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 Voluntourism has been a subject much talked and written about over the past few years. Like most broadly discussed topics, some views have been good and others bad. As it is a subject closely akin to international volunteering, voluntourism is a major topic in this newsletter.
In case you are wondering, voluntourism combines a trip with sightseeing and some volunteering whereas international volunteering is traveling to a location solely to serve and share one’s skills
You will find four articles on voluntourism in this newsletter.  Two of the pieces were written by women who participated in voluntourism trips and who describe their experiences.  One of the articles discusses the question; “Does Voluntourism Benefit Locals?” and the fourth offers an overview of the various forms of voluntourism programs a including interviews with participants of those programs.
 My website, Over50andOverseas, is currently being redesigned.  I will include a voluntourism opportunity section in the new design.  As with international volunteering, you should study voluntourism programs carefully before committing.  Read Beginning International Volunteering Over 50  and Choosing An Organization to glean some ideas about what to study and investigate when choosing a program.
 Security, both in one's home country and abroad, is a major concern of travelers and volunteers.  Journalist David Shaftel travels abroad frequently; often with his young family.  I have included a link to his New York Times article, How to Ease Travel Anxiety in an Era of Terror: Travel More, in this newsletter.  He has an interesting take on handling travel anxiety.  For advice about  security visit Travel Security on my website.
 Enjoy the newsletter.  As always, please let me know if you have any suggestions about subjects you want to be addressed in future newsletters.
 John Dwyer
Email: jdwyer@over50andoverseas.com
A Vacation With a Purpose:Fighting Trafficking in Thailand

New York based writer Daniela Petrova, in the New York Times article Vacation With a Purpose, writes an engaging exposition of her experiences while on a vacation that combined sightseeing with an advocacy journey.
Daniela also has a personal blog.
Voluntourism - Travelers Seek A Purpose in Their Adventures
Writer Leonard Felson interviews participants and discusses various forms of voluntourism  in the Hartford Courant
Volunteering with Elephants 
Juliet Moses, a New Zealand based writer and lawyer, took her school-aged boys on a voluntourism trip to Thailand.  For the website Newsroom she describes the family experience in Volunteering with Elephants.
 Does Voluntourism Benefit Locals?
In the University of Toronto Art and Science News, in an article based on a study-trip by faculty and students to the Dominican Republic, Michael Collins, an Associate Professor, addresses the question, Does Voluntourism Benefit Locals?
How to Ease Travel Anxiety in an Era of Terror: Travel More

Journalist David Shaftel has written an interesting take on easing travel anxiety in a difficult era. Read his view in  his New York Times article
The First Step in Ecological Travel: Homework

Although this article from the New York Times, by Elaine Glusac, does not directly discuss volunteer travel, it does offer some great tips about a closely related subject, Responsible Travel.
How Volunteering Can Jumpstart Your Global Development Career

Emma Smith of DevEx, writes, "Not only can you gain the experience and skills to better stand out against other applicants, but you can also learn more about the different roles within the sector."  Although the article is slanted more toward those who are just starting their careers, I can verify from the personal experience of starting a career in global development after 50, that her suggestions are well-founded. The article is here.
  Photo by: Leah Cowan / European Commission DG ECHO / CC BY-ND
Links to Volunteer Organization Newsletters and Information
Conservation Volunteers International
Mission Doctors
MSF (Doctors Without Borders)
See Turtles
Unite for Sight
World Relief
For additional information see Volunteering Opportunities.
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