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Shall We Shawl ?
I bought this yarn at this year's Knitters' Frolic in Toronto. Look at these cakes! Aren't they beautiful! The yarn is unique. Truly one-of-a-kind.
"...gobstopper is all about unique, hand-dyed gradients, created with equal parts inspiration and happy accident. Each cake is its own quirky blend of colours, creating lively gradients that shift with every stitch. Brought to you from the colour-obsessed brain of a hypothesis muppet whose favourite question is “What would happen if…?”
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There were many shawls on display. Temptation to buy lots of yarn was huge! But ... I ended up with one
'cake' of this gorgeous hand-
dyed colour changing
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The design is simple: Stockinette stitch and crocheted decorative border to provide stability and allow the knitted edge to lie flat.
Needle size 3,5 mm

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I  wanted it long
There are many shapes of shawls: round, square, cowls, wraps ... you name it!
I wanted a triangular one, and I wanted it to be long.
Colour work was done by the yarn - it was dyed this way.
The colour palette itself is one of my favourite: tints of blue - and yellow-greens.
Yarn: Glowing Goose
50% alpaca
25% silk
25% linen

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Shall we Shawl?
"The weather in June may be a write-off, but good news – the rest of the summer looks like less rain and more sun."
Toronto Sun, June 27th, 2017
The shawl turned out to be pretty useful in June. Hopefully, the summer will be good, and hopefully, I will be
wearing my shawl
anyways :-)
I am, actually, knitting another one!
Happy Knitting!
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