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Early Reg Ends, Boundaries and Bubbles
May 20/21  - SpiritDrum© Drum Making Workshop
Birthing your sacred medicine drum
"SpiritDrum" Drum Making Workshop 
SAT & SUN - May 20/21 2017, 10AM-5PM
Balance Arts Center, 34 West 28th St, 3 fl  

Create your own sacred medicine tool for self development, healing, and a gift to share in your community Join Olivia Olkowski in creating a sacred medicine object, a Spirit Drum of your own. We will each vision the medicine that needs to be birthed into your life. 
Create hands-on your own medicine tool with making a sacred Spirit Drum. If you wish to deepen your personal shamanic practice the drum is the heartbeat to gain insight, wisdom and profound healing and teachings. 
Weekend Workshop: $295
Supply Costs are an additional fee and are limited.
Sign-up early!, limited space.
Open to all levels and traditions, no previous experience is required.

Register Here for Workshop 
Please read Spirit Guides info below, and make your exact selection of hide/side by April 19.
Deer/Horse: 15"/$130; 18"/$150.

Elk/Buffalo: 15"/$150; 18"/$170
Please select your preferred supplies, Olivia will confirm with your specific hide/size supplies are still available:
TERMS: Please note, this workshop will have NO REFUNDS due to supplies being ordered.
Spirit Guides (to order your selected size/hide for the workshop, click on animal name for payment link)
Deer Medicine: When we are working on the natural laws of circulation – the circulatory system, the Heart – then Deer is our Medicine. Many of us are taught to figure life out, and live in our heads with little attention to our hearts. We suffer from "poverty consciousness", the belief that there is just not enough time, money or love to go around. Deer opens the heart chakra, teaching us to trust and to empower the feminine quality of love and wisdom. Drumming with Deer reminds us that we live in an abundant universe with more than enough of everything. Deer helps us learn the laws of circulation –when we feel unloved, it is time to love others and feel that love returned many fold.
Horse Medicine Horse takes us on the Shamanic Journey, keeping us in third dimensional reality so we may ride the vibration to the spirit world to get the healing we need for ourself and others. Horse is pure energy – Like lightning, it can transport us quickly through the cracks and crevices to the other side. Drumming with Horse will lead us to trance states and to the higher vibrations.
Elk Medicine When we are working in the West on the Medicine Wheel – the Water, Emotions, Chaos, Shadow Self – then Elk medicine gives us the stamina and endurance to get through the edges -- from the Known to the Unknown. As we go through our fears, we expand ourselves and add more trust to our circle. Trust is the lubricant that helps us take the "leap of faith" that leads us to unity with Spirit, and to a reclaiming of our original grace. Elk is powerful medicine for healing child abuse and addictive patterns. The Elk will bring up our unresolved grief, and help purify and cleanse us through grieving and crying our sweet tears. The vibration of Elk opens the third Chakra, the belly, where we carry our fears and undigested values that interfere with our pure will. The Elk is a communal animal, hanging out with members of the same sex except during mating season.
Buffalo Medicine When we seek wisdom and guidance from the Ancient Ones, the Ancestors that came before us, drumming the Buffalo opens the door to that vibration.  Buffalo is associated with Wisdom and Abundance and is the source of the Sacred Pipe, as White Buffalo Calf Woman brought the Pipe to the People.When we pray with the Pipe, we are joining the masculine Sky energy with the feminine Earth energy, and whatever we pray for will be given.  If we are manifesting from Spirit to Form, drumming with Buffalo is an ally in that intention, reminding us of the connection of prayer (Spirit) to form (Physical).
22 - 10th Annual - World Peace Earth Day Celebration and Benefit, 2017

29/30 - Accelerated Path: Condor Medicine©-
A 6-month Apprenticeship of Peruvian traditional teachings
11/18 - Boundaries and Bubbles, Protection and Clearing Hands-on workshop Evening series
20/21 SpiritDrum© Drum Making Workshop Weekend,
Part 1 SPIRITDRUM© Drum Making Workshop (sign-up before April 19to select preferred exact hide/size).
Keep posted for dates in June/July– Part 2: SPIRITDRUM©: SpiritDrum Painting 1-Day Wksp. 
Part 3: SPIRITDRUM© Sound Wksp, with voice and songs.

Contact Olivia for more information
May 11 and 18 - Boundaries and Bubbles, Protection and Cleansing
boundaries and bubbles
Protection and Cleansing

with Olivia Olkowski
May 11 and 18 • Two Evenings 6:30-9:30pm
Energy Exchange: $110
LOCATION: Balance Arts Center, 34 West 28th Street
This two-part workshop is for anyone who works with the public. Many healthcare workers, acupuncturists, therapists, sales people, healers receptionists, bankers—all meet and work with people every day, and can pick-up energies, emotions, entities from being in someone else’s energy bubble.
Other healing practitioners have approached me to learn more about keeping healthy boundaries, protection and cleansing.
In this workshop series, we will learn how to—
• Do deep cleansings
• Build up your energy bubble so things will not get into yours
• Learn ways to protect oneself
• Sense when stuff is your's or another's
• Learn ways of dowsing
Limited space available.  Sign up early!
To register or more information, contact Olivia:
Register Here
Spring 2017 -   Condor Medicine Apprenticeship Program
Begins APRIL 2017 - A 6-month Intensive Program
Accelerate Path:
ondor Medicine Apprenticeship 

with Olivia Olkowski   Only 1 spot left
(Note: Only offered every two years)

Locations: Midtown NYC, NYC Parks & Upstate New York

Immerse yourself in traditional shamanic teachings from the high Andes of Peru. Explore the ancient teachings of the Incas, learn Andean “cosmology” to enrich your connection to nature, and the Elementals. On this sacred path, you will explore yourself, bridge the past with the future and learn to “be” one with Nature. Learn to draw strength and connection to nature and spirit allies.

In this training you will:
• Learn the cosmology teachings of the Incan traditions
• Learn in-depth “Mesa” (altar) teachings
• Learn how to cleanse yourself and others
• As part of the workshop, you will have a private 2-hr shamanic healing session with Olivia, this will help you start your teachings with renewed energy
• How to work, keep and empower with “Kuyas” sacred stones
• Learn to create “Despacho” blessings, building a deep connection to the cosmos
• Experience Initiations and Sacred Ceremonies
• Heal “patterns” that no longer serve you
• Open inner vision and your third-eye
• Work in nature and explore yourself in a Vision Quest weekend
• Walk away with a new perspective of yourself and the world

Starts April 29/20; May 27/28, June 10/11, July 8/9; Aug 19/20;
• Vision Quest Weekend: Sept 22-24, or Sept 30/Oct 1 (depending on the group that forms)
Limited enrollment accepted.

INVESTMENT for 6-month Peruvian Shamanic Training Apprenticeship $2,800 
Payment Plan: 4 payments of $700, see details.

If interested in this rare opportunity, please inquire with Olivia
For more information
April 22 - 10th Annual, World Peace Earth Day
PLANET HEART, A Project of We, The World presents

"Awakening Humanity’s Consciousness as One,
Celebrating Our Planet, Healing our Heart"

Save the Date!
SATURDAY APRIL 22, 2017    6:30 PM (Sharp)- 10:00 PM
Doors open 6PM for Registration
Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew  263 West 86th Street (Corner West End Ave. 86st)
Produced by Andrew Kaen in Association with We, The World (fiscal sponsor) & Jodi Serota.
To support this cause, I will be there presenting and offering items for sale at a table.

Come join us in NYC for A Very Special Evening with our Conscious Community as we Gather in Unity Honoring Mother Earth & The New Earth. 

Listen to Inspirational Talks, Experience Live Music Performances, and Inspired Poetry along with Guided Meditations. 

Heal, Awaken & be Ignited through Vibrational Sound Activations & Inner Shamanic Journeys, as well. 

There will be Vendors, & Celebrations & Prayers for World Peace, Planet Earth & All Inhabitants. 

All Are Welcome! Please Share!

FULL DETAILS - Presenters, Musicians, Vendors
Price: $25 (pre-paid by April 21st) or $33 cash only at door. (No Refunds).
Email: EarthDay@WeTheWorld.Org, Call: 212-222-5432. 
Get Your Tickets Here:
At the event, my
OhOlivia table will have items will be available for sale—

Handcrafted Jewelry, Crystals, Shamanic and Indigenous Items. Cash/Credit Cards Accepted
There will be Delicious Food items offered for purchase at the event.
New Offerings,
One-of-a-kind creations available at the Oh! Olivia Shop at 
Balance Arts Center, 34 West 28th Street, 3 floor.
Druzy Sea Foam Chalcedony, AAA Gem Rhodochrosite, Baroque Pearl, Pink Sapphire, Kyanite, Fine Rutile Aquamarine from India, Chrysoprase Gem from Australia, Blue Lace Agate, Rose Quartz, and more...Many have healing energies supporting the heart, clarity, help with bringing joy and love into your life. Sexy, feminine and all natural non heat-treated nor colored gemstones.



Also, Crystal Body Layout Sets:
A special selection to open up pathways for your future–
Higher Love©, Manifesting your Passion©, Erasing your Shadowy Past©, New Day©.
Also mini- Moldavite specimens, mini- Buddha pendant, and more.
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Spirit Rock Shamanic Healing  •  66 Madsion Ave  •  New York, NY 10016

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