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Spring Into Summer
Once again around the seasons (and the Maypole)
This is a short greeting of the season and a reminder that Earthaven’s double mission includes both the development of a community-based permaculture lifestyle and the educational offerings that serve and emerge from that experience.
Please follow the links to the websites that describe in much more detail who and what is on the agenda in the coming months!
Beltaine - one of Earthaven’s favorite celebrations!
by Melissa Lemoing (aka River Otter)
On Sunday, April 30, we celebrated Beltaine, or May Day, the holiday mid-way between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, which celebrates the full flowering of the powerful energy of Springtime. In lighting the Bel-fire together we take part in an ancient and universal ritual of community healing and intention. These sacred magical fires were found in cultures from Europe to China, from Africa to the Middle East, and across Native America.

                                           Maypole dancers at Earthaven, 2017
Native peoples on this continent had a version of the Maypole to celebrate the awakening springtime before the season of the planting of the corn. For both young women and young men, it was symbolic of their commitment to care for and nurture each other and the Web of All Our Interconnected Relations, honoring the gifts each brings.
Early European Maypoles used strips of red and white cloth ribbon. Their entwining represents the union of the creative forces that rise within us, and was considered a spell for the healing and balance of the community. There is no Christian equivalent for Beltaine; it is “the people’s holiday,” established in nations around the globe as the ultimate workers’  holiday.
River Otter (aka Melissa Lemoing) is our Outreach Coordinator, among her many other gifts and talents. Let her know if you’d like to come for a visit, at least by Beltaine next year!
These classes, workshops and trainings are listed in chronological order, and are sponsored by either the School of Integrated Living (SOIL) or Culture's Edge. Please check the website links in each one to access details and registration information.
Restorative Culture Conference, June 2-4
Plus 2 Thursday (June 1)
and 2 Monday (June 5) Intensives*
Facilitators and students share experiences, strategies and skills in compassionate communication, restorative justice and sacred economics. The Conference is an experiment in financial co-responsibility. Learn more at the Culture’s Edge website
Thursday, June 1
Relationship Repair: Skills for healing from painful conflict
with Steve Torma                                 1 - 4 pm

What do we do when our conflicts have become so painful that we have lost the ability to relate constructively and enjoyably with each other? Nonviolent Communication offers us “The Mourning Process,” a practice that focuses on communicating with honesty and empathy. By looking deeply at the needs we were trying to meet but were not met by our decisions, we find true forgiveness.

Steve Torma is the director of the REAL Center in Asheville, NC and a long-time leader at Earthaven Ecovillage. He gives classes, trainings and private coaching sessions in NVC and related processes at Earthaven, in the Asheville area and at festivals and faires from time to time.

Power and Violence: A Tantra perspective
with Swami Ravi & Garrell Bevirt          1 - 4 pm

The understanding and appreciation of Shakti (literally, Power) is a major focus of Tantra. In this circle, you will learn how to know when you are coming from that Power within yourself—the key, as it turns out, to avoiding Violence.

Swami Ravi (aka Rudy Ballentine, MD) is a homeopathic physician and the former director of The Himalayan Institute. He and Garrell live and teach at Earthaven, and in Mexico and Costa Rica.

Monday, June 5
Building Restorative Systems: At home, in communities, in the world…
with Alyson Ewald & Mikhail Lubansky        9 am - 1 pm

Alyson and Mikhail invite you to share your stories about building restorative systems and to hear about their experiences system-building with families, schools, detention centers, at events and in communities. What has worked well? What has not? How can we get the support we all need to build better justice systems everywhere?

Alyson helped found Red Earth Community in Missouri in 2005. She teaches, practices, gardens and parents there and also travels to help guide other groups in restorative culture. 

 At the University of Illinois and Conflict 180, Mikhail Lyubansky facilitates, teaches, researches and writes about restorative responses to conflict.
Shadow, Compassion, Community
with Steve Torma                                                  9 am - noon
Healthy community flows from our ability to be compassionate with ourselves and each other. Blending NVC and Shadow Work, we’ll explore blockages to real intimacy and ways to move through them.

Steve Torma directs the REAL Center in Asheville, NC. A long-time leader at Earthaven, he offers classes, trainings and coaching in NVC and related processes in the Asheville area and at festivals and faires.
* To register for an Intensive, send an email to or call 828 669-1965. There is a suggested donation of $25 - 75 to attend. Following the precept of financial co-responsibility, no one will be turned away, while donations at the higher end are what helps presenters' ability to include everyone.
Permaculture & Ecovillage Design Immersion

June 10 - August 11
A life-changing, community-based learning journey! Learn how to make informed and responsible choices for your basic needs through applied permaculture design and ecological living. Forge deep, authentic relationships with yourself, others and Earth, and contribute to a more sustainable and just world for all. Find out more at SOIL.
Permaculture Design Course (PDC) 
June 12 - 30
A unique exploration of regenerative, nature-based design, grounded in a 22-year-old community-scale permaculture demonstration site. Learn more at SOIL.
Earthaven Experience Week 

June 17-23

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in an ecovillage? This unique residential service-learning program immerses participants in the daily life of the Earthaven community. Students join members' homes, their' lives, businesses and farms, for a hands-on, skill-building, life-changing experience. Learn more at SOIL.
Quantum Wisdom:                                                   A Council of Conscious Being
with Whapio
June 30 - July 2
Life transitions and rites of passage are intimately connected to states of consciousness and our potential to evolve. Whapio take us into the mysteries and marvels of embodied life on Planet Earth. Theories, practices, scientific data, and more…. $195 for the weekend; Friday evening alone, $25. More information at Culture's Edge.
Bark Basketry 
with Jeff Gottlieb
July 22
Join Jeff for another afternoon of natural creativity, learning how to make useful, beautiful containers from standing trees. 1-5 pm in the Council Hall. Limited to 14 participants. $35 includes materials. Register at Culture's Edge.
Earth Art  
with Rhea Ormond
August 26
Help plan and implement an environmental art project in the forest at Earthaven, sourcing materials from the site.

Painting murals and large canvases are Rhea’s specialty; some are on display in Burnsville, NC, where she lives. She has taught at Mayland Community College Arts and Humanities Department, and directed an Art and Drama Camp in July at the Academcy School of the Arts, also in Burnsville.
About Earthaven Ecovillage
Earthaven EcovillageEarthaven is an aspiring ecovillage dedicated to caring for people and the Earth by learning, living and demonstrating holistic, sustainable culture. Since 1995, we have grown to 55 full and associate members, from twenty-somethings to elders, plus infants, young children and teens. We hope to grow to at least 150 people. We're just 30 miles from Asheville, NC.
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