building skills
Summer Camp-Life skills for Children-
Introduction for children to basic living skills. Leave the children with us, all summer bring a tent if more than one child, the donation is 50.00 a week. . We have a wonderful art director for creative activities for everyone  to develop their emotional abilities..... Starting in June-September,  100.00 for 3 children, includes food , Moneys  donated will be used to pay staff. Parents interested should call the office for  list of what to bring ie air bed, or sleeping bag,pillow,flash light, solar light etc. No electronics..
Institute for Indigenous America Studies
Indigenous Therapy for  Healing Program- 
                     WE WILL HEAL OURSELVES
In this regard, I will accept 2 people with illness, who are ready to regain their health to serve as a part of Life at Yumwija for 6 weeks.
The person must be willing to regain their well being   with nature, learn how  to keep their health for life ,and help give others a alternative to intrusive and destructive ways  that lead to poor health  outcomes..

The program will start in  the beginning  of  June and again in August. The donations is 350 a week, this includes food, and lodging, the donations we receive will be used to create more housing  to hold more people. People interested in learning must register in the Indigenous Healers program at our Institute for Indigenous America Studies.
If you are interested, or know someone who is ready to Live for Life. Contact the office at 304-212-2362.

FIAAH  •  p.o.box527  •  princeton, WV 24740

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