17-06-17 Outdoor Music Classes
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 It's not too late to register for Artie & Denise Summer Symposium #8 in Las Vegas!  There is still space available - hotel rooms are available at Treasure Island for $59 (+25 resort fee) and flights are still available!  We've moved the location to University Methodist Church - only an $8 Uber from TI.
Outdoor Music Classes:
We’re down to the last 2 weeks of school for Canadian teachers, and this can be a tough 2 weeks to get through. Taking your classes outside can give you some welcome sunshine and fresh air, and give you an opportunity to do some activities that don’t work as well inside.
I’d suggest that outside to save your voice from vocal strain, you use a portable microphone. You can order a Chattervox online – http://www.chattervox.com. (Themes doesn’t sell them any longer)
If you don’t wear a microphone, consider taking a coach’s whistle with you and develop some hand signals with your class.
Singing Games
Singing Games, especially the chase games, are more fun outside than indoors. If you use www.musicplayonline.com you’ll notice that some of the kids demos were done outside.
These are some of the chase games I’ve played very successfully outside.
Lucy Locket – Musicplay1 . (video is on www.musicplayonline.com)
Cut the Cake – Musicplay 4
Ickle Ockle – Musicplay 5
Our Old Sow – Musicplay 5
Let Us Chase the Squirrel – Musicplay 2, 4
Hill Hill – Musicplay 2
Directions, music and kids demo movies for all the games is found at www.musicplayonline.com.
OR – purchase the Singing Games Children Love collections:
USA - http://shop.musicplaytext1.ihoststores.com/category.aspx?categoryID=59
Canada - http://shop.musicplaytext.ihoststores.com/category.aspx?categoryID=116
Recorder Composition
30 recorder players composing at the same time could drive you crazy in the classroom. But outside, students can improvise and compose melodies in their own space and using the template in the Recorder Resource Kit, they will create compositions that are playable and musical.
Limit students to the rhythms ta, ti-ti, rest
Limit the notes the students can use to BAG or BAG E or BAG ED (depends on their playing ability) . If using BAG E they should end on G or E.  If BAG, end on G.
1.  Have students create a rhythm pattern under the hearts.  Check it.
2.  When rhythm is successful have them improvise melodies on that rhythm using the notes BAG or BAG ED.  When they have a melody they like, write the letters in.  They should then play their melody for you.  If it's successful, they should write the notes on the staff.
3.  Accompany melodies that end on G with a G-D bordun on a bass metallophone or xylophone.  Accompany melodies that end on E with an E-B bordun.
Boomwhacker Composition
Divide your students into groups, give them pentatonic Boomwhackers and invite them to create a rhythmic composition with movement. (Melodic composition is possible, but takes longer) My students really enjoyed this and all groups were on-task, engaged, and successful. We did this for 2 periods, then groups performed for each other.  
Drumming or Bucket Drumming
I’ve been teaching bucket drumming in several elementary classes this month. It’s tons of fun, but would be fun to teach outside. You wouldn’t have the ability to project music to teach, so you’d have to plan to teach everything by rote.  More bucket drumming ideas will be coming in September.
Artie and Denise #8 in Las Vegas July 25-26th
Artie Almeida and Denise Gagne have offered workshops for the past 7 years:  #1 - Cruise ship, #2 - Las Vegas, #3 - Nashville, #4 - Orlando, #5 - Branson, #6 - Dallas/Houston, #7 - Chicago and now in 2017 back in Las Vegas.  Meeting rooms on the strip are way too expensive ($10,000/day), so we are meeting at University Methodist Church. I paid Uber $8 for the ride, so if 4 teachers share, as little as $2/person.  We're bringing in pizza and subs for lunch, and if you want to go out, there's a Chipotle and an Italian deli a 5 minute walk away. Artie and I are going to Mystere on Monday night and Menopause the Musical on Tuesday night, and if you want to join us, we'll have some great socializing time.
  • All teachers who attend will get a certificate of completion of 16 hours of professional development.  
  • We videotape the workshop and make the videos available to attendees so you can remember all the fun activities.
  • All teachers who attend will receive a one year subscription to www.musicplayonline.com!  (Value $150 US / $200 Cdn
Register now for Artie and Denise #8!   
Information -  USA teachers .         Canadian Teachers - Info
International Kodaly Symposium

International Kodaly Symposium
- Aug. 8-13, 2017 in Camrose, Alberta!
This is going to be an amazing conference, with beautiful choir performances and many internationally renowned Kodaly speakers, including Lois Choksy, Dr. Laurel Trainer, Jill Trinka, Susan Brumfeld, and many more.
August Workshops - Calgary, Edmonton
* Let’s Try Bucket Drumming!
* Ukulele is Fun! How to begin the ukulele, Folk songs and easy pop songs that you and your
students will love to learn! Bring your own uke, or borrow one of ours.
* Stories and So Much More! Music lessons based on storybooks that your students will love.
* Assessment made easy - tools and tricks for making assessments less work.
* choral octavos supplied by JW Pepper *new releases and very successful octavos
* Fun back to school ideas
Edmonton - Thursday, August 24th - Workshop Registration
Calgary - August 28th, 2017 - Workshop Registration
Toronto K-3 Workshop Day - August 30th - Workshop Registration
Toronto Gr. 3-6 Workshop Day - August 31st- Workshop Registration
Langley, BC K-6 Music Fun workshop - October 20th
Denise will be at Saskatchewan Music Educators Conference - Sat. Oct 27th
Ontario Music Educators Conference - Nov.2-4 in Deerhurst, ON
New at www.musicplayonline.com .   
Denise Gagne
(blog) www.denisegagne.com
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K Graduation
We Did it!
Do you need a very cute song for kindergarten graduation?

Single Song Kits include piano/vocal score, vocal reproducible and mp3s of performance and accompaniment.  The Single song kit for We Did It! also includes a class book to use for early literacy.
Link to Canadian site
Link for USA teachers
We Did it Nancy Phillips  Rose copy.MP4
Artie & Denise 8th Annual
Artie and Denise Vegas 
 July 25-26, 2017  Chicago 
Join Artie Almeida, Thom Borden, and Denise Gagne for a 2 day elementary music conference that will give you ideas and inspiration for teaching your elementary music classes.  
Join Artie and Denise for the 8th annual summer symposium!  Two days of fabulous workshops and a day of sightseeing.   Canada - Click to Register Online .   USA Teachers - Link
More is being added each week to our online resource.  Look for the new Introduction to the Instrument activities!
* Introduction to the Instruments
* What Instrument Did I Hear?
* Instrument Bingo

ARTIE AND DENISE Summer Symposium Las Vegas! July 25-26, 2017
Registration now open!   Information -  USA teachers .         Canadian Teachers - Info
International Kodaly Symposium - Aug. 8-13, 2013 in Camrose, Alberta!
This is going to be an amazing conference, with beautiful choir performances and many internationally renowned Kodaly speakers, including Lois Choksy, Dr. Laurel Trainer, Jill Trinka, and many more.

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