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JUNE 2017
> Meet "Happy" and our New BioMorphic Geometry Website
> June Meditation:  I Am Willing...

> Recipe Corner:  Refreshing Summer Ice Cubes
> Heal from HOME or Wherever You are (June 24, July 29)
> New EOL Net-Neutral Ionic Pendants
> See TWTB at the Dowsers Convention (June 15-18, 2017)

Introducing the New BioMorphic Geometry Website
and "Happy", the BMG-EMF Mouse Pad
We are proud to announce the launch of our website, in addition to
This NEW site is dedicated to all-things BioMorphic Geometry BMG Energy Healing!

Please visit and bookmark to keep yourself updated on the latest developments in BMG, as well as our latest products, and how our clients are using them to enhance and protect their healthy balance!
Introducing our latest BMG Energy Healing Tool:
BioMorphic Geometry “HAPPY” The EMF Eliminator Mouse Pad
Much MORE than a Mouse Pad!

Happy, the EMF Eliminator Mouse Pad
Imagine our surprise and delight that a "Happy Face” emerged from the BioMorphic Design we created, which only became apparent once Sue Singleton colorized the final EMF Eliminator Mouse Pad design.
Our wonderful Administrative Assistant, Gail Harrington, decided to call it “Happy” by name, and Sue and Aaron agree whole-heartedly! Don’t we all want “Happy” in our lives? We surely do.
About this Energy Healing Tool:
The Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) emitted by your computer, cell phone, cordless phone, GPS, satellite radio, blue tooth, WiFi, hybrid electric car, airplane travel, and more may expose you to EMFs 30 to 100 times greater than suggested safe limits. In addition, we are bombarded by the “undetectable” electromagnetic radiation from the countless satellites circling the earth; thus, our bodies have been exposed to it via our parents’ sperm and eggs, so it becomes “baseline” or undetectable. Until it is neutralized and we are free of it, we do not even realize how it has affected us.
Through BioMorphic Geometry Technology, many of the common side-effects of EMF exposure may be reduced or eliminated, as the EMF Eliminator Pad clears your body and your environment. “Happy” - The EMF Eliminator Pad is specifically designed to neutralize, break up and release EMF, RFR, ELF, IF, and “undetectable” residues from the body, and create a neutral or nearly EMF-free zone. The design interacts with your DNA, body and energy fields to lessen the EMF load from devices with which you commonly come into contact. “Happy” creates a protective field with a 65-foot radius in each direction from him/her. Hmm, is it a boy or girl?
The BMG EMF Eliminator Mouse Pad may help reduce or eliminate: Brain fog, Difficulty Concentrating, Headaches, Fatigue, Restlessness/Hyperactivity, Allergies, Immune dysfunction, Emotional highs and lows, Disrupted brain and glandular function, Insomnia or fractionated
Early users report remarkable improvements in sleep, memory, focus, and a disappearance of feeling slightly “ill-at-ease” for no apparent reason.
Learn More about EMFs and Illness by reading Sue Singleton’s article:
Click here to view all BMG products, including the The BMG Spark of Life Pendant, and more
(This link is to the BMG site Home page; you can click to view products in 4 categories)
You can also view all BMG products on the BMG Tools page of the Primary TWTB site
June Meditation:  I Am Willing...

Meditation - I Am Willing

This month, we encourage you to pause and consider your willingness to “Open Your Heart” to new possibilities. Consider that a butterfly must pass through several stages to grow into an adult, and each stage has a different goal. The growth cycle varies, depending on the type of butterfly, and can take up to several months – but slow, steady progress (and “willingness”, for us wonderful, amazing human beings) can yield amazing results!
WE are willing to help you be the best that you can be…
Are YOU open to New Possibilities?
Blessings and Light,
Sue and Aaron Singleton

Recipe Corner: Refreshing Summer Ice Cubes
Summer Ice Cubes
Sue Singleton created these colorful, fun tasty ice cubes as a healthy, refreshing enhancement for summer beverages.  They're delicious in lemonade, sparkling water, many varieties of iced tea, and even adult beverages. Enjoy! 

> Squeeze the juice of 5 limes into a measuring cup
> Pour equal amounts of the lime juice into the 12 compartments of an ice cube tray
> Place 2 fresh blueberries (or raspberries) into each compartment
> Top off with fresh pomegranate and cherry juice mixture (you can buy it already blended in small bottles in the supermarket)

These cubes take longer to freeze than plain water, so allow for extra time
Opportunities to Heal from HOME, or Wherever YOU are!
Don’t Miss these Remote Healing Sessions with Sue & Aaron Singleton

Many people all over the world are benefiting from the opportunity to Heal from Home, or wherever they are, with Sue and Aaron Singleton’s unique and powerful Medical Intuitive Remote/Distant Healing Sessions.
Save the Dates and Register Now for these upcoming 
Medical Intuitive REMOTE-HEALING* sessions:
Post-Traumatic Stress Relief with BioMorphic Geometry & More
Saturday, JUNE 24, 2:30 – 3:00 p.m. U.S. EDT
Click here for Details and How to Register
Energy Face Lift, Part 3 of 3
Saturday, JUNE 24, 2:00 - 2:30 p.m. U.S. EDT
Click here for Details and How to Register
Biomorphic Geometry: "I Am Worthy"
Saturday, JULY 29, 2:00 - 2:30 p.m. U.S. EDT
Click here for Details and How to Register
Freedom from Respiratory Allergies, Sinus & Lung Irritation
Saturday, JULY 29, 2:30 - 3:00 p.m. U.S. EDT

Click here for Details and How to Register
(Visit our Events Calendar for full descriptions and how to register)
*With Remote Healing, there's no need to dial-in or log-on; it's just pure healing, especially for you! Simply be in a good space to receive healing; then relax and let the healing occur.  Invite your family and friends to sign up as well.
NEW Energy of Life® Net-Neutral Ionic Pendants
Healthy Accessories You Can Wear!
By popular demand, Sue and Aaron Singleton have recently made the products listed below available for purchase.  Click on the links to view the product-category pages on our website, then scroll to view product information and how to order.
Chakra-Charger Pendant
Patho-Clear pendant
Patho-Clear Pendant
This unique pendant enhances light resonance throughout the body, assists recovery from acute or chronic illnesses and their energy imprints. Its focus is to interrupt the replication cycles of bacterial, viral or fungal pathogens, and parasites, thereby giving the immune system an opportunity to eliminate them. This includes all strains in each category as well as mutations thereof.
Chakra Super-Charger Pendant
This unique pendant helps support the immune system, and aids in restoring core vitality! It enhances light resonance throughout the body, clears and balances the endocrine and chakra system, helps re-set the glands, balances the aura, and improves torus field energy flow.
Learn more about these Pendants, and view all products in this category

See TWTB at the Dowsers  Convention (June 15-18, 2017)
Aaron & Sue Singleton are honored and blessed to be performing the Opening Ceremony for the 57th Annual Convention of the American Society of Dowsers. At this Ceremony, Aaron and Sue will share, Applying the Law of Ideals to Navigate our Future. Well-established ideals are crucial for creating a future we love, both as individuals, and as part of the greater community of dowsers. Aaron and Sue will also use an Algorithm and Tibetan Bowls to raise participants’ vibrations, to encourage inner peace, and for intuitive clarity and accuracy.
The Way To Balance, LLC will also have booths with several of our most popular products, and the Singletons will also be speakers during the convention, as detailed below. The TWTB Team looks forward to seeing you there!
CONVENTION DATES:  Jun 15-18, 2017
Sue & Aaron will perform the Opening Ceremonies, as well as the Closing Ceremonies on Sunday
LOCATION:  Skidmore College Campus; Saratoga Springs, NY; Gannett Auditorium

SATURDAY, JUNE 17 - 1:45 to 3:00 p.m.:
Medical Intuitive Insights with Sue Singleton
Presented by Sue Singleton, BA, MBA, Author, Medical Intuitive, MHt, CST, EOLMTT
Overview: Sue sees physical/emotional trauma, physical/emotional shock, misalignments, organ and gland conditions, and the root cause(s) of their imbalances. She sees holes, debris, incoherent/distorted frequencies in the bio-plasmic and torus fields, as well as the details of emotional patterns, habits, behaviors and traumas and their health effects. Sue’s ability to differentiate bacteria/viruses/parasites/fungus, medication, street drugs, x-rays, MRI’s, EMF, vaccines, and subsequent damage to your organs, glands and brain are beyond compare. Sue’s 8,500+ detailed readings on clients throughout the world, cause her to be one of the most sought-after Medical Intuitives of our time.

Are you seeking medical intuitive assistance, or exploring your gifts to determine if you are a medical intuitive versus another type of psychic/medium/intuitive?  We’ll explore what Medical Intuition is, and is not. In this unique opportunity to witness Sue’s realm of expertise, she will provide numerous examples, and perform readings on several audience volunteers.

SUNDAY, JUNE 18 – 10:45 a.m. to 12:00 Noon
Ultimate Energy Healing with The EOL Process
Presented by Aaron L. Singleton, LMT, MHt, CST, EOLMTT
Overview: Aaron founded The Energy of Life (EOL) Integrative Healing Process in 1993, which has the ability to rapidly release trauma, eliminate back pain, release stress, move bones, relax muscles, open lungs and sinuses, eliminate allergies, uncover the root cause of illness, clear emotional patterns, eliminate toxins, and much, much more. His goal in this experiential demonstration is to open consciousness and facilitate healing for all by correcting the Imbalances that are causing your discomfort, pain or condition.  
Through the use of the EOL Process, Aaron will help you realize the full potential of energy healing. So bring your pain, symptoms, or diagnoses, and allow them to flow gently from your body. Aaron’s phenomenal abilities to work on hundreds of people at a time and provide meaningful results, have caused him to be internationally recognized in this field.
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