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Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care
We Love Pets, Just Like You..
Happy April!
Happy Easter everyone! Hoping you all have a happy, safe and family filled holiday.
Remember, PAWFEST IS COMING IN MAY! FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE. This is a great opportunity to get your pups out to socialize. Stop by our booth and say hello, we’d love to see you!
Planning on adopting a bunny for Easter? Think again. Did you know that bunnies are one of the most abandoned pets in the United States? Learn more here.
Easter Hazards for the ASPCA click here
April is…
National Adopt a Greyhound Month
National Heartworm Awareness Month
National Pet First Aid Awareness Month
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month (ASPCA)
Bulldogs are Beautiful Day April 21st
National Pet ID Week April 16th -22nd
National Kids and Pets Day April 26th
Hairball Awareness Day April 28th
Adopt a Shelter Pet Day April 30th
Hugs and Happy Tails,
Terie Hansen
Owner-Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care
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5 Spring Pet Safety Tips

Spring is just around the corner and with it a host of hazardous things for your pet to get into! Here are some tips on keeping pets safe this spring.

Plants are springing forth and unless you know exactly what’s what, keep your dog from eating, chewing and even digging around plants, mushrooms etc. Things like daffodil bulbs, crocus, Lily of the Valley, Hyacinth, Iris and more are all spring blooming and as such pose a threat to your pet. For an in depth poisonous plant list click here.       
Snakes Alive! It’s hatchling season and you may have noticed that baby snakes are out and about. Snakes are obviously dangerous for your dog or cat but baby snakes are even more dangerous because they haven’t yet learned to regulate the amount of venom they inject when lashing out to defend themselves against an unsuspecting dog or cat. So typically they inject all they have.
Read more here.
Terie Hansen, Professional Dog Trainer, Pet Sitter & Owner at Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care-may be reached at 404-422-9832
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Sitter Spotlight!
Position: Pet Sitter/Dog Walker
Best Part of Job: The best part of my job is having the most loyal and loving friends in the whole world. Dogs rule! My fur friends are always happy to see me and greet me with lots of wags and purrs! We always have fun and the time we have is never enough! Loves and belly rubs all the way for all my furry friends.
Hobbies: When I am not doing something related to animals, I enjoy television and the occasional trip to Cherokee for blackjack!--
Top 5 Reasons Your Cat Pees
Outside the Litterbox and
How to Resolve Them
If you’ve owned a cat you may have experienced a time when your cat eliminated outside their box. When this happens, it can be a sign that a problem exists. It’s best to get to the bottom of things quickly before your cat develops a preference for eliminating elsewhere. Here are the top 5 reasons your cat may be peeing outside their box.
  1. Urinary tract infection- If you notice your cat licking a lot, straining to pee or producing only small amounts of urine he may have a UTI.  Feline UtI can have your cat feeling an urgency to urinate, causing your cat to associate the discomfort with using her litter box.   Read more here.
Terie Hansen, Professional Dog Trainer, Pet Sitter & Owner at Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care-may be reached at 404-422-9832
Pet of the Month
Meet Kona and Mac! Both of these cuties are so sweet! It takes a few minutes for them to warm up but if you give them a few treats they will love you forever. Kona is the big fur sister to Mac. They both enjoy playing with their pink pig and like to play fetch with it. Mac loves to lay in your lap and snuggle with you, as does Kona when Mac let's her! These two will steal your heart!
Recipe of the Month

Spring brings out the zest for lemons!  Check
out this yummy Lemon Monkey Bread Recipe.
It is super easy and great for family gatherings!
Check out recipe here.
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