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The Gourd Rattle Workshop
with Lili Flaming Feather
 August 12 * 11am-5pm
*Registry must be Completed & Paid for By Aug. 10
About: The Medicine Rattle
The rattle is a powerful tool extremely important to any Shaman, indigenous doctor and healers in general. It can be used­ to summon our Spirit animals and Guide Spirits to assist in healing, prayer and even protection by describing the sacred circle around a sacred circle.
The Gourd rattle is described as the Sound of Creation by the Iroquois People, the shimering sound that is the “Creator’s thoughts”. The seeds of the gourd rattle embody the voice of the Creator, since they are the source of newly created life. The seeds within the rattle scatter the illusions of the conscious mind, planting seeds of pure and clear mind.
In South America, the shaman's rattle is a most sacred instrument. The rattle is believed to embody the sacred forces of the cosmos through its sounds, structural features, contents, and connection to shamanic trance. The various parts of the rattle also symbolize the structures of the world. The handle is the vertical axis that ascends into the Celestial Realm. The Upper World is represented by the rattle's great head-gourd, which contains spirits. The tip of the rattle made with horse main is the antenna that allows us to direct the energy. Joining the head of the rattle to the handle symbolizes the joining of masculine and feminine elements in the universe, an act of fertilization that bestows the sound of the instruments creative shamanic power. From a shamanic perspective, caretaking the rattle and playing it properly during ritual fulfills the destiny of the human spirit -- to sustain the order of existence.
Rattles and drums work well together. The repetitive sound of the rattle, like that of the drum, helps induce trance states. The shaking of rattles creates high-pitched frequencies that complement the low frequencies of drumbeats. The high tones of rattles resonate in the upper parts of the body and head. The low tones of drums act primarily on the abdomen, chest, and organs of balance, while stimulating an impulse toward movement. Rattles stimulate higher frequency nerve pathways in the cerebral cortex than do drums. This higher frequency input supplements the low frequency drumbeats, thereby boosting the total sonic effect.
During the workshop we’ll talk about the use of the rattle in ceremony, healing and prayer, how to keep your rattle and care for this being. By making our own rattle we have the opportunity to let ourselves be guided by spirit to procure the perfect instrument for our practice. We’ll learn how to construct our rattle, bless the seeds, that will give the specific sound to it, connect to it through our Spirit Animal or Guide.
Details: Included is the Cost of the materials per rattle $30.00 includes
  • one gourd shell
  • dowel rod for handle
  • horsehair for tassel
  • thread, wooden plug
  • white buckskin to make fringe and to cover the handle beads
Cost: $88
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About Lili Flaming Feather
Lili is a Medicine woman from Colombia, passionate about arts from a very young age she became mayor in Visual Arts, realizing that the best work of art is life itself, she continued her path within, to find the medicine of her ancestors to guide her steps.
For the last five years she’s been working and learning with the Ancestral Medicine of Yagé, she’s a gifted sound healer and energy worker that continues learning and teaching every day.
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