Sorry for the late notice.  If you join our MEET UP Page, you will be notified of our play dates the moment they are announced.  Unfortunately, it takes me a little longer to get a newsletter together, so my newsletter friends are the last to know.  So if you are interested in joining us in Atlanta, at future play dates, please make sure you join this meetup group.  We also announce playdates on our FACEBOOK page (link on the home page of our website    Details will be in the Meet UP for the playdate. Using MEET UP  is FREE for you and they even have a free APP.  It just makes life a little easier to do last minute play dates.  We will meet at Pinckneyville Dog park in Norcross, GA on Saturday May 13, at 1pm .  Please respond if you are coming by using the MEET UP LINK below.
Hopefully, you remember sweet Mac that came into our rescue back in February I believe.  Mac's story was this...Mac came to us from Memphis.  Turned in by his family this sweet boy just didn't seem to like being around 2 young kids under 5 and with baby on the way, the family felt best to re-home him.  We had found out that Mac had heartworms right before he came in to our rescue.  Mac came to live with our rescue President Betsy. He did very well with her senior dogs at the house.  He loved being loved on and getting attention and really liked sleeping in the bed with his foster parents.  
Mac went through Heartworm treatment under Betsy's care and did very well. We also found Mac the perfect home.  Ellen and Gib had seen information on Mac and had lost their sheepie a few months earlier.  They were very interested in him, especially now that their home had been without a sheepdog for awhile.  The weekend of April 1st Mac moved to Jackson, MS where he now gets to go to his dad's photography studio every week day and loves seeing his mom later in the day.  He is spoiled, happy and has even had a few play dates with another sheepie that was placed through us in Jackson. We are very happy that Mac has found his forever home.   
AVAILABLE:  BUZZEE (the tripod)
Buzzee came into a Birmingham, AL shelter back in January.  We actually didn't get to take him in our rescue at the time, but we had tried real hard. Another rescue got him first.  Buzzee was a stray and definitely had had a rough few months, year, who knows how long he had been on his own.  We just know he was matted to the bone and he was dragging a leg a bit, but seemed nice.   After a few months, I was contacted by the shelter that if we wanted him, they would be glad to transfer him to us, the current foster who had him, had a senior dog that really didn't appreciate another dog in their home.  I'm so happy they contacted us.  
His leg that had been so lame, had been removed (possibly had been hit by a car), and he was under slow kill treatment for heartworms as well. When dogs come in our rescue, if they have heartworms, we do a full kill for the heartworms which is very expensive, but fully kills the Heartworms.  It makes it easier on the dog's adoption if they don't have that issue against them, so that is why we don't usually do a slow kill solution (which is keeping the dog on heartguard, but it can take over a year for the heartworm kill to occur). 
Buzzee can play with other dogs, but prefers being a bit of a loner.  His main desire has never been the other dogs, because he prefers to be near his person.  His back leg is missing now, but don't worry, he can run and play like a normal dog and we have video of it.  Dogs are amazingly adaptable when it comes to losing a limb.  
That being said, a home without other dogs is preferred, but others will be considered.  Homes without a lot of steps (home checks will be done if possible) and preferably a fence are preferred.  Down the road some wheels might be considered for anyone who gets to adopt this cool dog. Wheels are good as a back up plan if something happens to the other leg, and also helps in taking care of the posture of the dog and makes it easier for someone to walk a tripod.  It should be noted that dogs with a missing back leg run better than they walk, walking can be a bit taxing on the joints. 
We think Buzzee is around 5, he is a male, neutered and up to date on shots. He should be available for adoption by mid May.  If you are interested in him, please fill out an application on our home page at ADOPTION FORM LINK
We would like to say thank you for the  many SPONSORS  we have had to cover BUZZEE's heartworm treatment. SPONSORS help us cover the expensive costs that come with Heartworm Treatment  and other medical issues that may come up.  We have a paypal link on our home page at   Find the paypal link and give us a donation if you are so inclined.  We certainly appreciate it.
Thank you to our foster home with Linda Crews and her family in Birmingham, AL. who gladly opened up their home (and they have many dogs to play with, Buzzee just prefers to not play).  He has shown some interest in chasing the cat.

We are after all a 501c3, any donation is tax deductible and well this is how we subsidize all our medical funds for pups in need!  Our reserves are lower than they have been in 8 years. 
Donations can be made by visiting our website at oand hitting the "donate" button.  This takes you to paypal and you can sign in as a one time user, so you do not have to set up an account or you can send one to:OESRNSE
Attn:  Carolyn Vaisin
12878 Saddlebrook Circle
Fairhope, AL  36532
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