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Easten Style for Easter Egg
Eastern Style
This time, inspiration came from the Eastern culture... in Spain.
Look at these Moorish tiles. The motifs are unbelievably beautiful. They are everywhere in Spain, especially in Andalucia: Seville, Granada, Cordoba... You can't take your eyes off them.

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Easter Egg
So I decided to knit or crochet this style. Surprisingly, I could not find any knitting or crochet patterns
of these motifs in Spain at all.
There's nothing in the
magazines or on
the net :-(
 No worries! I made my own :-)
The yarn for this holiday craft is, as in many cases, other projects leftovers.
An evening of work, and here you are! An Easter Egg in Eastern style!
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Why Moorish style in a Christian Easter Egg? 
Probably because I loved how these two different styles in Spain are interwoven into everything there: architecture, parks, fashion, etc ...

One of the most famous examples of Moorish architecture, the Mezquita or Grand Mosque of Cordoba, Spain, is today the region's Catholic cathedral. 
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Two in One
This crocheted sleeve can be used for any bottle or container after
Easter of course!
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Easter Crafts
Happy Easter and Happy Knitting!
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