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Citizens Against Harmful Technology
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Citizens Against Harmful Technology Newsletter
Actively Participate In Educating the Public
May 7, 2017
Thank you all for your support. Blessings to you all!
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Please share your stories, it doesn't have to be your whole life story, just an incident. What are your torturers doing to you today? Have you been diminished in artificial ways with microwave technology?  Are you having problems with doctors?  Also, please send copies of your injuries, burns, etc. so we can publish.
Please print a copy of this newsletter and any newsletters you wish to maintain.  Just having them in your email won't save them. You can also copy them into a Word Document with .2 margins.

TALKSHOE:  Sunday at 8:30 P.M. East Coast, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 W Coast
(724) 444-7444, Call ID for CAHT: 134999 Pin 1#, Moderator: Neal
If you wish to send a donation in the form of a check or money order, please send an email to and you will be sent a physical address. We no longer have the FEDEX po box.

MEMBERSHIPS:  Membership is $25 per year.
Membership DOES NOT include mailing of hard copies of the newsletter. Please arrange a payment for hard copies by emailing your request to

DONATIONS: Donations can be in any amount and can be sent through PayPal or credit cards.
In This Issue
SHIELDING:  Linqstat
ACTIVIST:  May 24th & 25th
VIDEO: Lockheed Martin behind Stalking
ULTRASONIC:  Silent Communication
WEBSITE:  Psychophysical Torture
WEBSITE: Therapist Cathy Meadows
COMPUTING: HPE Unveils New Computer
ARTICLE:  Transplant Technology
ACTIVIST: Petition for FBI to Stop Spying
ENVIRONMENT: The Ocean Cleanup Technology- 12 months away
Spiritual Thoughts: Words of Comfort
Activism/Support Groups
SHIELDING:  Linqstat
A Linqstat order is on its way. If you are interested, please email Neal to order.
If you have a tent, you can just tape some pieces of Linqstat together and drape them over the tent. You could make it the exact shape as the rain cover. You can ground it to an outlet, to a ground with a banana clip or attach a TENS electrode to it to create an energy field through the material. Using a tent structure that's already got places to attach the Linqstat make it a lot easier. You can even get a simple one and put it on your bed to drape the Lingstat over. Completely covering an already-made tent  like this one with Linqstat is pretty easy and you can just put the TENS pad on the outside of it and "light it up", keeping the frequencies on the outside.
ACTIVIST:  May 24th & 25th
CAHT has provided the Directed Energy Weapon brochures to give out at this event.
To maintain your evidence, make 2-3 copies and place it in different places, on external hard drives, cloud storage or disks. You can also create an email address just for pictures and attach them to emails and send them to yourself. The evidence you gather is very important.  So please share your story and pictures at

I have another incident to tell you about:
After a number of scary electronic harassment events, losing my job, smashing all of my devices and discovering a crimestoppers tracking device in my minivan, I decided to grab some clothing and my dog and leave _______, ________ for the safety of my parents' house. I moved out the day I turned 18 and I had never been back except to visit. I'm 35 now. I was so scared that I was willing to drive 14 hours to hide out in their basement for weeks- maybe forever.

Eventually I mustered the nerve to recruit my sister to join me for a trip to my home in Topeka with the goal of packing my belongings and pulling up my roots in Topeka. She -along with everyone else in my world- was skeptical of my stories and pretty much thought I had lost my mind and succumbed to paranoia and was nothing but delusional...until she was attacked too.

We had stayed up all night, talking, catching up, and at about 5:30 in the morning we had a piece of paper and had been writing down a pros and cons list titled 'moving away from Topeka' - she had convinced me that it wasn't so scary here after all...

Our conversation shifted again to religion; she has faith, which she questions. I am a geologist and detest religion. I was probably arguing my side of the centuries old rhetoric when:

Suddenly her phone, which was sitting untouched between us on the couch, charging, lit up by itself and on the screen was about 6 lines of text on an otherwise black screen. This 6 lines of text contained bits and pieces of a conversation that we had had 18 hours prior while driving from Wyoming. It was garbled, mostly not English except for the words "Satan" "demons" and maybe "evil" tossed in the gibberish. My sister asked "are you seeing this?!?" To which I could only nod...

Then a voice emitted from the device and in a motherly-like tone a male voice said "NOW, NOW" with inflection that could only be described as a chiding warning. similar to "tsk tsk". Then the messsge disappeared and the phone silenced itself again.

My sister recoiled, then retreated into herself. I sat patiently and let her come to grips in her own time, wondering honestly, if she was going to be able to handle the attack or if she had just been pushed over the edge of sanity into the realm of craziness and terror. She sat with her head in her hands, knees pulled to her chest, rocking herself on the couch for about twenty minutes before she was able to form any words or let herself back into the harsh reality of my living room.

We sat together in silence, too terrified to speak until the sun came up. I was horrified, but also relieved to have been finally validated by this experience. I finally had someone who understood that everything that I had been saying actually had TRUTH behind it. She didn't think I was crazy anymore.

She ripped up that pros and cons list and even though I offered to just leave everything and never come back, she insisted on staying and helping me to pack my belongings and put everything in storage before we high-tailed it out of that hell-hole.
In addition to the SIRI incident, "they" changed the "owner" designation in the about section of my iPhone from "____________'s iPhone" to read "Top Station 2's iPhone". Not sure if that was on purpose or a glitch in their system, but I responded by replacing their statement to "mine, not yours!". A week later they changed it from my new assertion that it was mine, to "ours, not yours"...taunting me.
There is no doubt that these changes were done by remotely accessing my device and NOT by someone I knew who had gained physical access to my device.
Have you ever heard anything like this??? Anyone else share similar stories? I would love to be connected with anyone you're aware of who has had similar invasions...

VIDEO: Lockheed Martin behind Stalking

Ex NSA Employee Whistleblower Exposes Lockheed Martin BOMBSHELL!!!!!

Lockheed Martin runs stalking networks in 47 states. The head of this stalking network is William Patrick Cox, with Home Business Franchises in that name. Who owns these companies?


5240.1R Dept of Defense Oversight Program
National Defense Authorization Act of 2017 explained
Executive Order EO 22333

CIA's AR 2-2
ULTRASONIC:  Silent Communication

Silently ‘speak’ to someone across the room with an ultrasonic beam

The prototype translates facial muscle movement into ultrasonic words.
If you ever wanted to whisper across a crowded room, a new experimental device might let you deliver sneaky instructions. Researchers at the University of Bristol built a wearable that translates facial expression into ultrasonic words that can be heard up to 30 meters away.
The device's current version is still a prototype, consisting of a speaker worn on the forehead or chest and electrodes placed on the lips and jaw. Those pick up electrical signals made by muscles in the face while a person talks, meaning someone wouldn't have to actually speak for the device to translate motion into words. The researchers used a machine learning algorithm that recognizes which muscular signals produce certain words. Those are emitted by wearable speakers at ultrasonic frequencies in a beam so narrow only those in its path would hear it.
The system is still very much in development: it can only recognize ten basic words and only got them right 80 percent of the time. But it could be useful for anyone in the market to speak securely over distance, like spies or soldiers in the field. It's a neat development in the field of nonverbal communication, the kind of research akin to Disney's experiments a few years ago sending messages through electric current.

Gaia Ethnobotanical!

Our Kratom is ethically harvested in a sustainable manner in which we only pick from the tallest trees and the most mature leaves. We have the finest Speciosa in the business, and also follow the strict processing and manufacturing standards to the highest of all levels.
Each batch is tested for quality control and we maintain a testing group of roughly 30 people.
We carry 29 strains and blends from the best regions, jungles, and plantations, and have exclusive village rights to certain land and jungles that no one else can pick from. We stand by our quality and our powder Maeng Da Pimp grade flour grind.
WEBSITE:  Psychophysical Torture
Types of Weapons
Electromagnetic Weapons: Non-Lethal Weapons 
ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) Weapons
Directed Energy Weapons
Acoustic Weapons

Psychotronic Weapons
RF (Radio Frequency)Weapons

Soft Kill Weapons

How it affects (Physical & psycho-physical damages):

  • Physical damage, visible results achieved at the moment of influence.
  • Burns, pricks, cuts, wounds (ray weapons, laser)
  • Bleeding into the brain (laser ray with energy pulses of 40 joules) and on the skin energy in pulses: 3 - 100 joules)
  • Blindness in the eyes, loping of eyelashes (laser ray)
  • loss of memory (influence of frequency up to 100 Hz. and reduction to 5 Hz.)
  • Destruction of the vestibulary [inner ear] apparatus, spatial orientation
  • Symptoms with a large exposure and strength, paralysis (UBCh) in the area of the beginning of the spinal column
  • Irregular sleeping, heart-beating
  • Numbness of the hands; at night, cramping of the legs
  • Sharp decrease in hemoglobin, micro-burns to the skin, ionization of the blood and body fluids, an increase in the deterioration rate of clothing material, photographic material [illuminating], (thermal-electronic emissions from lamps in the room with the feeding units of electrical networks and fittings of the wall
  • Vibration technology (separate organs can vibrate: the heart, kidneys, etc.)
  • pressure, coolness of the skin
  • feelings of non-specific fear and panic (from the weapons) tremors, tapping, destruction of fragile objects from the waves, from the impulses and from other manifestations of technological poltergeist
Stage I
Psycho-physical damage depending on intensity and duration of effects. Damage in the physical sphere (up to programmed premature death).
  • changes in the blood (early signs)
  • overheating substances especially and increase in crystallization, leading to cataracts (early sign)
  • ill reactions along the path of the bio-energetic potential from the effects
  • prickly sensations, tremors to the muscles of the feet
  • aggravation of chronic illnesses
  • internal bleeding (nose, stomach, gynecological)
  • auditory tones of various frequencies
  • sharp pain in the internal ear
  • dull pains in the area behind the ears
    internal trembling, vibrations
  • head pain and warmness in temple area, pain in the eye-sockets
  • likelihood of miscarriage, an increase of 80% for chances of premature births, anomalous development of the fetus, often with defective brains
Stage II
"Radio-sound" effect (before this is long-conducted the resonance-loosening of spinal and brain fluids at the frequency of 2-10 Hz. for maintaining the fluids of the skull and brain in stimulation
  • steady reactions to all aspects of coding
  • lowering of energy (observed with irradiation at the frequency carrying frequencies of ~780 Hz.and amplitude modulation ~71 Hz.)
  • aggravation of dermatosis
  • eye pains (cataracts, asymmetry in lenses of the eyes, puffiness of the retinas )
  • aggravation of the course of chronic illnesses
  • destruction of the functions of the kidneys, liver, organs of digestion, circulatory system, bleeding in gingivae, gums, peridontal and others
  • gauntness
  • "sand" in the eyes, burning sensation, loss of hair, brittleness of nails
  • compression pain in the heart fits of coughing
  • changes of the color of the face (bronze shading of the skin)
  • asymmetrical puffiness of the face
  • disfiguration of the face, the intentional emaciation of separate muscles, cartilage
  • syndromes of destruction to the external nerves of the thighs
  • impotence
Stage III
  • destruction of the brain, irreversible changes to the structure of the brain (academician V.P. Bekhtereva)
  • irreversible processes in the muscle material, in the bones of the skull, and in the structures of neurons "..minimalization of life" --external reaction to EMP appears as an illness, up to heavy, sharp, chronic, organic pathological processes (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)
  • "..the entire speeding up of the aging process, sclerosis, oncogenesis (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)
  • destruction of bio-chemical processes in the cells with distrophic changes in the organs (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)
  • destruction of the cell membranes, chemical connections in the cells -leading to leukemia, cancer of the brain and prostate gland, breast cancer, (even with weak EMP, but of long duration "...the genetic apparatus is altered..." (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)
  • the reflex activities are destroyed
  • the functioning of the hormonal system is destroyed
  • Parkinson's disease (trembling of the hands) and Alzheimer's disease (from changes in the production of the hormone melanin ([...] gland) that causes degenerative changes in substances at the molecular level disfunctions of the sino-atrial node of the heart (even with a low frequency)
  • infarction, cerebral thrombosis, osteoparose, peridontal, sugar diabetes
  • allergies
  • epilepsy (especially caused by the multiple-rapid stimulation by a weak, low frequency waves)
  • hypertension, hypotension
  • programmed or instantaneous (with the subjection to extreme effects -up to the border of deadly conditions) premature death --it is well known by the experimentors that cases of death do occur (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)
  • a decrease and dying off of the population, humanity, mankind

    Damage in the mental sphere (up to the point of insanity)
Stage I
  • manifestations of depression
  • lowering in the interest in perceived information
  • shortness of temper (irritability)
Stage II
  • steady depression
  • lowering of abilities for analytical thinking, some worsening of the memory
  • symptoms of chronic fatigue
  • superficial nature of sleep
  • higher incidents of conflicts
Stage III
  • confusion in the accounting of events in real life
  • loss of ability for analytical thinking
  • lowering and a loss of memory
  • feelings of the lack of sleep
  • indifference to personal external appearance [...]
  • lowering of self-control from the deficit of the hormone seratonin due to SVCh irradiation
  • suicide (as the experimentors "practice" provocation techniques)
  • "...invisible weak fields ...their ignoring that they are carrying with them a deadly danger"... "...people simply start going crazy and nobody understands why..." (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)
WEBSITE: Therapist Cathy Meadows
Cathy Meadows who is a TI therapist. She knows many of their strategies and gives good pep talks. You might want to list her on your newsletter. 707-720-7137
COMPUTING: HPE Unveils New Computer

Technical Specifications

The new prototype builds on the achievements of The Machine research program, including:
  • 160 TB of shared memory spread across 40 physical nodes, interconnected using a high-performance fabric protocol.
  • An optimized Linux-based operating system (OS) running on ThunderX2, Cavium’s flagship second generation dual socket capable ARMv8-A workload optimized System on a Chip.
  • Photonics/Optical communication links, including the new X1 photonics module, are online and operational.
  • Software programming tools designed to take advantage of abundant persistent memory.
ARTICLE:  Transplant Technology
Scientists:  Cryogenically Frozen Brains Will Be Transplanted Into Donor Bodies Within Three Years
April 27, 2017

People who have had their brains cryogenically frozen could be ‘woken up’ within three years, a pioneering Italian surgeon has claimed. Professor Sergio Canavero, Director of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, is aiming to carry out the first human head transplant within 10 months and then wants to begin trials on brain transplants. If the procedures are successful, he believes that frozen brains could be thawed and inserted into a donor body.
Hundreds of people who are dying or paralysed have had their bodies or brains cryogenically preserved in the hope that medical science will be able to bring them back to life and cure their conditions.
Although many experts are skptical that huge organs like the brain can be thawed without damage, Prof Canavero said he believes the first frozen head could soon be resurrected.
Speaking to the German magazine Ooom, he said he planned to awaken patients frozen by the Alcor Life Extension Foundation which is based in Arizona.
“We will try to bring the first of the company’s patients back to life, not in 100 years. As soon as the first human head transplant has taken place, i.e. no later than 2018, we will be able to attempt to reawaken the first frozen head,” said Prof Canavero.
“We are currently planning the world’s first brain transplant, and I consider it realistic that we will be ready in three years at the latest.
ACTIVIST: Petition for FBI to Stop Spying
Make the FBI Stop Spying on Activists
In a blatant attempt to intimidate peaceful protesters and discourage First Amendment-protected activities, FBI and DHS agents visited peaceful activists asking about their plans for the Republican National Convention.
The FBI and DHS have conducted ongoing surveillance of nonviolent social justice activists for years. They have engaged confidential informants, infiltrated groups, and interrogated organizers. 

Please sign this petition to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees:

Fulfill Congress’s oversight role by investigating the FBI and DHS surveillance of activists and political organizations. The U.S. government should never subject Americans to surveillance for exercising basic Constitutional rights.
ENVIRONMENT: The Ocean Cleanup Technology- 12 months away
Photo credit:
Sabrina Mueller, Contributor
Waking Times
Today, Boyan Slat, CEO and founder of The Ocean Cleanup, announced The Next Phase to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Initially, Slat predicted clean up would begin in 2020, but with the new modifications and funding, he promised today to begin clean up within the next 12 months!
Slat is a 22 year old Dutch inventor and entrepreneur, who has been passionate about the oceans for many years. At just 19, Slat dropped out of college to pursue his passion to clean up the ocean and founded The Ocean Cleanup. Slat designed his model knowing that traditional ocean clean-up methods would require thousands of years and billions of dollars. Consequently, he knew he needed to develop a technology that would utilize the ocean’s currents to help collect trash.
Why move through the ocean, if the ocean can move through you?
Ocean garbage patches are vast but dispersed. By acting like an artificial coastline, we passively concentrate the plastic by orders of magnitude, 100% powered by natural ocean currents. (source).
In 2014, Slat launched the most successful crowdfunding campaign in history at that time. He raised two million dollars from over 38,000 funders from 160 countries in 100 days! Furthermore, at the beginning of May 2017, Slat announced that The Ocean Cleanup successfully raised $21.7 million to begin the trails of their pilot system in the Pacific Ocean (source).
“Our mission is to rid the world’s oceans of plastic, and this support is a major leap forward towards achieving this goal. Thanks to the generous support of these funders, the day we’ll be returning that first batch of plastic to shore is now in sight.” – Boyan Slat, Founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup
To date, The Ocean Cleanup has raised a total of $31.5 million. The project is looking for partners to help fund the systems. If you would like to contribute, please click here.
Spiritual Thoughts: Words of Comfort
John 14:
[1] Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.
[2] In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
[3] And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.
[4] And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.
[5] Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way?
[6] Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
[7] If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him.
[8] Philip saith unto him, Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us.
[9] Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father?
[10] Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.
[11] Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or else believe me for the very works' sake.
[12] Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.
[13] And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
[14] If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.
[15] If ye love me, keep my commandments.
[16] And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;
Activism/Support Groups
Denver, Colorado
Area Support Group
Contact:  Xontu Garcia
Atlanta, Georgia
Support Group Meetin
Saturday, May 13, 2017
Contact:  Carol Dimas
Phone:  470-312-6578
Chicago, Illinois
The Chicago area Support Group – Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin
Location: Hammond Public Library
564 State Street
Hammond, Indiana
  Contact Shavon at

or Candace at
New York City Support Group
Contact:  Angel Acevedo
Phone: 646-806-8654
Houston, Texas
  For more information, you may contact
  Tereza Dutta -

Seattle, Washington
Location: Broadview Branch Library at:

12755 Greenwood Ave. N.
Seattle, Washington 98133-7901

For more information, you may contact
Laura Solway - 206-365-6139
Curtis Kimble – 817-901-8720

Portland, Oregon
Sunday, June 4, 2017

3:30-5:00 PM
Hollywood District Public Library
4040 Northeast Tillamook
Portland, Oregon
Contact person;  Amy – 971-207-3401

South Carolina
  For more information, you may contact
  Gail -

An Announcement To The Whole World By Chinese Victims
Of Electronic And Psychotronic Weapons

Please email if you wish to add any call to this list. We want as many listings as possible to keep you in touch with the support you need.
 TALKSHOE:  744-7444

     Neal for Citizens Against
     Harmful Technology
8:30 p.m. Eastern

3 pm Eastern
     Derrick for PACTS
code 116202
6 pm Eastern

9 pm Eastern
     Su Maya

1 712- 775- 7031
367 668 644#
People can call, sign in, or just listen to the show by radio streaming at:
9 pm Eastern
     Mike Mason
641.715.0632 code 116202
6 pm Eastern


     Dr. Millicent Black
      Church Conference Call


6 pm Eastern
     Ella - Activism call

4 pm Pacific
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January 3, 2016
December 27, 2015
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