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Featured Plants
Air Plants: We have a great selection of air plants in all sizes and shapes. Makes a great addition to any well-lit indoor space. Water by misting them daily or soaking about every 3-4 days. Great in terrariums or driftwood arrangements. Pictured are air plants on cholla wood, which is basically a cactus skeleton.

Carnivorous Plants: We carry locally grown carnivorous plants like Venus Flytrap, Sundews, Pitcher Plants, and more! Summer is the best time to get one of these fascinating plants. And they are easy to grow! Keep them in full to part sun and sitting in a saucer of purified water, and they do the rest, catching flies and other insects on their own. A favorite for the kids!

Plumerias: The sweetly scented blossoms will make you think of Hawaii! Plumeria are so easy to grow in Southern California, needing part to full sun, moderate water, and well-drained soil. Feed once per month with Grow More Hawaiian Bud & Bloom Fertilizer from April to September. We have many colors and sizes to choose from.

Bougainvilleas: Among the showiest and easiest of plants to grow in Southern California, bougainvilleas are easy to integrate into most garden styles. Once established they can give you bursts of color nearly year-round, and only need watering about once per week. We have many colors to choose from and they look great right now!
Succulents: Our most popular plants are so easy and carefree it is no wonder they continue to dominate on Instagram, Pinterest, etc.. We stock a huge variety in all sizes and colors, and we also make gorgeous custom succulent arrangements for indoors and outdoors. Try succulents as an alternative to cut flower bouquets or event centerpieces!

Orchids: Summertime is prime orchid time! We have beautiful orchids in stock now.
The mission to save the Monarch butterflies continues, and we have the food source they need.   Milkweeds are, like their namesake, a rampant and vigorous plant that easily grows in our gardens. We have both native types and the more common tropical variety. Make sure to encourage the Monarch’s southern migration by cutting down your milkweeds in November. Help save these special creatures by planting some milkweed today!

We have just brought in a great selection of geometric terrariums that are perfect for a gift, livening up an office, or just bringing some modern interest to any area of the home.  They are small and lightweight, so you should be able to find a spot for them easily.  We can custom plant these for you anytime!

Problems in the garden?
Gardens are full of living organisms, both animal and vegetable. Sometimes, like all living things, plants get diseases or don't appear to be growing well. If you cannot identify what is wrong with your plant bring in samples!  We know a lot of questions arise from your garden, and that is why we are here!  We do more than just sell plants, we also dispense knowledge to gardeners of all skill levels so they have the best gardening experience as possible.  Need to know what is eating your plant?  Can’t figure out why something is growing strangely or not at all?  Want to know how to stay organic? Just need to know what is actually growing in your garden?  We are here to help!  Bring in samples of plants in a sealed bag or pictures on your smartphone.  We’ll do the rest.
Here are just a few common problems:
Caterpillar damage. Those lovely butterflies you see flitting around the garden? They all began life as caterpillars which needed to eat something to develop. Holes like this in the cabbage on the left are caused by the cabbage white butterfly and are very common. The good thing about caterpillars is they don't stay caterpillars for long and soon turn into butterflies.
Slug and snail damage. These mollusks can cause a lot of damage and may devour a prized plant over night! They cause large, ragged holes in tender leaves and flowers and seedling leaves can be completely gone with only a small stem remaining.Keep an eye out for their slime trails at dusk when they come out to feed.
Fungal diseases. In our coastal climate many flowering plants such as roses, and vegetables such as tomatoes are susceptible to fungal diseases such as powdery mildew (see photo on left), rust and black spot. Treating these diseases can be complex so come in for advice.
     In general, plants that are vigorous and healthy are better able to resist insect infestations and diseases. 
Photo:Powdery Mildew on a tomato plant.

To help keep your plants.healthy fertilize them and water them correctly. Give them the conditions they need, such as sun or shade, space them correctly and give them the correct type of soil and adequate drainage. There are a myriad of insects, plant diseases and soil conditions that can affect your plants, some of them quite obscure, so please let us help you identify the problem.
Photo: Rust damage on rose leaves.
Name That Plant! Also sometimes you have a plant in your garden that you just cannot identify. Bring in a sample and we can try to tell you what it is and how to take care of it.
Happy Summer!
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For special rates  on
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 Call us at 310-379-3634 to order your unique custom designed arrangement or bouquet. To examples of our work visit our web site:
CSA Organic Veggie Boxes
We are an established drop off point for the South Central Farmers Cooperative Community Supported Agriculture vegetable boxes. Stay tuned for news, the farmers are moving closer towards possibly reclaiming the original farm in downtown LA. Deep Roots is also giving established CSA supporters half off their box when they recommend a new customer for the CSA. Have them simply mention your name at time of ordering, and you will receive half off your next box.
   The large boxes of seasonal, organic vegetables and fruit are delivered to Deep Roots Garden Center every Wednesday at approximately 2.00 pm and we store them in our large flower cooler until closing time the following day.
    Customers may order a box every week, every two weeks, once a month or simply when you feel like one. The boxes contain enough seasonal organic vegetables to feed a family of four for a week or a single/couple for two weeks.
   Payment is in advance – please place your order before noon on Mondays. Why not come in and order a box? Or you can phone 310-376-0567.
    At $22 a box it is great value. CSA also has a mini-box priced at $17.00
To find out what has been in the box recently visit:
Get half off your next box if you refer a new CSA customer to us!
Featured Products
Captain Jack’s Deadbug: This time of year we always see a major outbreak of destructive caterpillars on all types of plants.  If you are seeing holes in leaves, more than likely you are dealing with the larval stage of some sort of moth or butterfly.  If the damage is severe enough to warrant spraying, rest assured that Captain Jack’s Deadbug will help eliminate the pests organically.  It is safe to use on vegetables and fruits, as well as any type of ornamental plant.  It also works on many other insects such as thrips, aphids, and citrus leafminer.
Bonide Copper Fungicide:  Along the coast, we always have a hard time with fungal problems on plants during the warm and overcast weather.  If you grow roses, more than likely you will experience outbreaks or powdery mildew, rust, black spot, and other airborne fungus.  The Copper Fungicide from Bonide works great on any plant suffering from these conditions.  It is available in a ready-to-use spray or concentrate.  If you live in the South Bay you should really have a bottle of this on your shelf at home.
Grow More Hawaiian Bud & Bloom Fertilizer:  This time of year your tropical plants love to be fed with a high phosphorous fertilizer, and there is no better than Hawaiian Bud & Bloom from Grow More.  Use this to keep colorful blossoms coming all summer on plants like plumerias, bougainvilleas, hibiscus, passion flowers, dahlias, and begonias.  Also works well on established roses and fruit trees.
Bayer All In One Weed Killer and Preen Weed Preventer:  With all of the rain earlier this year, the weeds have sprouted and then some.  With so much ample moisture in the soil it can be hard to keep up with the constant waves of invasive weeds, but there is hope.  Bayer’s All in One Weed Killer is a selective herbicide that can be used in the lawn to help knock down weeds without harming your grass. 
Once the weeds are gone help prevent new weeds re-emerging with Preen Weed Preventer
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